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Your complete guide to using PPC Keywords

The PPC model or Pay-Per-Click model is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website and generate leads for your business.

The PPC model or Pay-Per-Click model is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website and generate leads for your business. An all-time favorite of digital marketing gurus, the best PPC strategy requires an in-depth analysis of audience trends and smart keyword research to derive the best results.

PPC keyword research is a continuous process. Companies do keyword research both at the beginning of launching the campaign and also continually upgrade the list as per changing search patterns and success rates. An effective PPC keyword list must be:

Relevant - In order to get relevant web traffic, the keywords used for PPC campaign must be relevant to the search and the message you want to convey.

Inclusive- The ideal PPC keyword list must not only include the most popular searches but adjacent searches as well to drive traffic.

Extensive- The PPC keyword list must be expansive and should have space/scope to adapt to changes.

The placement of your ad is dependent upon your keyword and hence the right keywords can do wonders to your PPC campaign.

Keywords and the buyer’s Journey:

Keywords used by a buyer can be a strong indicator of the stage at which the buyer is. Not exactly a science, but the type of keywords a buyer uses to search for a product or service can be to learn how far is the buyer from making a purchase.

Lets assume that the buyer is looking for swimwear. We can divide the buyer’s journey into broadly three stages:

Awareness Stage: I need to buy a new swimwear

Informational- What swimwear material is durable

Generic- Swimwear

Consideration Stage: Is there a swimwear designed specifically for swimming marathons. What are those?

- Swimwear for a marathon

Decision Stage: I am sure what type of swimwear I want to buy, what are the options available amongst it?

- Size 5 swimwear from Moves

- Moves store near me.

Thus, the keywords used by the buyer can help you understand your prospective customers and aids in the decision-making process.

Are there more than one type of Keyword?

PPC agencies use different types of keywords and combinations as per the desired result. Understanding the keywords enables them to group them strategically to utilize their PPC investment to the fullest. The various types of keywords are mentioned as under:

Branded Keywords- Includes company or organization’s name.

Generic Keywords- These are short-tail keywords which are specific to your business type like “Digital Marketing Agency”

Keywords- These signify your location of the business. . “PPC Agency in Newcastle”

Keywords- Dealing with commercial intent, these keywords relate to the purchase of a product or service. . “Running Shoes”

Long-Tail Keywords- Typically, highly keywords, these contain 3 to 4 words such as “Running shoes for Marathon”. They are known to give higher conversion rates than other keywords.

Informational Keywords- Used when a searcher is looking for information like “Best PPC techniques. However, these are rarely used in Google Ads.

On the basis of conversion rates and intent, the keywords and combinations of keywords are employed to create the buzz during your PPC campaign.

Keyword Grouping:

Keyword grouping is rather one of the most overlooked parts of designing a PPC campaign. The best PPC agency pays special attention to this and believes that a well-knit group of keywords can provide a positive impact on the overall performance of your account. Strategically grouping keywords enables you to:

  • Create relevant text ads
  • Create landing pages that effectively drive conversions for businesses
  • Create quality and -friendly ad groups.

Keyword grouping and organizing is an ongoing process with iterations every now and then to optimize the campaign.

Keyword Match Type Strategy:

When creating a text ad for your PPC campaign, companies need to choose a keyword match type, wisely which tells Google how aggressively you want your ads to match with the search phrases. Depending on the match type used, traffic is driven to your web page to generate quality leads.

Broad Match

Broad match type is the default match type which bring your ads on (search engine results page) more frequently and reaches the widest audience. It matches your ad with the largest possible number of queries. Using this keyword match type is a great time saver as any search term that relates closely or precisely to your keyword will bring you to the ad. Also, it is a great option when you don’t have a deeply researched list of keywords.

For example: Keyword- Women's Floaters

Search Term- Buy Ladies Floaters

Modified Broad Match

Ideal for searching new long tail keywords, Modified Broad Match gives you better control on the searches where you want your ad to appear. Adding “+” in front of words used in Broad match gives you this version and you get better visibility. 

: Keyword - +Women's +Floaters

Search Term- Floaters for women

Phrase Match

Eliminate unnecessary traffic with this match type, as this lets your ad appear when a search is done for your keyword phrase in the similar/correct order. Phrase match gives you exposure to a wide audience as compared to the exact match type.

: Keyword- Women's Floaters

Search Term- Buy Women’s Floaters

Exact Match

Most restrictive match type, this tells Google to bring exactly the same queries to your ad.

Keyword- [Women's Floaters]

Search Term- Women’s Floaters

One of the key goals of your business is getting visibility on the web. A PPC campaign can bring you in the limelight right in front of your buyer’s eyes and searches. Let your keywords and audience searches/trends match using the above easy tricks.

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