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Andrew Rayel 6 August 2019
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The 6 Best Practices for an Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail marketing today is considered to be the most important part of an integrated marketing strategy. It is one of the effective ways to connect with target prospects to grow your business and obtain new prospects.

Direct marketing is one of the major marketing methods of b2b businesses where firms build leads through different tactics for marketing, to connect with the target audience at their business locations. Direct Mailing Lists can be expensive or it takes time to build an accurate list, but it likes to obtain the best response rate and profits and helps to generate cost-effective leads and loyal customers.

To understand much better here are the few best practices that help the business organizations optimize their effectiveness of the direct marketing campaigns.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

One of the important metrics for direct marketing is to have a reliable customer database which describes the previous purchases of the customer and it tracks the customers buying interests. So, that you can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Once you have determined your campaign's target audience start choosing the mailing list provider that can deliver your message to the people that you want to reach.

Maintaining a clean customer database is also one of the important metrics for better results.

2. Personalize Your Message

Personalizing your email is the most effective way of making your customers feels special. Segmenting your email list and developing personalized offers and messages tends to lead better results.

In marketing terms, it refers dividing people into groups based on the following selects like interests, demographics, age, and websites browsing behavior that can help maximize the relevance of email content and offers for each subscriber.

3. Focus your message on benefits

Ensure that your copywriting includes the benefits most valuable to the customer rather than the features of your product or service. Most customer's value cost, peace of mind, convenience .

Include an Exclusive Offer and a CTA


A call to action also known as CTA, it is a piece of content that encourages the audience to take an action such as buy now, subscribe, and order now and more. In marketing terms, CTA usually leads to a landing page where a visitor can fill out a form and may become a customer.

Your CTA should offer something valuable to your subscriber - whether it is an eBook guide or discounts on your product or services. It should visually stand out and easy to follow, the impressive callout outbox with a link and call to action can increase your click-through rate (CTR).

Exclusive Offers:

Targeting the right people through the right channel is useful when you deliver a powerful message. A great message is based on the understanding of needs, motives, and emotions of the targeted recipient. And also, it should have professional, appealing designs and layout. By creating an effective message to the targeted audience helps you to receive more attention.

Providing the right offers is very important. The right offer is based on the deals that attract the audience, and their requirements.

5. Use PURL's

Personalized URL's are the key to measure and retarget your direct mail recipients.

A Personalized URL is a unique landing page that is generated for each member of a marketing list. Personalized URLs are generally included in direct mail campaigns as a way to drive audience members online.

When a campaign target opens their Personalized URL the landing page uses data from the marketing list to present personalized content. Pre-filled forms, personalized headlines, images, and other contents are automatically rendered for each list member because the audience has own unique PURLs, the behavior of each target is tracked and analyzed uniquely.

6. Test Your Strategy

There is no reason to guess about results. Testing is one of the key elements and best practices of direct marketing. Direct mail marketing provides customers with huge opportunities in terms of testing based in terms of messaging, creative approach, and offers, etc. A/B Testing is a way to test the performance of certain components in your direct mail marketing. It involves sending out two variations of your direct mail pieces that test different CTA's, headlines.

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