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How To Plan Your New Blogs Success From Day One!

I am sure, well, almost sure that I am not the only blogger and this is probably not the first blog post you’ve read about how to plan your new blogs success from day one.

Well, just so you know, I have made a video below for you as well answering this very question to its fullest! So, please feel free to scan over and read what you need to, but also feel free to simply watch and listen to that answer, today.

So, with that, let’s dive in…

Plan the success of your blog.

Before I dive in and literally spell this all out, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! I mean that, CONGRATS!

Simply planning some of the most basic ideas and elements to your future blog and the business behind it puts you in a real position to succeed here, and I mean faster!

To be honest, most people, well, many of them, have created a blog that they are not happy with and is literally failing, and all because they never planned out anything with it.

No goals.

No content calendar.

No offers.

No nothing, period.

They literally don’t even know where they plan on this going or being 6-12 months from now! But not you! You are planning your success literally, and good for you!

Listen, I am a true believer in getting started quickly, we did that with this blog and service James and I. But, we had a plan, we had the ideas for it, and we had a content marketing plan going forward.

We, like you, made a plan for success, not to fail.

To not plan is to plan on failure here.

So, with that, let’s get into the best tips and strategies for planning out your blog’s success from day one…

Pick that niche! (The hit list)

The hit list; and I do not mean your top 20 favorite tracks from 1971, well, unless that is your thing!

See, here is what I mean. I suggest you come up with a simple list of subjects that you are interested in, this is how you’ll find that perfect niche blog idea for you, and build a solid income stream with it.

So, what can that look like? Well, it could be your favorite 70’s band and a blog that speaks to them or, here are some other subjects you could find a niche within:

  • Fashion – makeup, clothing, hair, and beauty products.
  • Travel – vacations, best places to visit, your own travels, restaurants, entertainment or even RVs.
  • Direct selling – health products, coaching systems, tangible and digital products or services within the direct sales industry
  • Technology – software, programming, web development, web design, and startups.
  • Business – industry updates, MLM (mentioned above), real estate, master affiliates, expert tips, and best practices.
  • Content marketing – how to market your business, SEO best practices, email campaigns.
  • Food – recipe sharing, restaurants, kitchen equipment, food blogger.
  • Finance – industry happenings, ways to make and save money, budgeting.
  • Health and Fitness – sports equipment, nutrition, exercise, dieting, fashion.
  • Lifestyle – gardening, home improvement, organization, travel, survival, fishing, the outdoors.
  • Personal Development – time management, health awareness, mindfulness, wellness.
  • Parenting – child development, product reviews, tips for age stages, mom blog, dad blog.
  • Professional & Academic – colleagues and peers discuss their fields of expertise.
  • Instructional – tutoring, how-to’s, guides.
  • Entertainment – humor, memes, video, music, podcasts.

I know that is a lot, but trust me when I say; “there are plenty more where that came from!” This is just a skimming of the surface to the different subjects from which you could pull from a great niche blog idea and one that people would love to visit.

As a matter of fact, let me pull out just one popular blog and blogger that is doing a great job and making a great income with each one of these not-so-unique subjects, but have made a niche business within.

  1. Hannah Gale Fashion Blog.
  2. BackPack Banter Travel Blog.
  3. Ray Higdon MLM Blog.
  4. Usability Geek Tech Blog.
  5. Content Marketing Meera Kothand Blog.
  6. Our Food Stories Food Blog.
  7. Making Sense of Cents Finance Blog.
  8. Fitness On Toast Fitness Blog.
  9. Jess Plus The Mess Lifestyle Blog.
  10. Art Of Manliness Personal Development Blog.
  11. Pint-Sized Treasures Parenting Blog.
  12. David Boozer Professional Internet Marketing Blog.
  13. Neil Patel Instructional Blog.
  14. The Laughing Squid Entertainment Blog.

Whew! That took a half hour!

But, there they are nonetheless and they are all well-known blogs and bloggers who started without a single follower, a single reader, or a single blog post until that first one.

Get started on your first blog post, the journey, however short or long for you, will not start until that moment.

Check for traffic.

A simple practice can help you discover quickly if your chosen blog niche idea has an audience, and it comes by searching out your target audience on three channels, and they are;

  • Ubbersuggest
  • And, Google Trends

I know there are many, many other keyword research tools out here, but this is all you need, and I can guarantee that! Let’s look at a particular set of keywords and keyword to see how to do this research yourself on these platforms.

And yes, this should only take about 10-15 minutes to figure out if there is an audience and an active one at that!

Ubersuggest. This tool will, like Google Keyword Planner, give you monthly search results for a particular set of keywords or keyword. It will also give you the top web pages or blog posts currently ranked well and getting traffic within that topic.

Google Trends. This little platform allows me to see if there is a truly active community or audience around your niche idea currently, and over time.

A simple way to determine if there is an audience today, tomorrow, and even into your future here is to do the research first before you invest your most precious commodity, your time!

These platforms and tools are FREE! So, the excuse not to do some great keyword research done to determine whether or not there is an income and traffic potential.

Can it be monetized?

Yes, the most important question I hear, and the most important one I ask myself when I start a new blog, “can I make money with it?

The simplest answer is found in the same images above, is there enough traffic, and if so, then there are potential customers, buyers, or whatever you would like to call them.

There is one other place I like to look to see if there is a potential for a solid stream of income, well, two actually; 1) is Amazon and 2) is Similar Web.

This allows me to peek in on the competition and determine the amount of traffic I could expect through my blogs great content, and if you go look yourself, you can also spy on where much of their traffic is coming from!

Amazon, of course, is a place to do a quick search to see the different types of products that are for sale, and are selling the best, or enough to where you believe you could make money, and enough to live and even thrive on.

The biggest takeaway here is through the potential amount of traffic you will find doing your keyword research first and foremost.

Is it seasonal?

Personally, and please don’t tell a soul (LOL!), but I keep a little Christmas Tree in my office year round! No, there are no ornaments on it until December, but it is a little cool pine tree (fake) nonetheless that reminds me of my favorite season of the year!

But, the question remains; “is your niche blog idea seasonal, and is that a good idea to start one if it is?

Personally, I like seasonal blogs and I think they can do pretty well. However, they have to be executed perfectly and I mean launched right, monetized right, and the branding has to be spot on!

Can this be a truly ‘evergreen’ experience and business? Maybe, and maybe you’ll need two sites covering two different seasonal subjects. Personally, I like seasonal

Creating authority.

A very wise person once said about success with a business that;

All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like and trust.”

The internet is full of voices. Billions of posts on Facebook go up every day. Millions and millions of videos are loaded. And written blog posts and articles number in the millions a day as well that are posted to websites each and every day.

All of that, plus the natural fear or rejection some of us have makes us wonder if it is at all possible to not only build the know, like, and trust it takes to succeed online let alone a business at all.

I get it! I was there once too!

But I did it, and today, well, log out of your browser and search ‘internet marketing coach” or other variation of it and you’ll see it is possible, even with a hundred million search results to be known, to be liked, and most importantly, to be trusted.

Creating authority will take time. I know niche websites/blogs are great for passive income, but authority, well, that simply lasts for as long as you want to keep it.

Creating authority will help you stand the test of time and the winds of change that frequently blow each and every day online.

Consistency matters.

Building authority breeds a certain mindset here, and one that comes out in not just your better mindset, but your work ethic as well.

The one thing we do not see from those that fail online, or with many things in life period, is the lack of consistency.

Consistency with your matters when it comes to not just life, but also with your content marketing and blogging efforts.

Consistent blogging creates the know, like, and builds the trust people need to truly become not only raving fans, but also grow into brand evangelists and, well, customers!

Consistency, need I say more???

Bonus: Patience.

There is no overnight trick or “hack” that will generate a single dollar your first day out.

Now, I am not saying it is not possible to make money within a short period of time, heck, I was working from home full time inside 120 days!

And, just so you know, that is a pretty fast success story here.

Personally, I would take The 24 Approach, that is a name of something I am coming out with soon. But, The 24 Approach is looking at creating enough content inside of 6-12 months that pays off in a big way in 24 months.

Basically, it is being patient for 24 months and being committed to a consistent effort of blogging and other basic and best internet marketing practices while you grow your niche blog and business online.

To have a successful niche blog is simple; plan it all out, set goals, take aim at the things you need to do, and do them!

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