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How To Collect Customer Reviews On Your Website

To know if your business is truly successful, just see how your customers feel about your business. However, that’s not an easy piece of information to get. Can you really find out how your customers feel about your products, service or your entire company? Luckily, you can. The easiest yet most efficient way to find out is by collecting customer reviews on your website.

As you probably already know, nobody wants negative reviews, but companies are uncertain how to ensure the majority of the reviews are the positive ones. Besides doing the best they can, is there something else a business can do to prevent the damage a wave of negative reviews would cause?

Having your customers talk positively about their experience will definitely motivate others to make their purchase as well. Where do you think these potential customers search for more information about your business? On your website, and that’s exactly where your customer reviews should be. So, how can you collect customer reviews on your website? We bring you some of the ideas. 

1.   Customer survey  

Publishing a simple survey on your website is probably the easiest way to get feedback from your customers. You can even embed your survey into a popup window to make sure all your website visitors see it. It’s great if you place it anywhere else, but they will need to find the survey among other information you have on your website. Keep your survey short with just a few relevant open-ended questions. 


2.   Feedback button 

You can also ask for a customer review by using a feedback button on your website. You can use it as a link which will lead to the customer survey you’ve conducted or you can have another form where they can leave their feedback. It can be just one simple question where you ask them to leave their review, their name and photo so you can use it later on your website, social media platforms or somewhere else. Make sure that the text on your button sounds inviting and informative while you keep it as short as possible at the same time. You can use something like ‘Leave Your Review’, ‘Send Your Feedback’, ‘Talk to Us’, and so on. 

3.    Incentive   

Your customers are just visiting your website to read more about the product they’ve bought and they see a popup window that says ‘Send us your opinion and win $100!’ Who wouldn’t click on that? You have to be aware that not everyone will feel motivated enough to leave you a review, so it would be a good idea to reward them. A little contest like this one will not take up too much of your or their time but it can be highly beneficial for your business. Also, you can create interesting design elements that fit your brand image to captivate your visitors even more. Of course, you don’t have to just offer cash. It can be anything from a gift card for coffee or a store to your product discounts, free eBooks and guides.  

4.   Live Chat

Live chat is a fantastic way to encourage your website visitors to leave a review. Start interacting them the same moment when they’ve shown interest in your company. Sometimes, when you send an email or call your customers to get a review, they are either unable to talk or don’t feel like thinking or talking about your business. That’s nothing personal as it happens to every business. However, when you know that your customers are interested to hear and learn more information about your business, why not interact with them through live chat?

This is a very convenient tool for your customers to get the information they need, but it can be also useful for you. Ask them if they need any help while going through your page and see if there are any issues that need your assistance. After you’ve done interacting, kindly ask for feedback and provide a link. Keep in mind that reviews are not just reserved for the people who have bought your product. The way your employees interact with your customers and prospects also brings value to your business and attracts new customers. That’s why it’s vital to invite people who have interacted with you to leave a customer review and share their experience.

5.   Newsletters and emails

The majority of your email and newsletter subscribers are people who want more than what you’re providing on your website. In other words, they want to hear more information about your business. These people are the ones you should ask for a customer review. Send them a link or the same feedback button you implemented on your website and let them know why you need their feedback. Saying you appreciate their opinion and would love to share their experience with the rest of your customers will surely motivate some of them to leave a review.


Every company needs feedback from its customers, whether they are positive or negative ones. Positive customer reviews help you close the deal faster as your prospects feel more confident in their decision. On the other hand, negative reviews let you know how to enhance your business and keep evolving! 

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