Melissa Cartew
Melissa Cartew 20 March 2019

7 Tips for Writing Brand Content for Social Media

We are looking forward to Gen Z becoming a strong consumer power soon. With their entrepreneurial diligence, teens are gaining financial stability. Companies are already shifting services in order to meet the upcoming requirements.

As brands are no longer meaningful in a way they used to be, services come into focus. ConvinceAndConvert reports Gen Z  would rather believe friends than the best campaign ever. So, going an extra mile with an impeccable treatment of each customer incurs an increase in the purchase.

But, don’t think that content is secondary thing. Digital generations buy online. They look for a solid social media presence. Help brands to gain customers with these tips.

  1. Speak the same language.

You can’t engage the right audience unless you learn them. Think hard about the purpose of your brand and a person that needs it. Focus on a problem that you want to solve. How can you take care of the things your competitors ignore?

Writing for social media entitles making a brand thoughtful. Communicate with creators and designers and learn if you are projecting the right idea. Give your creation a voice and stick to it.

  1. Never stop experimenting.

Sometimes, inspiration is simply not there. It is one of the main reasons why content creators get help from experts. Do not be afraid to hire experienced brand content writer. There’s nothing so refreshing as a different perspective on the brand's typical texts.

Just like everything in marketing, running tests and experiments should become a regular practice for each expert involved. It’s one risky business that may lift your campaign to the unexpected highest or backfire in the worst scenario.

Probably, you won't feel much difference. Ultimately, these results will provide you with insights to a larger picture. Never stop learning your audience and stay sensitive as their moods or choices change.

  1. Social media loves visual effects.

No matter how hard it is for content creators to hear that videos have overtaken social networks, we know better. Include visuals into a strategy and never argue its necessity. Now, the insight that keeps us writers going is that visuals are always about the texts.

Whether you talk, tell or show these need scenarios. It is simply a new level of challenge for a writer. Chanel creativity and work with the scarce space you have. Eventually, the ideas get stronger while texts become shorter. Now it’s a new normal form for you.

  1. Use your unique style.

Make a customer appreciate your brand by catching the right opportunity to speak. Social media is flooded with trends that are stemming from highly discussed subjects. Install the watcher tools and follow any trending hashtags.

Writing content for social media, you don’t have to opinionate on every single hot topic. It’s obviously not a sincere move and brand followers will see it. Do it with the purpose of catching that one theme that a brand can really relate.

Look at how Nike dealt with a trendy discussion. It was a bold move, but a brave one. Ну has lost some customers but gained the next level of loyalty from those clients who stayed.

  1. Regular reviews.

Review your content strategy on schedule. You should have a steady plan for a couple of upcoming weeks at least. This leaves you with time and space to experiment, search, monitor and analyze. Go out of any comfort zone often. Things are changing fast, and any brand needs to keep up.

  1. Launch communication.

Marketing mogul Hubspot always replies to its users whether in comments or in private. Whatever their viewers write, they get a piece of attention from business. It’s a good practice to follow. Even if you are a small business, making your listeners heard and seen simply brings extra good karma to your brand.

  1. Always be caring.

Communicating with customers is not always a piece of cake, but a brand has to sustain a certain reputation and always show care. Reply to unhappy customers and learn what you can do better. It’s simple steps that make your brand appreciated.

Despite one overused phrase, social media is not dead. It is very much alive, breathing and spreading the brand’s information for many viewers. Your task is to help the brand to be heard, seen and understood.

The fascinating thing today is that little brands actually have a chance to win over large ones which are present on the markets for long time. A new wave of consumers appreciates personality and care rather than a well-established name. For a good content, this means always strive as the audience might be watching carefully.

Breanna Tephens
Breanna Tephens

Content creation is an essential component in contemporary showcasing systems. In any case, while about 90% of all organizations take part in substance promoting in some capacity, few figure out how to create an infectious substance that Internet clients share. Without this dimension of commitment, the substance can barely satisfy its actual reason.


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