Benjamin Arie
Benjamin Arie 5 April 2019

5 Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

By following these 5 powerful Facebook ad targeting strategies, you’ll get your message through in no time.

The rise of modern social media platforms like Facebook has necessitated that small business owners and corporate empires alike turn to the internet to get their message out to the masses, yet many people are still intimidated by and unfamiliar with Facebook ad targeting. While figuring out how to cater your advertisement campaign to the masses isn’t easy, it’s an essential part of attaining success in the modern marketplace. Brands that stick with inefficient ad targeting strategies are set to wallow in insignificance until they disappear entirely.

Here’s how to avoid that grisly fate. By following these 5 powerful Facebook ad targeting strategies, you’ll get your message through in no time.

1. Learn about ad relevance scores

You can’t hope to succeed unless you learn about ad relevance scores, which will be an important part of determining whether your message is deemed worthy for the masses or not. When people hide or report your ad on Facebook, for instance, your ad relevance score is diminished, making it less likely to pop up in the future. Not all ads have such relevance scores, either, as those with guaranteed delivery won’t be affected by the platform’s ad rating scale. Nonetheless, you need to understand the basics of ad relevance across Facebook’s platform if you want to create a marketing campaign that’s going to snag the attention of everyday users without being penalized by the platform for cheating.

2. Master recent transactions

If you really want your Facebook ads to cut through the noise and reach out to prospective customers likely to spend a buck on your products, you need to master recent transactions, which are a treasure-trove of user information. Companies like Acxiom Corporation have generated a multi-billion-dollar industry known as database marketing that enables them to vacuum up huge sums of information on modern consumers which is then sold to advertisers who need the latest insights into the marketplace.

Knowing what a Facebook user purchased recently can be the difference between securing a sale and having your ad drift aimlessly across their screen when they’re not paying attention. Acxiom’s servers process a whopping 50 trillion data “transactions” every year, so don’t be surprised if the company or a similar database has the information you need to know about, regardless of whichever micro-niche you’re trying to dominate.

3. Learn how to narrow your audience

After you’ve mined the recent transaction history of your audience, you need to do some additional work to further narrow the dataset you’ll be working with. After all, ad targeting in this day and age is all about micro-targeting, as you need to get as specific as possible with your outreach efforts if you want to cut through the digital noise and snag the attention of your average online shopper. If your Facebook video ads aren’t profitable, it’s likely because they’re not clicking with the right audience and you need to make a drastic change of course. Sticking with the same lackluster strategy for long is a surefire way to waste your money while your competitors get a leg-up when it comes to brand awareness.

4. Incorporate Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger is getting more popular by the day, yet few digital advertisers are paying it enough attention when it comes to getting your ideas out. The future of social media is moving away from one-to-all and towards one-to-one connections, meaning that individuals will spend more time chatting with close friends on messenger services than posting things to the public in the future. This means that your Facebook video marketing campaign must evolve alongside of the social media platforms it’s relying upon, so you should incorporate Messenger ads into the mix if you haven’t already.

Knowing how to use Facebook Messenger ads in your business may be the difference between turning a profit and squandering your company’s opportunity to make it in the big leagues.

5. Focus on getting as personal as possible

Without violating the privacy of your consumers, you must focus on getting as personal as possible in your ad targeting campaign if you want to derive any meaningful results from your investment. After all, modern users are inundated with so many advertisements and digital stimuli that it’s hard for them to know when they should even look up from their phones. If your messages aren’t tailor-made to the audience receiving them, they’ll fall on deaf ears.

Your end-goal should be to create a tiny audience of hyper-dedicated users who are very receptive to your advertisements. Using Facebook offer ads is by far the most effective way to do this, as it enables you to deal with a custom audience that you’ve slowly generated over time while driving sales thanks to the impressive deals you can offer users.

Keep these 5 strategies in mind when you next rely on Facebook for advertising purposes, and you’ll be bringing in more customers than ever before in no time.

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