Pranab Bhandari
Pranab Bhandari 24 July 2019

10 Smart Tips for Successful Ecommerce SEO

SEO is important irrespective of whether you have launched a new website or have an existing one. Here are 10 tips and tricks that can help in making your e-commerce SEO successful.

Until you are noticed by search engines and get good rankings on SERPs, your online business can’t be successful. For that, you need to follow certain e-commerce SEO tips and tricks and to make the journey easier it is always advised to hire good services.

Here are 10 tips and tricks that can help in making your e-commerce SEO successful.

Have Optimised Site Structure

Site structure is the foundation of your SEO strategy. It should be perfect starting from that the store should be on HTTPS as it is trusted for keeping the customers’ information safe and protected and hence favored by search engines. The right structure engages the users who can otherwise get confused or discouraged and can simply abandon and move.

Page Loading Speed

Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests. The page loading speed should be lightning-fast because if that takes long the users will simply walk away as today’s users are very impatient having a concentration span of only 3 seconds or so. Google algorithms included site speed as a ranking signal way back in 2010 and are still one of the important factors in determining the ranking.

Publish Quality Content

Ecommerce SEO always gives high priority to content. It is the content that engages the users and it needs to be fresh, unique, crisp and of top-notch quality. It should also be relevant to your desired audience. If you keep posting such content, the search engines will recognize your efforts and give you better visibility and ranking.

Thorough Keyword Research Is Required

Keyword research always plays a prominent role in generating business leads. The e-commerce SEO services use the right tools to come up with effective keywords that depict the nature of your business and aligns with the latest search engine algorithms and analytics. They should be then used mindfully in the content so as to appear genuine and not stuffed.

Post Quality Images and Videos

Images and videos have emerged as a better engaging medium, but you should upload only high-quality images and videos. Poor quality can harm the SERP ranking. This is because if they are not optimized properly, they take time to load, which would turn out to be negative for you. The titles and metadata used should be clickable and incorporate thumbnails to enhance user experience.

Communicate Effectively with Your Targeted Audience

If you want to engage with someone, communication is always the key. You need to set up this communication with your targeted audience and it is a proven tip of e-commerce SEO. This communication can be through tools like banners, questionnaires, etc. The basic idea is to motivate the audience to come to your webpage and get engaged. The more traffic you can engage on your webpage, the better it is for your future rankings. 

Good Quality Organic Link Building

One of the core components in the Google search algorithm is link building. It gives preference to the websites that have high-quality relevant links. These links should be ethical and organic and not some paid-for, spam or irrelevant ones. Building good quality organic links takes time, but then they last for long. There are many technicalities involved in building relevant high-quality backlinks like link velocity, IP-diversity, and its placement on the page, which ecommerce SEO services take care of.

User Experience

The search engine algorithms pay maximum attention to user experience. Those websites that provide good and improved user experience are always given better rankings by Google. Thus, your entire focus should always be to improve the user experience and rankings will eventually follow.

Have a Responsive Web Design

We live in a mobile-first era wherein a majority of the consumers use either their smartphones or tablets. Having a responsive web design allows the webpage and content to fit on all screen resolutions and devices. Google has also made it clear that if the websites are not responsive they will not be considered for high rankings. 
Make Use of Local Schema Mark-Up

This is a very effective Local SEO marketing strategy, but not many are using it. Adding structured data mark-up to the website’s code are helpful in providing the search engines with more vital information as the engine spiders can then crawl and get all the info regarding the nature of business, products or services you offer, reviews, etc. This access increases the chances of getting better rankings.

Unless you have a sound SEO process in place, you won’t be able to get good ranking and visibility. These are some of the tips and tricks that will ensure that your website ranks higher in search engine response pages, which in turn will help you in making your mark felt among your prospective clients. 

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