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Dave Brown 1 March 2019
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How to Use Blog Posts on Twitter to Boost Traffic

The following article explains how quality written blog posts increases the flow of traffic on top social media platforms like "twitter" . Since twitter is considered one of the most active social mediums and sharing quality work on a powerful platform would drive relevant traffic towards your website.

To increase blog traffic, you can use Twitter, but you do need to use this social media platform wisely. Twitter has been used largely for image-based content sharing, but if you think out of the box, you can find that this platform can be modified to accommodate any purpose you have in mind.

The flexibility that Twitter offers means that you can get tangible results, but you need a good team of blog writers and have to pay attention to the following tips if you want to improve your traffic.

1. Tweet the Link More

Once your blog has been published and has gone live, you need to send a tweet of the link on your timeline. However, it is perfectly fine to tweet more than once. In fact, you should go ahead and craft around 3 to 5 more different variations of the blog tweet that you can post at different times.

The reason why this tactic works so well is that a small portion of your target audience will see it each time you post. This means that you have a better chance of enhancing your post’s reach by sending out more tweets about it.

Keep in mind that this frequency can be used for other posts in your archive as well. For example, if you’re working with a blog writing service and have amassed around 300+ blog posts, these tweets are perfectly fine. However, if you have barely 10 to 20 posts, you should cut down to 2 to 3 tweets about the blog post per day.

2. Add Twitter Sharing in Your Blogs

When someone is reading your blogs, you can also ensure that they’re able to contribute to tweeting about your blog by having a “Click to Tweet” feature in the post. These are usually available on highlighted, tweetable quotes that a person can share from the article.

The post they make will not only have this quote but will also include a link to the blog post that they were reading. A good example of this can be seen on Medium and other online think piece sights that allow readers to share the content and blog posts among users with ease. In this manner, you are able to drive up traffic in an organic manner.

3. Modify Blog Tweets with Images

Since Twitter allows you to add images when composing your tweets, you should capitalize on this option. Images draw more attention than simple text-based tweets and can make your post go viral and help you connect with your target audience. This, in turn, will improve the traffic on your blog posts.

It’s a win-win situation as it adds more value to the content that you are sharing. It’s also a good idea to pick some quotes from the blog post and turn them into a graphic quote based image. This is more likely to draw interest to the content of the blog.  

4. Reference Someone in Your Blog on Twitter

When you’re posting about your blog, it’s a good idea to tweet at the blog writers. This step has two purposes. Not only does it drum up interest in your content, but it also allows you to capitalize on the audience that the particular blog writer might have.

Additionally, you can also reference someone’s ideology or thought process which inspired you to make the blog as well. At best, they will see it, retweet and share it with their audience, allowing your content piece to have a bigger reach in the marketplace. In such cases, you can also get more followers and subscribers for your blog post and Twitter as well.

5. Adding More Value to Your Tweets

It’s a good idea to pay attention to who is tweeting, retweeting and sharing your tweets with their target audience. You can either share or like their posts to create some more engagement. Responding to your audience builds camaraderie, and the very same people are more likely to share your next tweet posts and visit your blog post. By doing so, you get to slowly build up a tangible audience for your blogs. Keep in mind that this is a process which can take you some time, so don’t expect to see results within a few days.

Plus, while you are focused on this area, you can make use of blog writing services to create more content that is ready to be shared with your new target audience. With the help of Twitter, you can not only drive up traffic but also build a loyal audience and enjoy a more symbiotic content sharing and creation experience!

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