Manuel Dietrich
Manuel Dietrich 11 July 2019

How Does AI Technology Affect the Marketing industry in 2019?

Artificial intelligence is getting widely adapted by various industries and online marketing is not an exception. But what are the main benefits of AI in marketing and how it can improve your campaign performance? In this article we will look at main gains you can get from implementing AI technologies to your strategy.

Nowadays AI technology is getting adopted by many industries, including marketing, and this tendency/trend will keep its pace.

The marketing industry is the perfect example of AI technology implementation.

AI marketing can be defined as a form of marketing which leverages the artificial intelligence concept in order to achieve its marketing goals. It implies, the application of models such as, machine learning, in order to analyse and predict the customers’ next move.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine our life without Siri, Amazon, Netflix, Shazam, google search, GPS maps and etc. These products and services are a pure result of implementation of artificial intelligence.

We live in an era where every marketer should know the most important AI marketing tools in order to be on track.

Let’s briefly discuss why AI marketing is so popular, and what you can gain from implementing AI technologies to your strategy.

What are the main benefits?

Artificial intelligence technologies can help you to answer a lot of questions about your audience, and your marketing campaign. But how exactly you will “win” from implementing artificial intelligence?

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of using AI technologies in digital marketing:

1. Adaptiveness

The most important characteristic of AI Technologies is its adaptiveness. Artificial intelligence is not only able to optimize the processes, but also adjust to them. These technologies are goal-oriented, and thanks to that, artificial intelligence can automatically adapt its behavior in order to achieve a certain goal.

This AI feature will help you to save plenty of time and money (and relax your nerves) from a long-term perspective.

2. More precise - less mistakes

Artificial intelligence helps to get rid off the occurrence of human errors like, delay, small inaccuracies and biased approach.

Artificial intelligence will never “lie” to you. On the contrary, it will provide you with the whole/naked truth about the effectiveness of the campaign.

As a consequence, the results are more accurate, precise and reliable. This will help you to make the right decision In your next step on effective strategy development.

3. Better understanding of your customers

Do you want to know more about your customers?

AI will help you with that. It will do all the boring and time-consuming work for you, by collecting and analysing data about your customers.

Artificial intelligence will help you to get to know your ideal client; his or her behavior, needs, habits, spending motives, desires, favorite web pages and so on. As a result, you can make your social media marketing campaign more personalized.

Moreover, artificial intelligence helps you to monitor social media channels. With AI monitoring tools, you can analyse your customer’s experience and how your brand is perceived.

As a result, it helps you to improve the consumer engagement experience and increase the marketing-generated revenue.

4. Saving time

Without a doubt, time is the most precious resource that we have. This is especially crucial for small companies and startups, where each decision has to be made as fast as possible. Marketing is a fast-changing industry. This means that the faster you are, the bigger the share of the pie you are bound to get!

AI marketing helps you to be proactive by using predictive technologies. It assists you and provides you with the AI solution.

The more time we spend on manual tasks (which can be optimised), the less time we have on things that really matter to the company. That is why the AI marketing concept is already being adapted by many brands.

5. Content Optimization

Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to draw the audience’s attention. And content creation is becoming more and more challenging.

Artificial intelligence helps you to optimize your content by using key insights and in-depth analyses. This feature helps you to increase the traffic to your website and reach more customers in no time.

As a result, AI-powered technology helps you to increase your brand awareness.


Artificial intelligence is shaping the market dramatically, and every day, we see more and more evidence of this.

Artificial intelligence helps you to:

  1. Achieve the set goal by adopting its algorithms automatically
  2. Remove the occurrence of human errors
  3. Understand your customers and their experience with your company
  4. Save plenty of time (and nerves)
  5. Optimize your content and increase awareness.

The power of AI marketing is indeed huge. Marketers should no longer ignore this fact. Stay on track and don’t hesitate to implement AI technologies in your marketing strategy! It is worth it.

Stay on track and don’t hesitate to implement AI technologies in your marketing strategy!

It is worth it.

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