Anastasia Stefanuk
Anastasia Stefanuk 19 June 2019

5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing depends on the development of modern technologies, therefore you will see a strong connection between trends in marketing in 2019 and up-and-coming smart technologies. Here are the technologies you need to know about...

The world of digital marketing is complex and constantly changing, so not everyone can achieve success in this area. Those who manage to do it know that there is no universal strategy for a digital marketer. However, people from this area of activity always need to be aware of new trends. 

1. Voice Assistant

As with most marketing innovations, the impending voice revolution begins with search requests. To be able to compete in this environment, digital marketers will need to use SEO in voice search engines. Voice search requests frequently are associated with questions and require minimal direct interaction. Content optimization for voice search engines should include the creation of shorter forms and pages that allow you to get a quick and concise response to the request.

Marketers can develop creating useful audio content for their customers: for example, daily news bulletins, detailed step-by-step parsing of complex recipes, office applications, games, as well as simply made-up stories. All this will help increase the engagement of the audience and allow users to more flexible and consciously interact with your company and the products offered.

2. Marketing Automation

Let’s answer a question: what is marketing automation? By this term, we mean the use of software, programs, applications and tools that perform large and complex tasks instead of a person.

One of the advantages of automation is that thanks to the development of technology, this functionality has become available to small and medium-sized businesses both in terms of cost and ease of implementation and use, which has ensured its growing popularity. Also, there are such marketing automation benefits: time-saving, revenue increase, customer retention, tracking and monitoring marketing campaigns.

Many old-fashioned digital marketers believe that automation is not as effective. For example, emails sent automatically are spammed. This is certainly not the case. It is enough just not to do the newsletter on the purchased databases, but legally collect emails. Then your letters will not get in spam and reach their addressee.

Marketing automation requires special software, which you can whether by or develop your own. Magento developer can help with such a task and create relevant marketing automation software for your marketing management. 

Good free marketing automation tools for you to know:

  • allows you to send targeted messages to users based on their actions with your products, making your messages more relevant and personalized.
  • Autosend allows you to automatically send email, text and application messages to customers based on their prior actions on your site. The tool can do everything from welcoming new customers to sending reminders to upgrade.

3. Growth Hacking

This is marketing based on the use of fast and low-budget digital practices and tools: for example, using landing pages instead of websites, videos instead of texts, attracting microbloggers instead of advertising.

Growth Hacking has been practiced by such giants as Facebook, Uber, PayPal, and DropBox. For example, PayPal gives people money. They realized that the cost of attracting a client is too high: hundreds of dollars. Therefore, they promised and transferred to each new customer $ 10 dollars in their account, which could be spent on anything with PayPal. And if the user recommended PayPal to a friend, and he opened an account, each received $ 10. Result: user growth from 7% to 10% daily. Eventually, eBay bought PayPal for $ 1.5 billion. This is the goal of any marketer - explosive low-budget growth.

4. Video marketing

In digital marketing, as in other marketing areas, video content begins to dominate. This does not mean that the text and image will completely lose their relevance. However, it is important to understand that video is the most striking and sought-after tool that allows you to reach your target audience. Among the most working video marketing trends are short videos.

Due to the oversupply of video content, it becomes more difficult to inspect long videos, and this is an important signal for brands. Short videos are the key to solving this problem. Make short videos no longer than 10 seconds. It is better if these are capacious videos with subtitles.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is a class of artificial intelligence methods, a characteristic feature of which is not a direct solution to the problem but learning in the process of applying solutions to a multitude of similar tasks. Decisions made by AI require minimal human intervention.

This trend offers great opportunities for marketers, making it easier for them to measure efficiency. For example, AI will offer you options for working with content that will help you complete your tasks. It will gradually take on time-consuming tasks: analysis of advertising campaigns, bidding, selection of keywords. The use of artificial intelligence can significantly increase the effectiveness of campaigns and achieve goals faster.

Bottom Line

Digital marketing tendency to grow and enhance will keep its pace in 2019. Video content and voice assistants just gain momentum, so modern companies should not miss an opportunity to increase their sales funnels and revenue using 5 trends from the article. Being interesting in digital marketing means making a brand prosperous. All the processes of obtaining relevant skills to be a good specialist in digital marketing take some effort, but the result will be appreciated as by clients as by company.

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