Jenna Devinney
Jenna Devinney 21 August 2019

What is Email Appending? 

Email appending is one of the most accurate and quickest ways to add email to your customer data. Who wouldn’t want that? Even though it has been around for some time now, email marketers are still not using it enough or even at all for that matter. Here's what you need to know...

Why might you need this? Email addresses are only valuable if they are correct and will deliver. Hubspot states, “email marketing database naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year”. There are many reasons why data degrades: typo’s, using fake email addresses during sign ups, people move, change jobs, change emails, abandon emails, or  pass away. So businesses need to enhance their customer lists and email appending is the most accurate and quickest ways to add emails to your customer data. Not to mention its important for businesses to know their customers, from what they bought, to what time, and where. Every piece of information the business can collect is crucial to be successful. 

What are the Benefits of Email Appending?

Every campaign starts with a customer list. If you’re missing information such as emails in your marketing data, how do you expect to send messages to reach your target audience? You can’t, The success of your email marketing campaigns depends on your list quality, and the best way to ensure accuracy is email appending. If you’re regularly appending to enrich your database it will allow your brand to add new customers and keep up with existing customers, not to mention it can help with deliverability, open rates, and your sender reputation. It can also:

  • Save money:

If you use email appending it can help decrease marketing cost by driving your website traffic through emails. Your campaigns with help boost your numbers of online readers. 

  • Reduce waste and save time:

Think all of the missing emails you have in your customer data? How long do you think that will take running around manually adding emails? People change jobs, change personal emails, abandon emails, pass away, get married, etc. Emails are changing a lot why wouldn’t you want a solution to do the work for you?

  • Reserve your IP Sender Reputation 

Clean and updated email data will help with your sender reputation which results in reaching the inbox more often. 

  • Give a higher return on investment: 

Having better quality customer data helps with creating higher response rates for your campaigns. 

Best Practices 

Customers only

In order to properly use email appending you must append to a customer who have previously done business with you. You may also practice appending when a recipient has asked for information, filled out a survey, questionnaire, contest or any sort of offline contact. 

Research the right partner

Choosing the wrong provider can most certainly hurt you. Before choosing one, its best to review that they are experts in permission email marketing, and privacy policies. If your partner doesn't have a good understanding of global anti-spam laws then do not choose them. 

Research the Match Process

It’s best to understand how the match process works, and it’s even better to run a test batch to understand how they match before you give them your entire file. 

Follow anti-spam laws and Opt-in rules 

Opt-in rules and anti-spam laws still apply when you’re appending emails. If you send emails to new customers who did not opt into your emails, there won’t be a lot of happy people. If you do maintain best practices for opted-in emails, you have a better chance to build relationships and reach your audience. 

When it comes to email appending there is simply no other option that compares to Webbula. Our data is constantly updated and certified with our industry-leading emailHygiene filters that ensure accuracy and mitigate potential fraud, creating a truth-set that is unparalleled. Because of the strength of our dataVault we are able to cross-reference against a greater variety of fields that often go back in time over a decade. At Webbula our passion is truth in data and we strive for the utmost quality, always choosing it above quantity.

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