Sumit Gharal
Sumit Gharal 11 February 2019

Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Each year new trends are unveiled, and at the beginning of each new year the trending trends are discussed and rated to determine if they are going to be a new revolution or a huge disappointment. So let’s carry on this new year tradition and discuss the upcoming digital marketing solutions/trends for this year.

1) Video SEO

Video SEO is the procedure of providing the search engines the information of the video to help improve the search results. Let’s take for example the most widely used search engine which is ‘Google’. Google does pay a lot of attention to all the written content, But when it comes to videos it personally cannot press the ‘play’ button and watch the videos and review the content in it. So it’s our responsibility to provide the required information about the videos we are posting on the web for Google to get its knowledge from.

So how does Google learn from videos? Google learns from the content parts of the videos. This includes the title of the video, the video descriptions, links of the videos, the captions used etc. So basically the video SEO is the general way of placing content in these places. So just inputting data for the sake of filling a form on platforms like youtube is never going to be enough. Going by data there are thousands of videos being published day in and out on youtube every minute but if these videos are not optimized in a  proper manner the videos which you have uploaded will be lost in the non-ending stream of videos uploaded by other users and would be sadly lost without people even getting a glimpse of it. So when you have optimized your videos properly there are high chances of seeing yourself on the first page of google.

Following are a few methods to do Video SEO after publishing your videos:

  1. Find relevant keywords
  2. Enhance audience engagement
  3. Carry out video promotion
  4. Add addition of bonus tips and tricks

2) The Age Of Chatbots Is Here!

Have you ever visited a website and found a welcome message popping in either one of the corners asking us what is your need and how they can help you? That friendly little pop-up box is a chatbot. It is a virtual assistant which is there to simplify the things and it acts on behalf of the website by communicating with the visitors and help them achieve their goal. Chatbots normally have an interaction with the clients in form of the oldest and one of the most convenient methods which are text messages but through modern-day innovations, it is now also possible to interact with clients through voice.

According to a study by Statista, over 34% of the people who took part in the survey stated that they would prefer having interaction with an AI (Artificial Intelligence)  such as Chatbots in an online situation rather than communicating with a person. Chatbots are already being used by social media giants like Facebook in lakhs (3,00,000 in 2018). Chatbots also are known to perform various other functions too like reporting time, weather and a lot of other functions too.  The total impact chatbots had in 2018 was very effective and hence is likely to grow in 2019 as well.

3) Voice Search

The rise in the production and usage of virtual assistants like Siri on iPhones or perhaps Cortana in windows are the two prominent examples to go with when voice related search topic is being carried out. Voice search is the biggest and one of the most rapidly advancing Digital Marketing trend in today’s date.

Voice search is on a mission which is to shape the e-commerce industry as of now and also to shape up all the remaining industries too. According to the Gartner report, by early 2021 many businesses will redesign their websites in order to support voice search and this will increase the revenue of digital commerce by 30%. And over 30 % of all web browsing searches will be carried out the usage of the screen as the use of audio based technologies will be on the rise and accepted worldwide.

4) Content Is Still The King!

There is no taking out Content from Digital Marketing Trends be it in 2019 or be it in years to come. Content marketing is still one of the top Digital Marketing Solutions today as it forms the base of all Digital Marketing techniques there are to be used in today’s date.

Using content and especially user-generated content will be the best way to promote a business in the year 2019. What user-generated content does is that it helps in convincing the visitor to buy your products or to avail your services. The content you have generated has more sense of belonging and is able to elaborate your products and services more efficiently than a content written on strict guidelines or perhaps generated by a bot. The second point is that it is absolutely free! All you need to do is understand the audiences and what exactly they need and input the same into the content. Even using vernacular content is on the rise and it will continue to do so in countries like India which has many regions with a particular language being preferred over the other languages.


With so many Digital Marketing Solutions and trends, there would always be more than one way to lure more customers to your business and fulfill their marketing needs. With all this one needs to stay updated with the Google Algorithms to take advantages of the technical advancements that time has to offer us. Even with an SEO team to support it is essential to have a 360° web and digital marketing partner by your side if you are having a big picture of your business expanding at a faster pace than your competitors. So these were some of the trends to look out for in 2019. Have we missed any? Please let us know in the comments section and also list your strategies for the year 2019.

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