Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 1 February 2019

How to Grow a Successful Career in Marketing

One of the main reasons people choose to go into marketing early on in their career, besides the opportunity to join a field that is constantly evolving and changing, is the fact that it offers significantly higher career progression opportunities than a lot of other fields out there. But what steps do you need to take in order to grow your career in marketing? This article will explain all.

Growing a successful career in marketing, or any field for that matter, is an incredibly hard thing to do!

One of my main areas of expertise is being able to take companies from doing 'okay' with their marketing efforts, to becoming one of the powerhouses in the rankings of their industry! I've done this with a wide array of companies, from Office Design & Fit Out companies all the way to home furniture manufacturers. I pride myself on my ability to create great marketing campaigns for my clients, and being one of the first to try out new marketing strategies within the industry.

Whether you are looking to become a key marketing influencer, being one of the very few people that people will willingly come to for information on SEO and other areas of marketing, or you are just wanting to progress further up the ranks within your company. Follow my tips below and you will quickly find yourself moving up the marketing rankings.

Read Lots, but Talk More!


One of the main things that will set you apart from other marketers in your industry is becoming someone that comes to new strategies and tactics first within the industry. To do this, you need to stay up-to-date on the new marketing strategies and tactics that are coming into fruition within the industry. Blogs, message boards and even good old marketing books are a great way to ensure you have the depth of knowledge required to stay ahead of the chasing pack. Blogs in particular are a a great way to learn, providing that it is a reputable blog!

However, one of the things that will set you apart even more is talking to the other marketers you find in the comments sections of these blog posts and message boards! Reading a blog post is great, but there is a whole pool of knowledge in the comment sections that is not being exploited! I have often found that talking to people in these comment sections has been where I have found some of the best knowledge on upcoming tactics and strategies! Sites such as Quora and Reddit are also great for having detailed conversations about marketing! And don't forget the best place of all, LinkedIn!

Do Not Chase a Wage Packet, Chase Problems Instead!


Nowadays, I am considered a top-level marketer within my organisation and sector. But this is all thanks to my past. A lot of people do not know this, but I started my career as a digital marketing apprentice at a local firm not far from my home. I didn't complete a degree, but instead started working straight away. I was not paid much, it was just enough to get by, but despite this, I was incredibly happy with where I was! Why is this? Well, while I certainly was not 'where the money was', I was definitely where the problems were! During my days, I was responsible for both helping to create and execute marketing strategies for about 35 clients, across a huge range of industries too! This gave me a huge bank of knowledge that I still use today! Every time I come across a problem with one of our ongoing marketing strategies, I think back to my time as an apprentice and I can normally remember having the same kind of problem there. But more importantly than this, I can remember how we solved this.

There is not a time in my life that I am not grateful for where I have come from. If I'd had gone to university, sure, I would have come out with a fantastic degree which is an achievement in itself. But I would probably not be as far in my career as I am now. Why? Because I would not have had access to as much practical information from my time as an apprentice. Theory is fantastic, and it can take you far! But if you want to make that all important next step, you need practical experience!

Don't Jump Into Management Roles


Now, there will come a time in your career where you come across a job advertisement that seems like a huge step up from where you are at that point. This is absolutely inevitable, and if you haven't yet come across this, you sure will! I have had this too. When you are looking at these kinds of jobs, it is very hard to see why you should stay where you are and not try for this job instead, afterall, it's a huge step up? Is it really? A step up does not necessarily mean becoming someone who follows instructions and tasks, to someone who is giving out instructions and setting tasks. A step up can mean something as simple as more accountability.

Never underestimate the power of accountability!

I have often found myself completing some of my best work, whether it is setting out a marketing strategy or creating a Google advertisement when I am accountable for the project succeeding! If I make a mistake, not only am I responsible for making the mistake in the first place, but I am also accountable for fixing the mistake. This can ensure you take a lot more pride in your work, and you will often end up completing your work to a higher standard.

Just because a job role does not come with the chance to lead a team of people, does not mean it is not a step up! Remember this, and you will go far.

So, there you have it, my top tips on how to grow a truly successful career in digital marketing and SEO. Why not make use of some of these tips and start expanding your careers today!

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