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Rick Barron 7 February 2019

Digital Voices of 2019

What Is Digital Marketing? At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. In digital marketing, your knowledge of the market is everything. In order to keep up with the technical digital market, you always need to be one step ahead of the next person.

As we dive into 2019, digital marketing is an emerging and rapidly-evolving field, and it's important to stay on top of current industry trends and keep up with expert insights. Please follow the digital marketers below during this year.

1-Andréa Jones

Jones is a Canada-based social media strategist and digital marketer. She helps entrepreneurs create great content for their social media channels. 

Connect: Website / Twitter / LinkedIn / Podcast

2-Ann Handley


Ann Handley is a best-selling author, speaker, and Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs.

Connect: Twitter / Website 

3-Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan is a founder of Marketingland and Search Engine Land.

Connect: Twitter / Website Facebook

4-Rand Fishkin


Fishkin is the founder of Moz and author and speaker on all things SEO. He's active on social media but is best known for his Whiteboard Friday series on the Moz blog.

Connect: Blog / Twitter

5-Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan is an entrepreneur and marketing speaker with a knack for social media.

Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn 

6-Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is a digital marketer and author of social media books like Maximize Your Social.

Connect: Website / Twitter / LinkedIn

7-Logan Lyles

Lyles is a marketer and co-host of the B2B Growth Show, a podcast for B2B marketers and growth hackers.

Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn 

8-Wil Reynolds


Wil Reynolds is the founder of Seer Interactive, an SEO and paid search consulting firm.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Blog

9-Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty runs, one of the leading SEO and digital marketing courses on the net.

Connect: Twitter / Website / Blog

10-Stapho Thienpont

Stapho Thienpont is a co-founder of Sofia-based social media firm, The Marketing Family.

Connect: LinkedIn

11-Ryan Deiss

Deiss is the founder of DigitalMarketer. His Twitter account, has postings on marketing insights, covering social media, and blogging.

Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn 

12-Heidi Cohen


Heidi Cohen is a marketer and journalist who has appeared on a number of publications around the web.

Connect: Twitter / Website

13-Jorn Lyseggen

Lyseggen is the founder of Meltwater, a PR and marketing agency.

Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn 

14-Pete Krainik

Pete Krainik is the founder of CMO Club, the world’s largest community of Senior Marketing Executives.

Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn 

15-Louis Camassa

Louis Camassa is a managing partner at EMPATH. His agency has worked with iconic brands like Gibson Guitars, Apple, and Microsoft.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter

16-Joe Chernov


Chernov is marketer with a passion for B2B businesses. He's currently the CMO for Robin, a workday management solution used by Foursquare, Kayak, and Twitter.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Website

17-Oli Gardner

Oli Gardener is the co-founder of Unbounce, a startup that specializes in making awesome marketing landing pages.

Connect: Twitter / LinkedIn

18-Ashley Faulkes

Ashley Faulkes is a Zurich-based blogger and SEO specialist who constantly writes about how to leverage SEO to increase sales and build a social following.

Connect: Twitter / Blog / Pinterest

19-Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is the founder of Youpreneur, a business community for freelancers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Connect: Twitter / Website / Podcast

20-Shay Rowbottom


Shay Rowbottom is the founder and COO of Margle Media. Her company produces high-quality viral Facebook videos for its clients, and she's posting awesome LinkedIn videos to prove that.

Connect: LinkedIn

21-Goldie Chan


Goldie Chan [the "Oprah of LinkedIn" by Huffington Post] is the founder of Warm Robots, a social media firms that specialize in LinkedIn and video.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter

22-James Carbary

James Carbary is a social media marketer that specializes in podcasts.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter

23-Ahmad Munawar

Ahmad Munawar is a Toronto-based marketing coach for Boutique Growth.

Connect: LinkedIn

24-Allen Gannett

Allen Gannett is an author and business owner that runs two video series on LinkedIn: #BookStuff and #AllenAsks.

Connect: LinkedIn

25-Casey Neistat


Casey Neistat is known for his YouTube vlogs and over-the-top advertising campaigns. His YouTube channel is full of technical and inspiration for aspiring video marketers, plus he has over 10 million subscribers!

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / YouTube

26-Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas’ blog has advice for increasing traffic to all forms of social media. Most notable, however, is his advice on blogging.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Website + Blog

27-Darren Rowse

Follow Darren Rowse for awesome blogging and content marketing insights. His blog, ProBlogger, is full of great content and is a must-read for anyone looking to grow their marketing blog’s audience.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Blog

28-Mari Smith

Mari Smith is a social media thought leader that specializes in Facebook marketing. She’s constantly tweeting and posting about all things Facebook, sharing valuable insights on how to maximize Facebook to grow your brand.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter

29-Brittany Berger


Brittany Berger makes amazing video tutorials on content strategy and social media. Her videos are aimed at people just starting out in the content marketing space.

Connect: LinkedIn / Twitter / Website

30-Donna Moritz

Visual media is a great way to increase social engagement, and Donna Moritz is its biggest advocate.

Connect: Twitter / Instagram / Blog

31-Jasmine Star


Jasmine Star is a photographer that specializes in Instagram growth. Her blog has valuable information on how to leverage Instagram to increase sales and drive traffic.

Connect: Twitter / Instagram / Blog

32-Brian Clark

Brian Clark is the founder of multiple social media and content companies like,  and Studiopress.


33-Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the CEO of Mobile Monkey, an AI chatbot marketing service.

Connect: Mobile Monkey / Twitter / LinkedIn

34-Michael A. Stelzner

Mark Stelzner, is the founder of Social Media Examiner, one of the web's most well-known social media publications. 

 Connect: Website / Twitter / LinkedIn

35-Brian Kelley


Brian Kelley, founder of the blog The Points Guy, is one of the original writers in the travel miles space.

Connect: Instagram / Website

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