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How to Build a Brand Identity on Social Media

Being an entrepreneur is challenging. Competition is high and it's difficult to stand out, the pressure is on.

If you trying to build a new business, social media is the place to be. Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media every day. Billions! 

You need to think about building your brand identity on social. Here are a few things you need to know about building brand identity on social media.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is what you want your customers to think about you and how you want them to understand you. This is the way you display your branding on the market.

Brand identity answers questions such as:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you offer?
  • What is your quality?

Before you start, try to answer the question above - clarify your own ideas. You need to straighten your mind and imagine what you want to achieve.

Which Social Media Should You Choose?

OK, not ALL of them are suitable for you. But you have to make sure your brand appears on all large platforms. Look at these numbers:

  • Facebook - 2.2 billion users
  • Instagram - 1 billion users
  • Twitter - 335 million users
  • Pinterest - 200 million users

You can start by creating a page on Facebook and a profile on Instagram. Both are free and easy to manage. Gradually build an audience by inviting people to follow you. After that, walk to other social media.

To learn more deeply about choosing which social media you will focus on, see what articles on social media you should focus on.

Consistent in Design

It is a good idea to choose a particular color and make it yourself. When you think of Coca-Cola, you think red, right? That's what you want to achieve.

The goal is that people connect color to your brand. Use the same dominant color for:

Your logo
Your ad
Your post

Be consistent in terms of design. Don't hang around using different templates or fonts for each post. Be systematic. Make them similar in appearance and unique in content.

Partner with Influencers

Influencers are people with a high number of followers on social media. It can be an artist, YouTuber, blogger, singer or even a pet shop owner. The point is they get the attention of thousands of people.

Partnering with one (or more) of them can greatly benefit you! You can offer them something for free, with marketing rewards. They can tag you at their post and ask their followers to check your order.

Because everyone on social media needs beautiful images, I'm sure you can easily make this kind of arrangement. This is the perfect way to build your brand.

The person we call influencers is very strong. On the one hand, they influence the perspective of thousands of people and have the ability to lead them in certain ways. That is a fact that cannot be broken.

Do a Giveaway

People like to get items for free! That's a fact. You will not imagine how many people you can reach by preparing gifts on your social media profile.

The key is to indirectly make people promote your page. It is best for you to set the following conditions for those who want to participate:

Like your page / Follow you on Instagram
Share the prize on their profile
Tag friends in the comments section
Place the hashtag with your brand name

In this way new people can learn about you and help you reach other people. You make new customers happy and you don't need to invest any money. This is a mutually beneficial situation.
Write Simple & Easy Posts
Simplicity is the key to social media advertising and branding. Your target audience must be able to get points from your posts in seconds. If not, they will roll.

You must be absolutely sure that your posts are written accurately. Spelling, grammar, or any other mistake will make you look unprofessional. Very refuse for customers.

To ensure your posts are accurate and error free, use online tools such as GetGoodGrade or ProWritingAid. Have them correct before posting, to reduce the risk of looking unprofessional.


Building brand identity on social media is a complex task that requires planning and hard work. After You have it, you will be able to grow and expand your business reach.

Be consistent and follow these basic steps. Be sure to pay attention to details and understand your audience.

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