Piyush Golani
Piyush Golani 23 April 2019

Mobile UX: Focus on User Engagement Over Creativity

These days mobile app design is not just about presenting creative and vibrant graphic art. No matter how attractive your visuals are but if the app doesn't address users’ expectations, it is worthless.

These days mobile app design is not just about presenting creative and vibrant graphic art. No matter how attractive your visuals are but if the app doesn't address users’ expectations, it is worthless. when it comes to mobile app development, we have to consider two different design aspects to develop an app that appeals to the users’ sentiments. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

All the graphics come under User Interface. UI helps users to communicate with the app through different design elements. It plays a major role in attracting the customers but what about engagement. Then, the term “User Experience” came into existence. In this post, you will get insights about the basics of mobile app UX design and what aspects you need to consider while creating a great UX.

What is UX?

UX is all about enhancing the overall experience of the users while they interact with your mobile application. The ultimate aim of practicing in the UX process is to understand how customers feel about your mobile app. It involves a user’s perception, expectations, needs and desires from your mobile application.

A good UX ensures that users understand how the app works, in one go. It makes sure users do not feel lost or frustrated while using the mobile app.  

User Experience is All about People

Before starting with user experience design, UX designers have to understand the behavior and interactions of targeted users while they use the app. To develop a successful mobile app, the UX must consist of a complete understanding of users motivation, goals, needs, wants, and desires.

Without understanding users’ perspective, UX designers cannot create an app that satisfies users’ expectations. UX design is quite dynamic and UX requirements always keep evolving as per the new technologies come into existence and users share their feedback about the app.

Different Facet of the User Experience

It was a time when user experience was defined based on an information architecture that contains three aspects such as content, context, and users. The expectation was to develop an app with high usability. But with the time, the UX concept has evolved and now it focuses on seven different aspects.

These qualities have to be considered by UX designers while designing a user journey of mobile apps adopting simple methods. Let's have a basic understanding of each aspect.



Make sure the app addresses everyday challenges of users’ life. If it does not fill the gaps in users’ requirements, they will not use it.


Create easy to use mobile apps with intuitive UI designs so that users can effortlessly perform their intended actions quickly and effectively.


Keep the mobile app navigation flow should be very simple so users can easily find what they need.


Understand design elements that influence users trust and implement them in mobile apps so that customers can easily believe what you want to convey.


The mobile app should be accessible to all the users of your defined parameters. 


Create User Interface with the attractive and engaging graphic elements that should be extremely pleasing. Visually appealing design drives positive emotional attributions from your target audience.


Along with delivering the great user experience to the end customers, the mobile application UX design must help companies boost the business bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.

How to Create A Great UX Design?

All the successful mobile apps have one common thing, they provide benefits to the users. They resolve the issues that are not addressed previously. If the mobile app doesn't satisfy users’ expectations, they won't use it.

If you work with an experienced agile software development company, you will have an amazing UX design for your mobile app. They have a pool of skilled UX designers who perform an extensive research process that involves a competitive analysis, defining user personas, developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product), POC (Proof of Concept) and creating a prototype to test market validity or feature validity.

The UX designers create a great UX by considering below-mentioned aspects along with attractive UI design.


Using familiar elements such as symbols, icons, buttons, call-to-actions, colors, etc. in the mobile app designing, you can easily convey a message to the users. Moreover, it will be helpful to users who use your app for the first time. Newbies can easily explore the different features of your app.


The user interface should contain simple and clear visuals and language to avoid any ambiguity and confusions. The best quality of a mobile app is, it does not require a manual to make users understand how to use the app.


Keep your User Interface consistent across the mobile app that helps users to understand usage patterns. Once users learn how a few sections of your mobile app work, they can use this knowledge to explore other features and functionality. Thus, they can quickly make decisions and take the required actions.


User Interface should be designed in a way that provides quick response to user action. While a screen is loading enable users with information on what's happening, it increases users’ interest and engagement by offering knowledge about the app.

Gain Attention

Design your mobile screens in such a way that the users’ eye is drawn where you want them to focus.

“Undo” Actions

Allows users to undo any of their action. Never destroy any data or information permanently from your users' accounts. You never know when they want to re-look into the old details. So in a safety net, you need to provide an option of undoing the actions.


Deliver pleasant user experience to the customers by creating an attractive and fully functional UI design for your mobile application.


UX ensures the effectiveness of your mobile app UI by increasing the usability of it. Create a mobile app by understanding customer behavior and expectations. People may be drawn to your mobile app because of attractive visuals or graphical presentation, but they stick around for a while if the app helps them in achieving their ultimate goals.

Define a moneymaking strategy for your mobile application UX design where users feel that they are knowledgeably in control of what they do in the app while you are driving them behind the scene. A robust mobile UX design comprehends your business requirements and end users needs to increase your loyal customer base and sales. Brands can ensure users, customers and clients have positive experience and interactions by creating amazing mobile app UX design.

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