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4 Futuristic Mobile App Develop Tech-Trends to Consider For Business Growth in 2019

Mobile apps are an integral part of our lives. Rapid innovations and improvements in the domain of mobile app development technology must be credited for this. Let’s take a good look at some mobile app development trends making headlines these days.

Mobiles apps have easily outnumbered our overall population. It is enough to show the way the popularity of apps compatible with smartphones has increased significantly. Even 21st-century businesses are utilizing the potential of mobile apps to spin their growth wheel forward.  

This growth for businesses is possible only through positive online shopping experience for their existing as well as targeted customers. This is exactly what mobile applications ensure.

Even facts prove it:

  • Online business around the world earned revenue up to $67.9 billion in 2015 through mobile apps. It went on to increase up to the amount of $88.3 billion in 2016. This amount is now expected to touch the milestone of $188.9 billion’s revenue in 2020, says a Statista report.
  • Smartphone users dedicated at least 89% of their time on apps to access mobile media, says a Smart Insight report.
  • According to a Google report published in 2018, at least 80% of users prefer shopping online from a business having a dedicated mobile app.
  • If another report by Google is to be believed, nearly 2/3 smartphone users shop from e-commerce stores having a mobile app capable of customizing information according to their location.

All in all, your business needs a competent mobile app to give your customers a positive experience. This is something that benefits your business significantly.

Benefits of positive experience to customers:

This positive experience delivered to customers through mobile app ensures the following key benefits for your business:  

  • Growth in the customer base.
  • Revenue shoots up significantly.
  • ROI (Return on Investment) improves.
  • LCR (Lead Conversion Rate) goes up.
  • CSR (Customer Satisfaction Rate) gets better.
  • CRR (Customer Retention Rate) increases.

Meaning, these are essential pillars that your business needs for growth. Seeking mobile application development services could help you grow your business without any hassles.

What is meant by a robust mobile app here?

This is important for e-commerce business owners to understand. Just having a mobile app is not enough for business growth. Your existing customers and targeted audience now want a mobile app that is intuitive, instant, and intelligent and advanced enough to understand and exceed their needs and expectations. An ordinary mobile app cannot be all this for your business.

Therefore, your business needs a robust mobile application developed using the latest app development practices. More importantly, the latest tech-trends making headlines these days must be its integral features.

Here are the latest mobile app development trends:

We are all living in a digital era. People now like to do everything online and on the go using mobile apps. Therefore, your digital marketing strategy determines the success or failure of your business. Mobile applications have been an integral part of the digital marketing strategy of business throughout the world for well over a decade.

The growth of technology has increased the expectations of your customers from mobile apps. Therefore, the following technology advancements should be an integral part of your business’s mobile app:


You cannot ignore the value of this hottest Fintech advancement called the decentralized ledger. Coming to the point, it has revolutionized all domains of technology in the world. It is already making its presence felt in many industries across the globe. You need a DApp/Blockchain compatible mobile app for your business for the following reasons:

Your customers no longer want to end up spending money only for their time and activities on your store. Instead, they want to get paid for it.

  • Moreover, Cryptocurrencies are now accepted in many parts of the world as a mode of payment.
  • They no longer wish to share their personal details with you or anyone.
  • HTC and Sirin Labs have already launched Blockchain based/compatible smartphones.
  • According to another report, Blockchain is now an operating system for mobile apps. Thanks to PundiX for making it happen.

All this easily shows the way Blockchain technology is fast becoming the spine businesses need for growth.


This is another key mobile app development technology trend you need to consider to grow your business. A number of popular brands already manufacturing wearables like smart bands and smartwatches. The list of these brands includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Apple Inc.
  • Fitbit
  • Amazfit
  • Fossil
  • Huawei LG
  • Phillips
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Xiaomi

The popularity of wearables is growing fast. The amount of money to be spent on the manufacturing of wearable gadgets in all parts of the world is likely to reach the milestone of $33 billion by the end of 2019, says a Statista report. This clearly indicates a significant increase in the count of wearable devices likely to be manufactured and sold in the world. This is another reason why your mobile app should be compatible with wearables also.


This is another highly important tech trend you need to consider for your mobile app to grow business. You can call it a kind of new age commerce and revolution in the domain of on-demand economy. In case you run a business in the domain of the on-demand delivery, be ready to deliver products to your local customers within a short period of time. Thanks to the advent of Hyperlocal concept. Make sure your mobile app supports it to help your business reap the following benefits:

  • Increase in the number of sales.
  • Retailers need fewer efforts to increase business.
  • Transparency between your business and customers improves significantly.
  • You don’t need more than one device for running all your errands.
  • Healthy competition between your brand and your competitors.

Popular brands like Swiggy, Purplkite, XRenty. Flipkart and Amazon are already making the most of this concept. Think about it!

Instant Apps:

Your customers treat their time as money for themselves! It can be money for your business too! Make your mobile app an instant app to value your customers’ time. The value of your brand will shoot up instantly because your customers are able to place an order on your store instantly. Meaning, they don’t need to download your app and signup for an account to place orders on your store. Some best examples of Instant apps already doing rounds on play stores include but are not limited to the following:

  • Buzzfeed
  • Vimeo
  • UN’s ShareTheMeal App

These apps save the time of your customers. Get an instant mobile app ready to serve your customers and value their time. Your business will surely grow with such an app.

The best advice:

Staying updated with the tech-trends in one of the best ways to grow your business these days. This is why you are advised to consider all of these futuristic mobile app development tech trends and have a robust mobile app developed accordingly.

The best thing you can do is to look for a competent team of mobile app developers loaded with enough wealth of experience and expertise to incorporate these trends as essential features your business needs to exceed customers’ expectations and needs for growth like never before. 

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