Jessica Compton
Jessica Compton 13 March 2019

Common Misconceptions About CRM

For many businesses, implementing a CRM can be a daunting thought. Failed implementations in the past coupled with pre-conceptions, add to that the horror stories some businesses share about their CRM experience and you could make any business nervous. However, there are plenty of success stories out there too.  

In this blog, we explore a few common misconceptions that people make about CRM and aim to provide some guidance.  

  1. “Our employees aren’t technical enough to learn another new software” 

The likelihood is, your staff are familiar with new technology that comes out all the time, so learning a new CRM, with the right guidance and training shouldn’t be too hard.  Some CRM systems are more intuitive than others, so keep that in mind when you are searching.  

Below are a few things to bear in mind... 

  • Works on both mobile and desktop. With more of the workforce working from home or on-the-go than ever before, mobility is a key point to consider 

  • Allows users to easily switch between records, with the confidence they won’t ‘break something’ at the click of a button 

  • Provides a clean, modern and intuitive dashboard which users can easily read and extract important data from   

  • Offers insightful and useful reporting features which allow you to make informed decisions  

Outlining the benefits and explaining how much more productive they will be as a result of new software will help users to pick it up quicker. 

  1. “There is no return on investment (ROI)” 

Although it is hard to quantify an exact ROI on a CRM system, it is rare that they demonstrate no value at all. Organisations benefit from the software in many other ways, such as: 

  • Improved efficiency 

  • Increased sales 

  • Time and money saved with process efficiency 

  • More productive employees  

  • Improve customer relationships 

  1. “Our business doesn’t need a CRM, spreadsheets work just fine” 

Spreadsheets may work fine for small organisations, however as your business grows then this is no longer a suitable way to manage all your data in an efficient way. Trying to find data in a timely manner is a challenge and sales people are not on the same page, causing problems when someone leaves/goes on holiday.  

CRM software overcomes this issue by ensuring data is categorised effectively, insightful reports can be generated quickly & easily, and data is shared amongst teams ensuring everyone has a full 360 –degree view of their customers.  

  1. “A CRM will magically fix any dodgy data entered into with, automatically!” 

Unfortunately, this isn’t correct; rubbish data in, rubbish data out. To ensure you get the most out of your CRM you need to make sure you are putting the correct information out of it, if not, your insights won’t be insightful or accurate.  

Carrying out regular audits of the data within your CRM system make sure the database is kept up to data and the insights provided are as effective as possible! 

  1. “We implemented a CRM system years ago, so it is too much effort to move all the data”  

The thought of moving data is daunting and can seem like a painful task, however it doesn’t have to be like that. You shouldn’t feel like you have to stay with outdated software, just because all your data is stored in it. Speak to the partner who is implementing your new CRM system as they should be willing to move the data for you.  

  1. “Sales will increase instantly” 

Although sales will improve as a result of the CRM, it won’t happen on its own. As we mentioned above, the right data needs to be inputted into the system to get the best output; CRM software is the tool to drive the change. Improved productivity and efficiency will drive more sales over time, if the software is used in the way it is intended.  

Hopefully a few of the misconceptions you might have heard have been acknowledged within this article. However, the best way to ensure you choose the right CRM is to make sure you do your research and everything in your power to ensure the software is successful.  

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