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Rahul Som 10 April 2019
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10 Ways To Promote Your Mobile App Through Social Platforms

Here are 10 great strategies to use social platforms correctly if you are looking to promote your mobile app and generate downloads.

The mobile app business is on fire and its popularity is spreading at an extremely fast pace. There are more than 4 million applications present on the app store and the number is increasing every single day. According to a report by App Annie, the number of worldwide downloads of mobile application increased by more than 15% in just one year.

The total time spent by mobile app users increased by 25% and payout also increased by 40% which is approximately equal to $35 billion.

But that huge amount of money isn’t distributed equally among all the application present on the app stores. Most of the attention downloads and ultimately the revenue is grabbed by a small number of apps.

Building an app is one thing and promoting is another. You can build a decent application which performs great, but it will be ranked nowhere without proper promotion. Today one of the best ways to create awareness about your application or to promote it is by making use of social platforms. So let’s have a look at the top ten ways to promote your mobile app using social media platforms.

1. Product hunt and Betalist

Two of the most popular crowdsource platforms are Product Hunt and Betalist. You can make use of these two to promote your mobile application. Product Hunt is visited by a large number of users every day and the platform can help you increase the number of downloads of your website.

Then there is a passionate community who can help you get more in terms of value than the raw downloads.
If your app is still not launched you can make use of Betalist which assures you a bump in downloads once you make your app available for users.

2. Making use of Facebook Group

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and it has millions of users. You can make use of Facebook groups and advertise your app through it. This way you can get a large number of audiences for your app quite easily.

Making use of Facebook’s Messenger chatbots for promotion is another great idea. You can make use of chatbots to create and promotional offers for your newly released app.

3. Slack Groups

Slack is one of the fastest growing business platforms which is used by more than 4 million users on an everyday basis. On Slack, you can either create your own community or can join other popular groups to advertise your apps.

4. Medium

Yes you are a right medium is actually meant for creating beautifully formatted contents but you can also use this platform for following companies, individuals or can build a network. The medium has 97 million monthly visitors. By building a medium publication you can create and spread the message of your app across the medium users.

5. Instagram

If you want to promote your app the easy way you can make use of Instagram for this task. Instagram is used by over 80 millions of worldwide users and this can help you get your app seen by more number of audiences. On Instagram, you can either create your own group of followers before promoting your app or can use the Instagram ads for instant promotions.

6. Quora

Quora is a knowledge sharing platform which you can use smartly to promote your app among a large group of peoples. On Quora, you can keep an eye on topics related to your apps. Overall Quora can be used by companies to organically promote their apps.

7. Snapchat

Snapchat ‘s on-demand geofilters is the best and most inexpensive way to get your app advertised. It is one of the cheapest ways of advertisement when compared to other modes of advertisement. 
Making use of Snap ads which comes when switching between Snapchat stories can also help you get a boost in app downloads.

8. Twitter

Twitter has a great feature. On adding your App store or Google play account to twitter, it automatically creates a card of your app. If you are running a tweet campaign, have enabled deep link this will allow your users to see a call to action button. This button can either take the users to the download page, or it instantly opens the app if it is already installed.

9. LinkedIn

If you own a business-focused app, LinkedIn is something which you just cannot ignore. The platform has more than 450 million users. On LinkedIn, there are two routes to advertise your app. You can either use it organically or can make use of paid advertisements.

10. Reddit

Reddit is not meant for direct promotion of your app but you can use it for indirect promotions and this will not get you banned. There are some subreddits which can be used for direct promotion or advertisement of your app among a large number of Reddit users.

Listed above are the top ten social media platforms which will surely help you get more number of users for your application and will ultimately make your app a great performer.

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