Boost your E-commerce Strategy with Storytelling

Ecommerce is everywhere because people don't want to waste time and money to roaming from one place to another. This article will show you how to boost your ecommerce strategy with story telling. It will attract more people, boost sales and put you in first place in such a competitive market.

Numerous marketing strategies are used to increase brand awareness, but storytelling is a major marketing tool for brands searching to establish their business with messaging that is emotionally engaging, memorable, and profitable. Storytelling helps your brand in acquiring following benefits:

Connect With Your Potential Clients

Ecommerce companies have to look two things: first, what are they selling and are their customers align with their selling efforts? When you promote your brand using a story, it gives a real-life perspective to your products and services. Moreover, viewers feel like they get attached emotionally with your brand and make them curious about your brand.

Boosts the Value of Your Content

Content on ecommerce site should be engaging, appealing and interesting that could attract customer to dive into your website for longer time. Upgrade your conventional content writing with a story to draw customer's attention. Instead of creating blogs and social media pages, keep your focus on building up vigorous content that magnifies interest and excitement. You will need to do a lot of research on your filed and audience, but the effort will benefit you.

Increases Brand loyalty

The number of TV shows, movies, short stories is watched daily, but a few of them create a long-lasting impression on the audience. You know, why? Because, when a story depicts the emotion and life style of people, usually is liked by the masses. Same goes with storytelling, when you show the audience experience with your brand, it allures the new audience.

Shows care about Customer's Privacy

Customer's privacy is most important in digital world especially when they do transact over your website. Every ecommerce should have privacy policy that defines the data grabbing, data sharing and data security through SSL certificates terms and policy/ Moreover, when you show your e-commerce business's privacy policy in your story, it does not only reveal your concern for your customers' data security through SSL certificates, but also depicts business credibility.

Corner the market

The effective storytelling gives you an opportunity to surpass your rivals without engaging negativity. Keep in mind one thing that you are advertising the character and values of your brand. Thus, you should try to build up a reliable nature of your brand across all your marketing channels. The storytelling can provide you a competitive edge that causes high sale and revenue.

How to create a storytelling for your e-commerce business?

Storytelling is an art, as other artists like sculptors, painters, potters follow their creative mind to produce an antique, same creative mind is needed for creating an effective business story. A lot of research and experience will be required for storytelling. You can follow the below mentioned steps to build up a successful business story.

  • Know your audience and their experiences with your brand

Your first concern should be the audiences, who have already used your products or the potential customers who may hear and respond you. The research on audience might be back breaking, but reward you afterwards. You can record the positive views of the audience how they feel about your product and then you can highlight these experiences in the storytelling to grab more attention from new audiences. Beside it, your best customers feel appreciated in this way.

  • Define the core values of your brand

Just do not sell your brand, sell the idea behind your brand and how it makes your customer's life better. It means that you have to find your objective for creating your business story. You can describe the features of your brand and explain why customer's should chose the particular product to produce.

  • Decide what kind of story you’re telling

The other thing that you should concern about is what type of story you want to communicate? And how your potential audience reacts to the story? You can select the type that suits your product theme such as; make aware people, convey values, telling people about yourself and many more. You can take an example of TV ads, that promote the product, but with some hidden messages like awareness messages, comedy stories and daily facts etc.

  • Establish your call-to-action

Deciding the goal and call-to-action are similar in large extent, but the call-to-action means deciding what actions should be happened after dictating your story. What you want to get done from your audience like take a course, subscribe to a newsletter, donate money, or buy a product? You have to describe call-to-action alongside your storytelling purpose to ensure they line up.

  • Select the story medium

You can describe your story in many forms like written, audio or digital. You can select the story mode according to your budget, time and available resources. Nowadays, video stories are most preferred as it puts a great impact on all types of audience and being in trend.

  • Write!

After deciding everything like objective, core value and mode of the story, you should start crafting your story with creative flairs.

  • Share your story

Building up your e-commerce storytelling is one thing, but it is useless until get promoted on social sites, emails or on other media. If you have chosen a written mode, you can share it on your blog, on other's blog through guest posting and on other publications. Where, video stories can be promoted on video channels like YouTube. The more places you share, the more engagement you can anticipate.


Most of successful ecommerce companies targets not only customer's needs but also they want their customers to align with their base of communication that represents them to the world. The main goal of storytelling in ecommerce does not focus on your products but represent their services and products that could solve their customers' problems. You should put your leg in customer's shoes to understand and attach them.

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