Shaun Williams
Shaun Williams 12 August 2019

Digital Marketing Trends and How to Make the Most out of Them

My post talks about the most popular digital marketing trends that should be mandatory for all businesses. Other than talking about these trends, the post also provides a guide on how to use these trends to improve your strategy.

Digital Marketing trends and how to make the most out of them.

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field with new trends popping up now and then.

Well its mid-2019, and as of now, we have three such trends that have towered over others.

So how to make the best use of these trends, for your business? Let's find out.

(1)   Artificial Intelligence-

AI or what I like to call "the Smart robot" has been an absolute boon to the digital marketing world.

Real-Time value offering, something that has become a stark necessity for every online business and a challenge for the human marketer, is like a walk in the park for the Smart Robot.

However, AI has been in the business world for a modest number of years and almost every other digital marketing business has imbibed it in their business models.

So here comes the million-dollar question, "How can you provide exclusive value to your customers through AI."

Chatbots are the most popular by-product that AI has to offer right now. Here are a few tips that will surely help you in building a brand out of your chatbot.

Giving the chatbot a name

Siri, Alexa are names that you can synonymously relate to the brands that own them. Thats the magic a short and sweet name weaves for your business.

A potential lead of yours would remember having a chat with, let say "Mr. Tech" the chatbot and will eventually start associating your business with Mr. Tech.

The icing on the cake would be to provide your Mr. Tech with an animated physical existence, much like the android bot. something that can provide a visual association to the customer with the chatbot and eventually your brand.

Promoting your chatbot on social media-

It can be said with utmost conviction that every potential lead you are soliciting is on social media. So, why not introduce your shiny new chatbot to them?

You can always write a few interactive and humorous posts, introducing your Mr tech and inviting your leads to have a quick chat with it, and augment them with trending chatbot hashtags and your own business hashtags.

Punch lines-

As a final tip, you can always write a unique and engaging (funny, if you want) punch line that your chatbot would deliver during the commencement of the conversation.

(2)    Videos-

An inevitable phenomenon that you have to adapt eventually or you are out of the race! It's a well-known fact that videos provide significantly higher consumer engagement (to be specific- 3 times) than written or infographic content.

Therefore, it's high time that you significantly include video content in your digital marketing strategy-

Luckily, for you, the scope of video marketing is gaping wide.

Here are a few tips for smashing your video strategy-

Feeding your product/service utility to your audience

"I would blindly choose to watch an unboxing video of the next I Phone, rather than going to a website and reading about its features."

The live interaction created by videos is the wow factor.

It's because of this that adding "Product Walkthrough" videos in your YouTube Channel are a bull's eye when it comes to communicating your product's value offering to customers in a highly interactive and engaging manner.

Want to go a step further? Strike a deal with a famous influencer or you tuber in your product category, and you can have access to their widespread reach across YouTube.

Live streams

Live streams on social media are also a hidden gem if customer engagement is your goal.

Where else would you find an opportunity to provide your customers with an iconic real-time and one on one experience of your product, something that would get stuck in their mind for a very long time?

Experiential Marketing is your go-to thing if you are in the mood of achieving some killer social media lead generation through live streaming. Surprise product trials to random customers would elicit their wow factor in this scenario.

Check out how virgin airlines nailed one of its experience marketing campaigns.

Building your brand through video content

What is it that can instigate a strong emotional connection of a customer with your brand? Is it your products, your company's culture, or your customer testimonials?

Well, it's when you associate your brand with a story, a success story to be precise.

A story where the hero overcomes a lot of hardships and comes out strong and becomes the hero as he is today.

The idea is to start a series of such motivational videos of entrepreneurs or employees or any random person and associate your own brand with them. There is a staggering chance of your customers strongly resonating with such video content and in turn, developing an emotional connection with your brand.

Nike’s “Find your Greatness Campaign” is a perfect example of this.

(3)   Personalization

Do you still focus on creating Blanket ad campaigns and catchy phrases as a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy? Well, my friend, its 2019, and it's the era of personalization!

Creating standardized content can get you leads; however, if you are in for some serious lead conversions, personalization is the key.

Long term customer retention is also a very strong incentive that is a by-product of creating personalized content, as a customer would always revert back to you, if his specific personal needs have been acutely met.

Here are a few tricks that you can use to create personalized content-

Leveraging the power of e-mail marketing-

This starts with separating your e-mail database into multiple categories as per demographics, psychographics, and preferences. There are numerous tools in the market for these.

Based on this, you can prepare e-mail campaigns for every customer group and include a specific call to actions regarding specific products and services that are best suited to them.

It would be even better if you manage to squeeze in some video content regarding the offering for which you have provided the Call to Actions.

Personalized Chatbots-

A smart way to enhance and personalize the user experience of your leads. In most cases, chatbots act as the first level of conversation that a user has with your business.

A generic conversation may act as a turn off for many leads as they exit your website with an unfulfilled expectation of a more personalized experience.

What's necessary is a chatbot interface that can analyze prior information shared by the user during the conversation and provide real time solutions or options that are based on the previous information shared.

"A Fitness Website Chatbot, can't suggest me high-intensity weight loss programs if I have mentioned at an earlier stage of the conversation that I am Asthmatic."

Push Notifications

"Instant Personal Engagement," yes, that's the unique value that Push Notifications can add to your marketing strategy.

Both e-mails and chatbots are time-consuming tactics that require the consumer to perform specific actions prior to engagement with your content.

With push notifications, all you need is a small personalized message with a definite call to action; your consumer is just a click away from landing on your website.

Always design your push notification messages based on the customer's prior browsing behavior on your website, and provide him with offerings that he might be interested in, based on this.

And those were the major trends 2019 has to offer. I hope you have got a sound guidance as to how you can make good use of these trends.

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