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Andrew Rayel 30 August 2019
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Find the Best Leads for your Business with Email Marketing and Direct Mailing Methods

Small and medium scale businesses cannot ignore the power of email and direct mail marketing methods even both have their own ups and downs they are the most effective way to generate quality leads for a business. Also, both can be implemented at small and medium scale businesses on a very low budget. Let's grow through email and direct mail methods and how they can benefit your business.

Email and Direct Mail are seen as different nodes of the same trees. They are viewed in one or another way that really limits the way that the two channels can be used to complement one another. Direct mail vs email is not a one or another type but they should work concurrently.

Before understanding about Direct Mail Vs Email, let me introduce about email marketing and its importance.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing helps you to reach the target audience to promote your brand and services to increase sales. By using email you can do a lot of things like selling products, sharing news or can give an update on events. Email Marketing keeps your audience engaged and builds strong relationships with prospects as:

  • It welcomes new subscribers with a greeting mail
  • It triggers an email based on the contact clicks
  • It sends the right message every time to the segmented contacts
  • It expands reach with powerful list building tools

The Importance of Email Marketing:

Email is the best communication channel. Over 85% of the customers check their email on a daily basis.

People who buy products marketed through email spend over 130% when compared to people who do not receive marketing emails. In fact, email marketing has an ROI of more than 3500% The Average order value of an email is more than three times over social media.

Also, let's look into what is a direct mailing and its importance

What is a direct mailing list?

A direct mailing list is the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign. It is one of the effective ways to connect with target prospects to grow your business and obtain new prospects. Direct marketing is one of the major marketing methods of b2b businesses where firms build leads through different tactics for marketing, to connect with the target audience at their business locations. Direct Mailing Lists can be expensive or it takes time to build an accurate list, but it likes to obtain the best response rate and profits and helps to generate cost-effective leads and loyal customers. To ensure the maximum delivery rate and to gain successful results, start building your direct mailing list.

The importance of direct mail to your company:

High Conversions - It is a fact that 95% of the businesses can send the mail in a day and 75% may go through it immediately. The ability to reach out to prospects is one of the difficult things of marketing, so direct mail allows you to avoid the spam folder and delivers it in front of your target audience which is a possible factor for high conversions.

Flexibility - Direct mailing is flexible and it can serve different goals. It can be used as a promotional tool in the form of voucher or coupons. This will be the new approach for the company that is looking to drive sales.

Top marketing agencies agree that a multi-channel marketing approach will always exceed a single channel campaign. In order to facilitate a better outcome, you encourage the users to combine digital channels with their direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail vs Email Response Rates:

The well-documented revival of direct mail is largely being driven by the recognition that direct mail which is created and delivered through an offline process generates high response rates. By using transactional data from Bizo and Epsilon the direct marketing association analyzed the statistics that the direct mail has an average of 4.4% response rate when compared to email's average response rate of 0.12% .

However, email rules when it comes to ROI. Also, it is less expensive; marketers can target their prospects to get them to respond instead of not spending much. The DMA found the ROI that email averaged at $28.50 and direct mail at $7.

Direct Mail vs Email marketing - They acts as different channels

Email is seen as modern, identical when compared to direct mail. To include both channels on the campaign is often viewed as redundant. They are seen as two sides of the same coin when they really viewed as two different mediums.

Prospects engage differently with email than direct mail. They usually read it when they are on work or out. It doesn't feel the same to them as opening a piece of direct mail does. To satisfy the needs, companies should approach them as supplementary, but different channels.

Use Personalized URL's to measure Your Response rates:

A Personalized URL is a unique landing page that is generated for each member of a marketing list. Personalized URLs are generally included in direct mail campaigns as a way to drive audience members online.

When a campaign target opens their Personalized URL the landing page uses data from the marketing list to present personalized content. Pre-filled forms, personalized headlines, images, and other contents are automatically rendered for each list member. Because the audience has own unique PURLs, the behavior of each target is tracked and analyzed uniquely.

Grow Your Response Rates With Both!

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you accomplish business objectives. Based on the above strategies Email and Direct mail are seen as two sides of the same coin when they really viewed as two different mediums.

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