Parham Azimi
Parham Azimi 7 August 2019

How to Get Better at Video Marketing

During the last decade, video has become a powerhouse of communication, so much so that it is now an essential part of most marketing strategies. There's no doubt that marketers should be creating video content for several reasons. This article considers these and lays out ideas of how to get better at video marketing.

There’s no doubt that marketers should be creating video content for several reasons: 

  1. Video is significantly more engaging than other mediums
  2. Audiences are calling out for engrossing video content 
  3. Video content offers a solid ROI

However, to ensure this video content reaches its potential, it can’t just be memorable, but also managed well. Marketers and creatives should be able to reuse footage, know what content is available in their library, and work within a production workflow that is seamless and facilitates collaboration. That way, they can create better video marketing content. Consider these tips to improve your video marketing, and get the most value out of the content you create.

Where is your audience? 

If you know where your audience is, it’s much easier for video marketing content to reach a solid ROI (whether that’s financial or otherwise). With so many platforms and devices using video, sometimes a more targeted approach is best. It could be that Facebook has more people, but LinkedIn has more engagement from your targets.

Is the video content telling a story that will engage viewers? 

Even with the proven success of video content, your content must be meaningful and tell a good story to rise above the competition. Better stories will bring better  responses from the audience, whether that’s clicking through, sharing on social media or participating in purchasing a competition. 

Could you personalise the video content to make it more targeted? 

The power of personalisation can’t be overestimated. Not only is personalised content more likely to get a response from a viewer, but it can also strengthen the relationship between a brand and its consumer. By more closely connecting to a viewer’s personal tastes, goals and interests, it is possible to facilitate a sense of belonging, especially when video content speaks to an individual’s aspirations and life goals. 

Are you getting the most value from your video content by making sure it’s managed correctly? 

Good video marketing doesn’t only require shooting, editing and distributing final footage. The ability to manage video content between these stages, and afterwards, is just as important. One way of making sure content production workflows are seamless is through automation, to make sure video content is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. 


Are you able to find and repurpose legacy content easily?

If a video asset is only used once then it is a very costly asset indeed. Video assets, even those that are decades old, are still highly valuable, but only if they can be found by editors.

Have you considered moving assets to the cloud or using a hybrid approach? 

Moving to the cloud brings a number of benefits to those creating and managing video content. Some content can be kept on-premise, to avoid the cost of high-speed cloud bandwidth, and only placed in the cloud when it needs to be shared and approved. Hybrid cloud provides this flexibility.

Are you able to collaborate with teams across multiple locations to share ideas?

Introducing a cloud component to operations breaks down geographical barriers between staff, enabling them to collaborate on content production and to approve media assets. When we want our video marketing content to tell a story, people need to come together to create these stories from their own experiences Collaboration is at the heart of producing powerful video marketing content.


Will you look to AI to solve the growing complexity of media management?

Video is not likely to experience a fall in popularity. As emerging, immersive technologies like VR, AR and MR hit the mainstream its attractiveness will once again spike. Faced with a complex future full of diverse formats and numerous versions of content, AI technology, like image and video recognition from Google, could be the answer to managing this media with detailed metadata that can be added automatically to aid your searches. At the moment, only the most agile media management solutions have begun to implement AI frameworks, so it’s important to choose one which offers this functionality. 

Video marketing is here to stay, and while production can have a hefty price-tag, it’s still worth investing in managing that content well. There’s no denying that consumers enjoy and engage with video. With more video content needed to satiate consumer demand, organisations are going to have to turn to efficient management to maximise ROI from video. Unlocking the potential of video assets starts with managing media effectively so that you can search and find your content as well as easily share it in order to collaborate with colleagues, regardless of where they are. With the right tools, marketers can maximise the potential of their footage to produce high-quality and engaging content for their audience.                                                                                                       

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