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A Quick Guide to Double Your Customer Engagement on Social Media

Building a following on social media is one thing, but keeping the followers active and engaged is an entirely different one. Getting them to like and share or retweet your posts is hard when there is so much content on the customers' news feeds.

Engaging in a meaningful conversation in a comment section may appear even more elusive than getting likes and shares.

Fortunately, there are fail-proof strategies that can help you double your customer engagement on social media.

Whether you choose to give an online quiz maker a go or launch a giveaway, it all boils down to diversifying your approach.

You want to give everyone the chance to find something useful and exciting to them on your social media profile.

To help you out, we've put a quick guide that you can easily follow to boost your customer engagement on social media.

Use Relevant Images to Spark Interest 


Did you know that Facebook users share almost 700,000 pieces of content every minute?

Twitter and Instagram don't fall far behind when looking at the number of content pieces posted, with 500 million Tweets and 80 million photos processed daily.

The most shared and liked posts are image-based. Posts with images generate 2 times more engagement than text-based posts.

It's never too late to start using images to get more engagement.

Whether you decide to use paid or free stock photos, you have to make sure to track the posts' performance to assess which photos resonate with your audience the best but still reflect your brand strategy.

For this, you have free tools such as Facebook Insights and Tweeter Analytics to help you with the metrics.

Create an Online Quiz to Play the Interactivity Card

With modern online quiz maker tools, making, custom-tailoring, and sharing online quizzes is very easy. Also, there are templates you can use to get a quiz up and running in a matter of minutes.

But, why create an online quiz in the first place? Because the internet loves interactive content, and for most users, social media has become a synonym for the web.

On top of that, you can't get more interactive than with social media quizzes. Sharing quizzes on social media can help you generate leads, as well.

Brands like to use lead quizzes, as they can help engage followers, grow a brand's email lists, and power up email marketing campaigns.

Use Social Media to Appear More Human

Every brand wants to be more appealing to customers online, to appear relatable so that customers build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Fortunately, you can leverage social media to introduce the human element once again, boost engagement rates, and start building those valuable relationships.

The question that arises is, "How do I do it?"

Well, relatable content addresses your follower's pain points, challenges, needs, and wants.

The golden rule is to create content that:

  1. Educates
  2. Inspires
  3. Entertains

Examples of relatable content

  1. Short guides on how to achieve some goals, such as shop online safely and securely, are an excellent starting point.
  2. Thought-provoking content on what can work for the customer’s business or showcasing industry trends to keep the audience ahead can be another way to make them relate.
  3. You can upload interviews with your employees and managers regularly. You can even feature interviews with customers every once in a while.

Launch Giveaways 


Giveaways are not something brought to life by social media. They are as old as the very phenomenon of trade.

They are an opportunity for you to consider and pursue if you want to double your customer engagement rates in a short window of time.

On their own, giveaways are not going to provide you with long-term results.

Their purpose is to increase brand awareness and your follower base immediately. The other techniques we list here will help you retain those new followers and keep them engaged in the long term.

Giveaways are immensely popular on Instagram, for instance. The principle is straightforward – following a brand profile and tagging a friend in the comment section makes a person eligible for a reward.

Once the giveaway is over, don't forget to share the image of the lucky winner and feature their comment.

Engage Customers with Videos

Videos shared on Facebook generate more than 30 billion views per day, and almost 90% of Twitter users watch videos regularly. These are compelling statistics you definitely can’t ignore.

Engaging your followers with a video while staying in the boundaries of brand marketing is not as hard as you imagine.

You don't even need professional equipment to do it. Most smartphones are capable of recording a video of high quality.

There are plenty of ideas to pursue when recording a video for your social media followers:

  1. To engage them, you can address some of the challenges they are facing with a how-to video.
  2. Behind-the-scenes videos are great to help your customers see how you make their favorite products and get a sneak peek into your company culture.
  3. Product demonstration and customer testimonials are also video ideas you should consider.

To expand your reach, even more, consider uploading videos directly to YouTube and then sharing them across your social media platforms.

Make Your Post Headlines more Emotional

Emotions are the very base of our existence. To engage your customers, increase clickthroughs, and shares, you should write emotional headlines for your posts.

We do list this as the last tip in our guide, but it doesn't make it less important than any other.

In fact, you can adopt the "emotional headline" approach when creating lead quizzes, making videos, and launching giveaways.

How to overcome, how to master, how to increase, how to become better at something, are just a few headline ideas that play to the emotional side of a human being.

Go with ones that resonate well with your brand and your followers. Don't forget to test your headlines before posting them.

Measure your success as you go...

Doubling your customer engagement on social media is a long term effort.

Sparking their interest with lead quizzes, increasing shares with emotional headlines, and using images and videos to increase click throughs are all viable techniques.

Whichever path you decide to walk, you should make sure to measure your success and learn which method delivers the best results.

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