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Paresh Sagar 27 February 2019
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Latest Technology Trends That Will Change the Future of Businesses

For the last few decades, humans have been trying to make everything around them more intelligent and converting them into much like humans.

For entrepreneurs, small businesses, and tech enthusiasts it's imperative to be aware of the digital technology trends to leverage them into their businesses.

In this article, I am going to familiarise you with the latest technology trends that are going to revolutionise the businesses and individual lives for the good.

Latest Technology trends To Look out for in 2019

  1. Autonomous Things

As I told you earlier on making technology the reflection of the humans, autonomous things are its artificial intelligence working behind it. We have been witnessing artificial intelligence for the last few years in the form of stand-alone units but it has now expanded its network. It is now collected network of the intelligent things.

 Drones, autonomous vehicles and robots are examples of the Autonomous things that are interacting with their surroundings and people.

Autonomous driving and autonomous flying are the near future application of this digital technology trends.

  1. Quantum computing

Though quantum computing may seem like a Sci-fi technology, the year 2019 will see a disruption of this as one of the top technology trends. Quantum technology is maturing faster than most think. The ultra-powerful computers will solve the intricate problems within a second. Leading computer companies such as IBM, Google and Microsoft are racing for the quantum supremacy.

With this speed, quantum computers with the help of AI programs that can go through huge datasheet will help the medical research, consumer behavior, and financial market.

The applications of quantum computing include machine learning, computational chemistry, financial portfolio optimization, logistics and scheduling, drug design, cybersecurity, and other small applications.

  1. Immersive experience

We all have witnessed the changing reality with augmented reality application (AR) Pokémon Go. Users were stunned with this never before seen invention. Augmented reality, Virtual reality, and mixed reality will dominate the upcoming year with its lots of application in all the industry sectors.

  • AR -It is basically imposition of the digital data on the physical world. This technology has now geared up for the new applications in the health sector, automotive sector, education sector, retail sector and more.
  • VR- Where augmented reality digitizes the part of the physical world, a virtual reality (VR) goes one step ahead of it and provides you a complete immersive experience of the virtual world.  Gaming will be the prime application where VR is going to dominate.
  1. Edge Computing

The amalgamation of the IoT devices and 5G networks is set to make an intense change in the technology. The computing workloads have been relocating- first from the data centers to the cloud and now cloud to the edge location. But what do you think is the benefit of Edge computing? The answer is to decrease the cost of running the apps and services, by shortening the distance the data has to travel, thereby reducing the bandwidth issues.

If it is believed to be true, then according to Gartner by 2025, 80 percent of enterprises will have closed their traditional data center.

  1. Voice technology

The voice technology is the smaller part of artificial intelligence. Alexa and Siri are not new anymore. The technology has already got its toehold into the commercial as well as individual need.

The skill development for the latest voice assistants like Alexa, Google assistant and more are the prime focus of the enterprises and businesses to increase the revenue for their business. These assistants help you minimizing your work and make your life easy by doing your work on your command. The future applications of these voice assisted devices will be in the healthcare industry, corporate, hospitality, automotive industry and more.

  1. Blockchain

The Blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention of this era. Since its birth, it has evolved into something greater and each person is asking what Blockchain is?

The Blockchain is basically an incorruptible ledger of the economic transactions which can be programmed to store not just the financial transaction but virtually everything of value.

Data and information held in the Blockchain exist as shared and continuously reconciled database. The database of the Blockchain isn’t stored in a single location. The records are public and verifiable. Hence, Blockchain is going to be one of the top technology trends in 2019.

  1. Digital Twins

Digital twins are the Computer-based versions of anything that physically exist. The digital twin has been adopted as a conceptual basis in the astronautics and aerospace area in recent years by NASA. The way to track data or transactions, the way we collaborate and communicate, have been changed and advanced through digital technology.

The idea of a Digital Twin is now being developed in the IoT space, and it is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for digitalizing the physical world.

2019 promises to be exciting with the latest technology trends that I have mentioned above. Apart from this, IoT, AR, VR, Wearable and many other technologies are also going to take their next step into the upcoming year.

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