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Alice Herman 10 September 2019
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Social Media Marketing Strategies To Boost E-commerce Sales

The social media marketing landscape is ever-changing and ever-evolving with the latest trends of every year. This change in the social media marketing strategies depends on multiple factors such as audience, goals, market situation. So what should be your main strategies for the year 2019?

​Making good strategies could be quite tricky for you as there come many new trends every New Year.  However, when executed well, some of the best strategies can bring you endless positive results. The key to getting the best results from social media marketing is to understand what works best for your business. 

You can always improve your existing marketing strategies but implementing the latest strategies is also very important. Do you know what the best thing about social media is?

Every minute million of people around the world come to various social media platforms to see what’s trending. That means there is a wide scope of capturing the attention of a large number of people at the same time. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the best social media marketing strategies you can’t ignore to 2019. 

Let’s get started.

1. Live Streaming

Do you want your audience to interact with your business in a better way? If so, then you should not ignore the power of live streaming. 

Live streaming can be done on all social media platforms and you can show your business in real-time.  However, live streaming is nothing new but the way we use it has changed over the years.  

Have a look at this infographic to fully grasp the success formula required for live streaming: 

So many businesses today are using live streaming to show the human side of their brand.  

Plus, you can also engage your brand followers and customers in a much better way. 

Answering the queries of people and giving suggestions become faster than ever. 

2. Ephemeral Content

If you want your content to be shared in a more real-time and make it look authentic, then go for ephemeral content. 

Ephemeral content is shared for only 24 hours on various social media platforms. 

After 24 hours, it disappears from the platforms automatically. It entails Stockroom stories, Facebook stories, surveys with a limited time-limit, and more. 

This type of content is the best way to share stories about your business and they will show on top of the follower's feed.

3. Personalized Message

Do you want to look more real and authentic to your audience?

If so, then a personalized message is the thing you should focus on. 

People from around the world love to communicate directly with the business. 

This direct communication with personalized messages helps both audience and entrepreneurs to understand each other better.

You can send personalized advertisements by understanding the specific requirements of your potential customers.

For instance, if you are selling luxury shoes, then you have to make sure that you use the message to cater to that sort of audience only.

4.  Chatbot and Messenger Marketing

The ever-leading email-marketing has taken the form of messenger marketing in 2019.

Millions of people around the world use messengers and it has become a great tool for a brand to promote their business.

Plus, chatbots are making communication between audiences and brand more clear than ever.

Chatbots allow people to interact with businesses in a better way as they are always provided with proper suggestions.

People feel more comfortable to discuss anything with the help of chatbots. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become the most powerful thing in the current time. 

All big tech giants such as Amazon are now boosting their sales by harnessing the power of AI

AI helps businesses to understand the purchasing behavior of the consumers and their daily preferences. 

You can show exactly relevant results and advertisements to every individual customer who is doing an online search. 

Just like Amazon shows the relevant ads to the users by analyzing their Google search pattern, you can also do that to boost your sales. 

You can also send automatic messages to the most commonly asked questions by people. 

This means that AI will save you lots of time and effort in answering the same questions. 

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is done with the help of a key leader or influencers of the industry.

It is a form of word-of-mouth marketing where the business share message with the audience through an influencer.

Influencer marketing is highly effective because people trust the words of leaders or influencers they follow.

You can choose anyone to influence your target audience - from celebrities, YouTube Star, Blogger, or any other famous personality with a good public image.

Other than this, you can get in touch with micro-influencers as well as they also got a good engaging audience.

You will quickly gain access to a wide range of new followers who are following the micro-influencer promoting your brand or product.

8. Beware of Fake Followers

Many influencers today are gaining wide social media popularity by getting fake followers.

People buy thousands even millions of fake followers on Instagram to show their fake fame.

But this game of fake followers is now soon going to end in 2019.

Instagram has already started removing inauthentic likes and followers from the accounts of people.

This step will soon make the social media platform an authentic and real place for genuine sharing.

Therefore, now you have to focus on gaining real and organic followers.

Plus, the real followers will surely boost your conversion rate optimization quickly as compared to fake followers.

8. Visual Search

Visual search is making the search more specific and helps to bring more relevant results to search queries.

People now can use images to conduct a search on Google instead of writing search queries.

Some platforms like Pinterest now allow people to find a product online by uploading the snap of the item.

Another famous example of a visual search is Google Lens by Google.

Google Lens is designed to recognize objects and other items with the help of its camera app.

9. Shoppability

Shoppability is another key strategy that you can add to your social media marketing action plan. You can integrate content from social media and display it on your website.

Adding shoppability to your website means allowing users buy the products directly from the posts.


You can display interactive, creative, and interactive content on your website and add a shopping options to this engaging content.

This helps in enhancing real-time buying, product discoverability, channelizing traffic from social media to the website, amplify exposure, and drive engagement.

Tools like Taggshop can help in social media content aggregation and making the shoppable content. Also,  it has features like moderation, embedding, personalization, and promotions.

10. Voice Search

Voice search is the best social media marketing strategy that you can use for that audience who does not like to read.

Many people these days do not have the patience to sit and read all those long and lengthy blogs on websites.

Therefore, smart voice assistants work best for them. The most widely used voice assistants are Alexa, Siri, and Google.

In 2019, many brands are now using the power of voice search in their social media marketing strategies.

11. Online Reviews

Online reviews have now become the main source of trust for many users on the internet.

These days people do not buy products by simply getting influenced by the shining advertisements of the brands.

Rather, the maximum number of people read real reviews of buyers and other users to check the quality of the product.

Here’s an infographic that tells you the importance of reviews and word of mouth marketing

Therefore you should try to encourage your loyal customers to post reviews on your social media pages. This will boost the image of your brand and people will trust the quality of your products and services more quickly. Plus, ratings on the products also leave a great impact on the minds of the people. So, make sure your customers rate your products and services every time they buy from you. 

12. Post Frequently

Businesses must get a good and consistent grasp on the minds of their audience. Therefore, you have to stay connected with your audience all the time. Do not make a large gap between your social media posts otherwise; people will remember your products for longer. You have consistently posted images, messages, advertisements, and blogs to keep your audience coming back to you again and again. Plus, make sure that you always post best-quality images and content on social media. 

13. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the main element of promoting anything on various social media platforms. Therefore, you should always use hashtags carefully and accurately on every platform.

Right hashtags can maximize the chances of gaining potential clients who might be looking for your services. Hashtags will help you a lot to find the right audience that can quickly convert into leads. 

14. Focus on True Engagement

Creating fake and meaningless engagement of social media platforms is the main tactic of many brands. But in 2019, everything is changing at a rapid pace.Google algorithms are now becoming smarter and smarter every year. Now, you have to post more engaging content to boost your business. 

Simply asking people to make more comments will not going to help anymore. Google is now more effectively recognizing the irrelevant conversations than ever before. Therefore, you have to curate the content that works for your business to get true engagement.

Final Thoughts! 

Social media is the best tool to bring more awareness to your business. But these days, many social media platforms have become a great source of revenue for many businesses. In 2019, it is time for social media experts to focus on real engagement as anything fake or tricky is not going to work anymore. It is high time for brands to understand that the audience needs to be dealt with in a more human form. Now, the image of brands can be enriched only by tapping into the real emotions and interests of the audience. Therefore, start implementing all these above-mentioned social media marketing strategies of 2019 to get the best results.

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