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steven clark 13 December 2019

Creating Video Content for Social Media: Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you started to ask yourself the question, when everybody is on the social web, why is my account getting no traffic?

There is no doubt that video marketing is the best tool anyone could have to get the word out there, build a brand, and be reachable.

It is predicted that by 2021 the digital video penetration in the US would reach a staggering 83.8% with around 232 million video viewers hailing only from the US. People and business who have used this tool wisely have achieved a global presence, no matter the region or platform at which the video content has been viewed.

It is clear how relevant and useful the video marketing tool can be in this day and age, but going overboard with this tool can severely hamper your market reputation and hence can prove to be an ineffective marketing strategy.

Listed down are some of the biggest blunders video marketers make while pushing out content or any other type of promotion.

Don’t Spam People with Your Content

The first mistake that you need to avoid is posting content too often. There is a misconception amongst marketers that if you want to do well on Facebook post content ten times a day. The more you post the more people will see your content. But it does not work like that.

That may work for social platforms like Twitter but on most social sites if you post too much you are not going to do well. The thing is you only have a certain amount of people following you, if you keep posting too much content you are going to wear your followers out and your followers are going to start ignoring you altogether.

It is advisable to post once a day. This way there would be a certain time standard in the minds of your followers and you would be able to have the maximum traffic while content is coming out from you towards your audience.

Make Videos That Have High Quality Content

The second biggest mistake that you would want to avoid is posting mediocre content. Now that you would be posting only once a day make sure that the content has that “Amaze” factor. Simply put if people don’t like your content they will most likely not engage or comment.

Try to think of it this way, if you create content that you would not want to tell your friends about or share and you don’t think that there is a slight possibility about it going viral. Then I am afraid it’s not going to do that well.

If you are not sure what great content is you can always use Buzzsumo. Though this web tool you can use keywords of the content that you want to create and it will show you what is popular on the social web right now. It is always helpful to try to create content that aligns with the latest viewing trends.

Push Content Where It Matters

The third mistake that people are making is not pushing content through using the right channels. Let’s take the example of a News Website. For a news site it is better to push content through Twitter, instead of using YouTube as the main follower source.

It is better to have complete understanding and scope of the platforms that you choose to display content on. If we talk about the same news website, for them pushing out content on Instagram might not result in the response that they hoped for.

So platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube all of these big social media players want your attention, more so then even live TV. These platforms when used effectively can result in ten times more engagement than any other public space present in the world right now. But the key is to shape content according to what the platform is best known for.

The First Hour is What Matters

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make with video content is that they do not push for engagement in the first hour of release. If we talk about SEOs it’s a different thing, you might get engagement after a year or six months of posting content. But with videos, it’s a totally different matter.

Your video has to do well with in the first hour of posting, so during that time push your content as much as you can. The way most online algorithms work is that whatever does extremely good in the first hour continues to go viral. So if you have an email list promote your content using that, this way you can drive more engagement.

One can also make use of push notifications whenever a new video or similar content is posted. The first hour is make or break for any video content that you post online.

Make Content Based On Consumer Searches

The next thing you would want to make use is the comments section and the searches that the consumers make. A brilliant content producer is the one who keeps a close eye on what the followers want from them, what they are looking for the most. This way you can have a more responsive approach towards your content.

Remember that you want to promote content that revolves around what the consumers need from you. If you have comments and searches related to some content that you posted earlier create another video where you can give out information related to consumer responses and searches. This way your content stays relevant and it also helps drive consumer engagement.

The key is to remember that you are not posting content only to promote yourself but its more about the customers and their needs. Placing attention outwards instead of inwards can result in loyal consumers, the more loyal consumers you have to more chance for your content to achieve a “God Like” status inside the Google Search Index.   

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