Lorraine Pavel
Lorraine Pavel 25 April 2019

SEO Backlinks Tactics. Which Is the Best for You?

If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur and have your own site, it’s a matter of time till you hear that in order to rank in search engines you need SEO backlinks, if possible high quality backlinks. All good, but how do you get backlinks? And what are backlinks in SEO, more precisely?

These are links from external websites that point to your site, consider it a “recommendation”, a vote of trust or a vote of confidence. Simply put they are hyperlinks back from other sites. The more your have the better.

SEO backlinks can also be referred to as inbound links or incoming links.

Why are SEO backlinks important?

Recent studies have shown that SEOs consider backlinks as a significant ranking factor. So, backlinks can be looked as pathways that represent a vote of confidence from one site to another. They’re essentially signals to search engines that other sites can vouch for your content and this means if you get many quality backlinks on your website then the search engines automatically conclude that your content is credible therefore worthy of showing them on search engine results pages (SERP).



But besides studies and researches the reality is this: on the first page of Google rank sites with high domain authority and a plethora of backlinks.

Here is proof:


Source: Ahrefs

So, When Should You Build Your Backlinks?

The most important thing to consider before starting the link building process is that you must first have a strong and properly optimized website. This will ensure that your backlinks are very effective and drive the desired effect. However if your website is not well optimized, you lose out on valuable opportunities and waste your time and money.

How do you optimize your website?

Here is a quick checklist to go through.

1. Ensure that you have no UI or technical issues such as site loading speeds, mobile friendliness or page duplications. Fix all external links by conducting a website audit. (This is crucial)

2. Create high quality linkable content by generating content that will inform, educate or add value to your audience (and eventually to yourself). Remember, content is the reason search begun in the first place. It should be:

3. Create an intelligent site architecture. This simply means - avoid acquiring backlinks to non-linkable pages and instead use a content-centric approach through a reverse silo to acquire content rich pages with the goal of distributing link authority from your rich content to your sales-driven pages.

With the above 3 elements checked, you now have a foundation to set your SEO backlinks building strategy on. The strategy, as you may know, means your overall plan. What you hope to achieve after the entire process. For the purpose of this article, your strategy here should be (as indicated above) your credible content that’s worthy of linking. It’s really that simple. This is how to get quality backlinks free. You must provide quality. The highest possible.

So, how are you going to proceed about this? Beyond your strategy, you should be and act tactically.

Without further ado, here are the smartest and most effective link-building tactics that will bring you SEO backlinks to strengthen your domain authority.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 1 - Grow Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is the ultimate score-card that measures your presence and worth either as a business or as a person. It showcases to the world what you stand for, your skills and the solutions you’re bringing to the table.

So, much work goes into building a strong brand, but the benefits can be seen when people naturally link to your content, thus building links. This means your content earns you organic traffic.

So for this to work, you need consistent and frequent quality content to share with your audience. Blogging works very well here, improves your search engine rankings and gains more organic traffic through frequent quality blogging.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 2  - Establish Your Content Pillars

Effective content requires a powerful sense of purpose. You should have identified your goal and target. And it’s on this foundation that you build a theme that will direct your articles, videos or blogs. You can start with a few great in-depth articles or blogs that are going to act as the bedrock on which many other smaller articles can be linked back to.

The key thing to remember here is that the pillar content shouldn’t be too specific; this will allow you to build the smaller articles on it, while addressing the needs and values of your target consumer.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 3 - Syndication and Repurposing of Older Content

It’s possible to have an already existing compilation of great content but not sharable on some sites or platforms because of its format. So, instead of losing out on the opportunity to share this information, and be linked to other sites, you can repurpose it to other formats.

You can repurpose your content from text to videos or info-graphics then share it on other fitting platforms and increase your audience.

Syndicating your content to third-party sites is another way to build your links. Other sites can pick up your content alongside a link back or even publish the whole thing or an excerpt but with a link to your site.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 4 - Earn Editorial Links

One of the things that absolutely boosts your SEO is editorial links. But these are earned by writing quality, valuable and relevant content. Studies found that editorial links are the most sought-after links because they don’t cost you anything.

You see, you run a tiresome risk of getting penalized by Google if all your links are manually built, so instead of struggling to retain them, why not just fetch deeper in your creative juice jug and come up with relevant content that compels others to link you?

This means offering solutions that your target is actively seeking.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 5 - Guest Posts

Marketers are incorporating more blogs and more content each day; because it generates an average 97% more inbound links meaning more traffic. And this is partly why guest blogging is an effective strategic approach of getting backlinks.

It is a win-win scenario that allows you to both earn high quality backlinks free and also reach a new audience and gain new traffic. It’s just brilliant.

But the tactic that makes this a win situation is relevance and target. You need to know the sites where your content will be relevant to the respective audience. So, the next question is how do you find these sites?

There are a few ways you can do this. First you can identify prospect sites then pitch your content to them. You can achieve this with the help of Google Search Operators or “spy” on your competitors and check where they guest posted. The important thing is to find a site that accepts guest posts, that is connected with your niche and has high authority and lots of traffic in order for you to maximize the chances of getting your content shared.

SEO Backlinks Tactic  6 - Use Social Media & Network with Peers in Your Niche

Link building is all about forming and cultivating relationships that boost links back to your site. One such place to start is through social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. These platforms are where you first showcase your brand or business personality and start creating relationships.

Social media can improve your building links efforts through outreach, content ideation or even content promotion. What you need to do is identify the specific group of people you want to connect with e.g. influencers who are able to offer you a valuable link-back to your site.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 7 - Use Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words.

In 2018, visual content registered the highest numbers of shares among social media platforms and blogs as well. This means greater opportunities to connect with the audience and to earn SEO backlinks because it’s clear and quick information.

It’s also important to note that infographics continue to drive more and more traffic even if the content is not very new, unlike standard text-based content. The key thing for your infographic to become a sharable asset is its uniqueness, appealing and ease of understanding. You could, for example, use gifs instead of static images.


Source: Jeffbullas

Building Links Tactic 8  - Broken Link Building

There are a couple of reasons why links can get broken:

  • They can either have been removed from the linking page or

  • The linked page was deleted and therefore no longer exists.

For this strategy to work though, you need to find out the reasons for either of the above situations before you jump into using them.

So, here the first step would be to identify a related site that you would like a backlink from then check them out in a tool like Ahrefs to identify pages that have broken links. Broken link reclamation is a great way to build valuable links because it eases crawling and indexing of websites by search engines and also improves user experience and confidence as site, by getting rid of the 404 error message.

Once you have identified the broken links, you can offer the site owners a chance of replacing the broken link with a valid link with similar relevant content from your site.

It’s another win-win situation because the site owner will have less broken links while you get high quality backlinks.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 9 - Stay On Top- Check Your Competitors

It’s important to know the tools that your competitors are using and replicate this to achieve their level of authority. This means doing an analysis of their link profile and gaining similar backlinks.

It’s however, important to note that there are 2 types of competitors:

a) Domain Level Competitor

This one competes with you in the SERPs entirely. This means they’re competing with you for many search terms across many pages.

b) Page Level Competitors

These compete with you on the page level for specific keywords or topics.

Your first step would be to do a Google search for important keywords. You could start by writing down URLs for the top ten websites that appear in relation to your search. Then ask yourself important questions like why they linked to your competitor and not you, you can quickly figure this out by looking at the anchor text, surrounding text and even the page title.

Once you figure out why and where your competitors are getting mentioned, then copy their strategy.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 10 - Create a Link Rate Target

The markets are continually building new links with valuable content and so do your competitors. You therefore need to understand the number of links required to earn the first page rankings at one point and which is the earning rate of new links in order to stay on the first page. You can get this information by looking at the Ahrefs affiliate SERP overview.

The key thing here is to pay attention to the relevance and quality of the referring domains. It’s better to have little yet relevant and high quality content that creates an impact, than hundreds of pages of worthless information.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 11 - In Ego They Trust

Using ego as bait simply means creating content that’s meant to appeal to your target and getting a link in return. Your target here must have some authority in your industry else it won’t be of any help. The important thing here is to give them attention, and get some back with a link.

This strategy can benefit you by increasing your traffic and also improving your site or post’s authority. Here are a few ways you can get free backlinks:

a) Expert Roundups

This is a quick and easy way to build backlinks free and improve traffic in your site. You can approach this by asking the experts and influencers in your niche for an opinion on a certain relevant topic, and then consolidate their opinions into a high quality blog post and then let them know about it and possibly request them to share it.

b) Mentions

This is another sure way of getting the backlinks free. You can mention a top-notch influencer or expert by quoting something they’ve said, you could even add an image of them to boost and catch their attention. Then inform them because this way they will share your content with their followers and this is a win for you.

c) Interviews

Most big names in any industry love interviews, get a contact, approach them with your well thought out set of questions and once they respond, publish them and watch them share the interview in their platforms.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 12 - Unlinked Mentions

Quite often, people will mention you and not link to you. But with this kind of a mention, you’re halfway through to a link, and it means you’re not a stranger to this business. So, it would be easy to convince this person to link to your site.

But how will you find such relevant mentions in the humongous World Wide Web? There are a few tools you can use including Ahrefs Content Explorer or Google Alerts. They search for mentions of your brand or any word or phrase related to a particular topic.

SEO Backlinks Tactic 13 - Create Evergreen Content

An evergreen content is content that remains fresh and relevant to its target audience and keeps giving value, remains informative and retains its original quality years on. It’s simply timeless.

Such content includes lists, how to tutorials, tips and best practices etc. You can find a smart way to incorporate these kinds of things in your content following these tips:

  • Make sure the keywords are evergreen as well.

  • Make your content visually attractive and the text easy to understand

  • Make sure it’s current and relevant with actionable tips

  • It gives satisfying solutions for the reader

SEO Backlinks Tactic 14 - Good Old PR

Online PR, just like the traditional PR is an effective way of spreading a good word about your brand, only that this time it’s through online platforms such as blogs or social media. It’s essential because it helps you build relationships with people, and eventually influence them to give you their trust and this strengthens your authority and delivers organic backlinks.

And because all businesses are different, there is no one size fits all strategy for online PR, but here are a few basic principles that can guide you:

  • Understand what you want to gain from the online PR strategy

  • Identify who your target is and understand the market

  • What are you promoting primarily? Your Brand? Product? Your Authority or Reach?

  • Who are the influencers in your field and what kind of content do they respond to?

  • With these critical points noted, you can do some research and identify the opportunities you’re missing.

So, since Google revealed that quality backlinks are among the top 3 search ranking factors, you have more than enough strategies to get you high up in the SERP in the near future.

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sarah sahir
sarah sahir

There are a series of SEO factors which can be taken into consideration for better SEO rankings. Here we have listed with the 8 most <a href="">SEO ranking factors</a> which help you to rank your website on top of search engine results.

sarah sahir
sarah sahir

There are a series of SEO factors which can be taken into consideration for better SEO rankings. Here we have listed with the 8 most <a href="">SEO ranking factors</a> which help you to rank your website on top of search engine results.

Lisa George
Lisa George

Great write-up Lorraine.
Very informative post on SEO Backlink Tactics.
Awesome tips and step by step explanation. Really appreciate the way you have written and explained.
Especially Competitor section.
Thanks for sharing it with us. Worth reading it.
Good work..!!!

Iain Irvin
Iain Irvin

This is packed with helpful advice, thanks.

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