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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Mobile applications carry immense opportunities. While planning for mobile apps, you need to make note of all the possible things related to them – the total cost for development, the market for it and the experts in the field of mobile app development.

Two years back the mobile app industry annual revenue is around 88 billion USD and two after now, in 2020 its revenue will be around 188 billion USD. Present will be the middle of the growth and developing mobile apps now will be a good choice. Mobile app development is one of the most demanding industry that lead to around 3 million mobile apps.

Many Successful organizations and companies have developed mobile apps to improve their business growth to the next level. A mobile app not only improves your marketing efforts but also improves your Return On Investments (ROI) and customer experience. 

Some of the top reasons why your business should have a mobile app, Boost your sales and Revenues –  Each and every Organization can increase its sales and revenue by developing a mobile app.

Increase Visibility –  As per report an average person spends around more than two hours a day using smartphones and undoubtedly these times spends on using applications.

Mobile apps help in increasing more visibility and this leads to more business. Direct Marketing Channel –  Mobile apps provide many functions such as prices general information, news feeds, user accounts and much more. 

Smartphone Users in USA

The best of all is you can able to give all the needed information to your customers that includes promotions, sales, offers and much more about your products and services at their fingertip.

Branding and recognition – Your brand awareness can highly be improved by using a mobile app. Develop a mobile app that your customers love. The more your visitors get involved sooner they will become your customers.

It improves customer engagement, customer loyalty and makes you stand out from your competitors.

Looking for Developing Mobile apps? Here is the list of top Android and ios mobile app developmentcompanies in USA. From the startup to big enterprise, these app development companies will turn your mobile app idea into a more successful business.

Here is the list of top Mobile app development companies in USA.


A leading mobile app development company having around 7+ years of experience in the field of app development. Smarther helps business to reach new heights through mobile apps. They transfer clients idea into reality. The company has delivered around 200+ mobile apps across various sectors and regions. The top services that are provided by Smarther are Mobile app design and development, Web design and development, Digital Marketing. 


Founded – 2011

Employees – 0 – 50

Specialist – App design and development, Website design and development, Digital Marketing

Clients – Apollo Pharmacy, Letzwapp, Pire consulting, Textmunication, Novastar

Location –  USA, India

Website –

2. WillowTree, Inc 

A leading product development agency that builds mobile apps, websites, bots – that lives on screen. With the enterprise-grade software features, this team of passionate developers strives to be the best in bridging the design thinking and latest technologies in development. Delivered around 1000 + digital and mobile solutions. 


Founded – 2007

Employees – 250 – 999

Specialist – Mobile app development, Product design, Bot Interface development, Website design and development, QA testing, App Marketing, and Analytics.

Clients – Johnson & Johnson, Vox Media, Wyndham Hotel Group

Location –  USA

Website –

3. BrainMobi

It is one of the top 10 mobile app development company in usa that is founded in 2016. Within this short span of time the team of innovators obtained the immense growth with high experience in mobile app development. Providing end-to-end mobile based consulting in app design and development.

The technologies they were best are Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Augmented reality, Virtual reality and much more. BrainMobi’s services optimize all stages of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) process and deliver you faster and effective projects. Their top clients paved way for them to list in the top app development companies. 


Founded – 2015

Employees – 10-49

Specialist –  Mobile application development, Website development, UI/UX designs

Clients – Beutech Ltd, Salonera, Timekeeper Bank, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs

Location –  India, United States

Website –

4. Dom and Tom 

A Product development company developing the best digital Products focusing on the latest technologies with of Android app development, iOS, and web. Their developed mobile apps are with high-quality features including engaging designs, high user experience. Dom and Tom are expert in cross-platform development in both Mobile and website. Delivered around 120 + native apps and 400+ Hybrid mobile apps. 

Dom and Tom

Founded – 2009

Employees – 50-249

Specialist –  App development, UI/UX designs, Digital product design, and development

Clients – McDonald’s, Bloomberg,  Bonobos, The University of Oklahoma

Location –  India, United States

Website –

5. Code Brew Labs  

Code Brew Labs

Transforming clients app ideas into business.  For a wide range of clients, these team of developers does a great app development work since 2013. Based upon the latest technologies and platforms these Code Brew Labs team delivered numerous apps.  Their work has to lead achieving great success. They specialize in IoT, Business Analytics, AR and VR, Cloud-based computing solutions. Expert in industries like Healthcare, EduTech, Mobile games, Chat apps, Food Industry, Networking and much more. Delivering 100% client satisfaction with best designs in the industries.

Founded – 2013

Employees – 50-249

Specialist –  App development, UI/UX designs, Digital product design and development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-based solutions

Clients – Skoop, Match Trade, Paisa Swipe, Firesonar, Lokatrain, Reminisce

Location –  India, UAE, United States

Website – 

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6. Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs

A USA based mobile app design, app development, and marketing company. Blue Label Labs is known for their app development work across various countries. Having around 9 years of experience in the field and delivered around 250+ mobile apps. From the pre-launch to post-launch the entire process is taken over by the team. Expert in developing Apple watch, mobile app games, health care apps, TV, Web apps, AR/VR, IoT and much more.

Founded – 2009

Employees – 50-249

Specialist –  Web app development, mobile app design and development, AR/VR, Tablets

Clients – Magic Money, Dorado, United nations, Bloomberg News, How Udish, Hello Sitter

Location –  United States

Website –

7. Intellectsoft


Intellectsoft is a full development and software consulting firm helping companies overcome the Digital Transformation. Their Portfolio includes Internet of Things, Decentralized Applications, AR, Cognitive computing. For more than 10  years they have been delivering software solutions to companies all over the world. Having offices at Eastern Europe, UK, USA, and the Nordic region. It is one of the top most company in delivering high-quality services to its clients and giving tough competition to others. Intellectsoft is one among the top 10 mobile app development company in USA. 

Founded – 2007

Employees – 250-999

Specialist –  Augmented Reality, Decentralized apps, IOT, Cognitive Computing

Clients – Jaguar, Harley-Davidson, they serve both startups and big enterprises

Location –  United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Ukraine

Website –

8. Sourcebits


It is one of the top mobile app development company, with the most powerful agile app development method.  The products that are created by Sourcebits result in 700M+ downloads. For some of the top innovative brands, Sourcebits has been creating apps since 2006. They are a team of around 200+ developers experts in web and mobile applications, UI/UX designs, Marketing Strategy, Cloud computing.  Sourcebits team brings extraordinary user experience in each and every app that they deliver. Their on-time delivery has made them stand the top list of mobile app development companies. 

Founded – 2006

Employees – 250-999

Specialist –  Cloud computing, mobile app, and web development, UI/UX designs

Clients – Powerade, Bank of America, Cisco, Intel, GE, P&G

Location –  United States, India

Website – 

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9. Fueled


Fueled develop apps and websites that are more responsive, attractive, fast and easy to use, the best mobile app development team of designers, developers, testers, and analyst. Their experience in quality and on-time delivery has made Fueled in the list of top mobile app development companies. Passion towards development is their key to success. They work for the best clients from the startup to big enterprises.

Founded – 2007

Employees – 50-249

Specialist – Mobile app and web development, UI/UX designs

Clients – Harvard, Crunchbase, Summit series, MGM Resorts International, QuizUp, Verizon

Location –  United States, United Kingdom

Website – 

10. Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs

The main aim of Y Media Labs is make clients to reach their success. With around 200 employees, Y Media Labs has delivered quality solutions to their clients by fulfilling their requirements. The products that they create have good impacts on outcomes.

Founded – 2008

Employees – 250-999

Specialist – Digital Products, Data Science, Design, and Development

Clients – Forever 21, Paypal, L’Oreal, Staples, Home Depot, North Face

Location –  United States, India

Website –

How to select a Mobile Application Development Company

Smartphones and apps play a vital role in everyone’s life. If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, then you are losing more business opportunities. Having a mobile app for your business is a mandatory one in today’s tech world. Customers are looking for everything in their hands and it touches. If you are looking for hiring a mobile app development company check with the following things,

Hiring the correct one for your business will make wonders in your business. It is a tedious process to select the best mobile app developers from around 2 million app developers across the world. Make research before selecting the app developer for your business. Check the companies success rate statistics and total years of experience in developing mobile apps.

Many of us prefer companies based upon the cost of development, but this may result in risk at the quality of our final outcome. Before selecting a company to analyze the entire background of the company, starting from the years they established, developed apps, expertise in the area, their team members and much more, these basic things can help you to find the best developers.

Choose the one who is more interest in your business than in making money

The best one will work on delivering your app based on your requirements with more perfections. They will work with more interest in delivering your final product on-time rather than in getting payments.

Make sure to check their past work experience

Gain knowledge about the developer’s skills before handling them your project. Check with their past work portfolios and this will give you a good idea to continue. Keep an eye with the mobile app development companies projects, clients, the number of projects delivered, and ensure that they delivered on time by fulfilling the client’s requirements.

Contacting the previous clients for feedback

By having a talk with their previous clients you can get an idea of what you can expect from your current app developers. Make sure that you have an entire figure of your app development team before handling them your project.

Hence hire a best mobile app developers team will be a time consuming and a big process, spend some time to hire the best one to develop your business apps and this may end in wonderful results in future.

Hope you got some ideas in hiring the Top 10 mobile app development companies in USA. Turn your mobile app ideas into reality by hiring the best app developers from the market.

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