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6 of the Best Influencer Marketing Tools to Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level

Do you want to know more about influencer marketing tools? Check out the best here:

Did you know that for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, brands can get earned media value of up to $18. It is then no surprise that influencer marketing’s popularity has soared over the past few years. In fact, it has surpassed print marketing, according to Google Trends


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However, many influencer marketing campaigns regularly fail due to several issues such as partnering with wrong influencers or not tracking campaign performance. These problems can be solved using reliable tools that can help you amp up your influencer marketing game. 

These tools can help you find influencers, communicate with them, send them their fees or gifts, and even track your campaign’s progress. This way, not only is your effort minimalized, but the chances of your campaign succeeding improve as well. 

Here are some of the best influencer marketing tools: 


Finding reliable influencers is far from easy. This is because there are many fake influencers on social media who buy followers and likes. Collaborating with these influencers will not bear any fruit as their audiences won’t be engaged and will lack relevancy too. Some of these partnerships may even harm your reputation. 


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Through, you can easily find genuine influencers for your campaigns by searching for your niche. The tool comes up with a list of verified influencers and shows you their profiles. It even gives you their engagement rate, their charges, and even audience demographics. This can help you understand whether or not it’s worth partnering with them. 

Alternatively, you can choose to list your campaign on the website. Those influencers who are genuinely interested in partnering with you can apply for the campaign. This way, you can select the best influencers with ease. 

2. AspireIQ

AspireIQ boasts over 150,000 influencers from a variety of social media platforms. Through their machine-learning engine, they keep adding more information about the influencers listed on the platform. This ensures that you get the most up-to-date information about the influencers you’re looking for. AspireIQ.png

Image via AspireIQ

Not only can you find influencers on the platform but can also manage your process of working with them. Through their Creator Collaboration Toolkit, you can focus on content creation. The built-in content creation and management tools further help with this. 

Furthermore, AspireIQ helps you track the progress of your campaigns. This includes reach and engagement as well. 

3. Traackr

Traackr is one of the best influencer marketing tools when it comes to tracking your influencer marketing campaigns. However, that’s not the only function that it serves. 

The tool even helps you build and manage your campaigns. You can also maintain your relationships with the influencers through the platform. 


Image via Influencer Marketing Hub

This influencer relationship management platform helps you design your campaign and manage it right from the beginning to the end. It is the one-stop-shop for all of your influencer marketing needs. 

4. Upfluence

Upfluence has two products for influencer marketing: Reachr and Publishr. Reachr helps you find and reach influencers. You can find bloggers from over 200 industries and using over 50 criteria you can filter your searches to find the right ones for your brand. 


Image via Influencer Marketing Hub

The platform also allows you to create and finalize contracts. You can also brief your influencers about the scope of the campaign. 

Publishr, on the other hand, lets brands post their campaigns. Influencers who are interested in the campaigns can apply to them, and the brands can then choose to work with them. It also allows brands to track the performance of their campaigns. 

5. Dealspotr Marketplace

Dealspotr Marketplace is one of the best tools for both brands and influencers alike. As a brand, you can share your exclusive discount codes on the platform and get it promoted too. Additionally, it has a vast user base of influencers. You can reach out to these influencers and connect with them for your campaigns. 


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Dealspotr also lets you post your sponsored campaign on the platform and makes it visible to all of their influencers. Those who are interested in partnering with you can apply for it, and you can select the best ones from them. 

It is also possible to search for influencers based on their niche, and you can invite them to become a part of your campaign. The best part about this platform is that the influencer rates are standardized. Based on an influence score, they assign a fee to the influencers so that you don’t need to spend time negotiating rates. 

6. Mavrck

Mavrck is an all-in-one influencer marketing tool which takes a different approach for influencer marketing. Instead of helping brands search for influencers, they take the brand’s existing customers and see if they can become influencers. 


Image via Influencer Marketing Hub

Their clients create a microsite or use a special plugin on their websites to grab relevant data when their customers use Facebook login on the website. Through this data, Mavrck is able to determine the influence level of their clients’ customers and figures out whether they’d be useful for influencer marketing. 

Those customers who seem to be useful for influencer marketing campaigns are contacted by the brands and offered rewards in exchange for promotion. This way, brands are able to partner with their own customers who are micro-influencers and promote themselves. 

On average, they are helping brands partner with over 250 influencers every month. It is also possible to forecast the results of your campaign and optimize it. You can even manage your relationships directly from the platform. Over time, they have activated over 2.2 million influencers for their clients. 

Final Thoughts 

Influencer marketing requires a tremendous amount of planning and seamless execution to work well. If done right, you can reap the rewards and grow your brand’s presence online and increase your sales. By using the tools mentioned above, you can reduce the time taken to execute a campaign and even manage it easily. 

What are the other influencer marketing tools you use? Let me know in the comments. 

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