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6 Tips To Build An Ecommerce Brand on Amazon

It is no secret that Amazon is a highly customer-centric brand. It puts the customer before even its partners. This is the first step towards e-commerce success. If you have a store on Amazon or you want one, make sure you read all our guidelines in this post.

Amazon store is a mini website section for sellers. You can replicate it as your smaller store on Amazon and gather more leads and better business.

We highly recommend signing up on Amazon and getting all the goodness of highly targeted customers to your valued products. Let’s begin!

Sign up as a professional seller.

It goes without saying that you must sign up as a professional seller to sell on Amazon.

Amazon is very picky about who to accept as a seller on its platform. Security is at all-time high, and so many verification steps are needed in order to give customers the best service.

Firstly, as a seller, you should abstain from manipulating rankings by making multiple accounts. You should also avoid any other tactics that can get your business under a lifetime ban. When you do this the right way, Amazon can become a goldmine for your ecommerce business.

Here’s what you do to register the account name:

  • Account name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Structure of your company
  • Registration and tax details
  • Identity details of the person registering the account
  • Country of registration
  • High-resolution images of the person from multiple angles
  • Contact details
  • Bank statements
  • Card info to charge a monthly fee

Complete the brand registry.

This is an essential step to build an Amazon Brand. It will take time to register and apply, but you should stay put and ensure that you are going in the right direction.

The most crucial benefit of the brand registry is to avoid counterfeit sellers using your brand name.

In order to register the brand, follow these simple steps:

  • Brand name according to US Patent, etc.
  • The serial number of your brand
  • Name of countries where your product is manufactured or shipped from
  • Image of your brand name printed on a product
  • Image of your product’s label
  • High-resolution image of your product

You can also access valuable data on shoppers of Amazon to build your brand presence stronger.

Build a presence for your brand.

If you want to gear up for success on Amazon, you must build a brand presence outside Amazon.

Just like us, every other customer researches a search engine before they make a buying decision. If you are only available on Amazon and not anywhere else, you might look a little fishy.

There are so many tragedies happening in the ecommerce transactions that every person is cautious. More than 1 million sellers joined Amazon last year.

In order to build a brand presence outside Amazon, you should put together the following things:

  • A social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • A functional, mobile-optimised website
  • A Google Business listing
  • Location of your business on Google and your website

These elements add credibility and make your success easier on Amazon. It also gives you more ground to collect customers from other online platforms.

When you ship a package, let your customers know they are valued. Let them know that you will provide service outside of Amazon, and go the extra mile to serve them.

Go all out on packaging

Even though you are partnering with Amazon, do not miss out on the packaging of your product.

Make sure it looks pretty and matches the overall branding of your business. A beautifully packed parcel speaks louder than any other effort.

Don’t ignore or avoid paying attention to little details that may matter a lot to your customers when they receive the parcel. For example, many beauty companies put little handwritten notes in their packages to thank the customers.

Moreover, the note should also carry your original website, social media pages, and contact for customer service. It gives a great impression with regards to Amazon ecommerce and your business values.

Optimise product pages

Your product pages must look top-notch to attract more customers.

When it comes to product pages, never settle for less. In order to optimise a product page:

  • You choose a title that contains good search terms related to your brand (just like SEO).
  • Then you come to the product description in bullet points.
  • Each point can contain up to 255 characters.
  • Focus on highlighting key benefits of your products and also ways to use them. You can add a minimum of six images to each product.

The description below can hold 2000 characters for fully explanatory usage. Registered brands can also upload short videos with images. Make sure you use relevant search terms everywhere on your product description page.

Check analytics for your store.

Many sellers require analytics and in-depth customer info to sell better on Amazon.

As a business owner in this age, you should make friends with Analytics to guide your strategy. Some key insights are available through analytics like best search terms and data for items compared to your store.

Explore the analytics section and use information that you like, to develop an even better selling mechanism. You can also finalize the target audience by seeing customer demographics, income levels, and age groups.

Last word.

Selling on Amazon is not different from setting up your ecommerce store. More than 140,000 people have earned $100,000 through their mini-stores on Amazon!

We recommend starting here because Amazon takes quality into consideration and checks up on any misconduct regularly.

Don’t just set up and forget the account, take it to the next level by applying the tips mentioned above.

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