Bryan Lazaris
Bryan Lazaris 20 March 2019

How Does Accelerated Mobile Pages Impact SEO?

Accelerated mobile pages is a competent initiative taken by Google to fascinate mobile users. It’s an open source strategy, which is backed by Google to assist brands to develop mobile-friendly pages that load fast and leave a remarkable impact on the users. It’s been 2 years Google initiated the influential concept which is really making the businesses far engaging and easy to reach.

Now, people are raising the question about AMP’s potential to groom a brand’s SEO optimization. Is it really worth embracing AMP in SEO optimization list? 

Let’s discuss -

It has been observed and even claimed that the web pages that have used AMP technology have got special places in the search engine result pages. Most importantly, these quickly get a higher rank on Google’s first page. Google also introduced the norm that the web pages that are integrated with AMP will be treated first for the ranking procedure. 

What’s AMP?


What would you do if you get to know about the easiest ways to speed up your website or particular web pages? You would rather be walking through these steps to get in-depth insight. Here, we want you to go through the AMP terminology which is influencing numerous businesses by making their website presence so fast and even highlighted over the web. Creating AMP powered web pages lets your users experience an extremely speedy side of your website. 

How AMP Works?


Generally, you’ll find a list of links given on the search engine page whenever you search for anything. But at times, you must have noticed a table layout or a carousel displaying news videos aligned on the top of the search engine page. This is exactly what Google does. It helps create webpages that are lightweight and can be quickly displayed in the search carousel when users search for the relevant keywords. And, when you click on the links or available web pages, AMP lets them load quickly. Therefore, the users do not need to wait for long to get the information from the pages. 

If you know, AMP consists of three major components -


AMP pages are created by using a simplified version of HTML, which makes the pages light and fast to load.

• AMP Cache -

The Google AMP Cache works by storing AMP content and prioritize it over different other search results.

• AMP JS -

The JavaScript AMP pages are integrated with asynchronous loading which covers each and every part of the web pages to be loaded finely. The script also ensures that simplified HTML pages render fast over the web. 

Now, turn to the big question -

Does AMP is useful to uplift a brand’s rank?

If yes! What are the factors that make it worth using for enhanced SEO results?

Who Would Be Benefited The Most With AMP?


Publishing sites that produce numerous copies of content every day can be highly benefited by adopting AMP as their ranking factor. It’s not mandatory that someone is convinced to transform the complete website into AMP as he/she can only make it happen for their blog section or landing page, so that users can instantly get the information or services they are hunting for. 

However, AMP doesn’t play a direct role in enhancing a website’s ranking. It just makes the pages fast and easy to load, which ultimately solves people problem and ensures better conversions. Speed is the necessity in today’s fast-evolving world and this also applies to the business websites that have been considered as the backbone of a brand’s online presence. 

Unsurprisingly, AMP has grown drastically and imposed a remarkable existence on website owners. Let’s discover how it is becoming the best way to reinforce the SEO of a website -

Boost Load Times


Focusing on website load time makes sense n today’s high-tech environment. Website speed is the first thing to attract users’ attention in a while thereby leaving a positive impact on them. The rate of website abandon by the users has reached 53%. Stats say that the users abandon slow websites within 3 seconds if they don’t see it loading fast. It means that slow websites are on the verge of downfall and less user interaction. With AMP integration, the websites are not only loading fast but also performing incredibly for the users. The best AMP is being rewarded for ensuring incredible speed that even semantically coded mobile pages can’t match. 

Several Business Benefits


AMP has got distinctive prominence in the industry and is also marked as a reliable lightning bolt icon appears on the top of search engines. The AMP version provides a myriad of benefits to the businesses that are especially in terms of SEO enhancement. SEO has an undeniable power which can make or break a brand’s reputation. Adopting AMP as their user targeting tool, businesses started witnessing a great boom in their customer engagement and interaction.

Facts & figures entail that if a webpage secures the rank in the first five results of the first page, it’s definitely getting 67% of clicks that open the doors for quick deals. Stats also say that only 5% of traffic move to page 2 to get results. Therefore, your website needs to be noticed within the first five searches that appear on Google’s first page which you can only attain by implementing AMP practice.

Greater Ad Revenue


There’s an undeniable truth, AMP pages load faster than anything else over the web. This is why, these have very lower bounce rates than different other mobile-optimized sites. Here, businesses can gain excellent exposure along with maximized clicks and adviews. According to Google reports, websites that load within 5 seconds gain just double impressions and ad revenue than the websites that take 19 or more seconds to get displayed. 

Better User Engagement


Apart from higher ranks, businesses can also experience greater user engagement for their brand. According to the business report, 90% of businesses are getting maximized clickthrough rates by transforming their web pages into AMP. Their statements certainly prove that their AMP websites are getting more impressions than previously running mobile interfaces. 

Gathered figures explain that visitors spend 35% more time on AMP-based websites. This technology provides 63% of visitors come back ratio which is really a great success for any business. 

Increase Foot Traffic & Overall Sales


Foot traffic has generally described as the interactions made by local visitors or buyers. And, AMP is the mechanism which expedites a business increasing its brand presence among local visitors. The franchises that are running under famous brands can be benefited through AMP versions. It’s a competitive edge where approx 56% of businesses are intended to gain maximized local searches. For them, AMP is the best step.

Final Words:

Google AMP can be termed as a powerful technology when it comes to boosting the speed of your web interfaces. No matter, what programming language or framework you used to develop the website, AMP is completely different and can be seamlessly integrated with any type of environment. Start relying on AMP if you want to experience a huge pile of quality traffic to your website. It works like a pro in improving your website’s speed as well as online presence.

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