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How To Analyze If It’s Worth Getting A Backlink From A Website

Every SEO (digital marketing) expert is running behind backlink. Through this article, you will get to know how to analyze if it's worth getting a backlink from a website. It will helpful for creating the right backlink for your website.

Ever considered about spying on how the competitors’ website ranks better than yours? Backlinks must have definitely come to your mind. How true is the fact that you get the best link building opportunities by following the competitor websites? Are the backlinks of your competitors good or bad?

The list of questions is long it continues to be a fact that backlinks can have a significant impact on your search engine performance and hence, form an integral part of any SEO plan. A backlink is in its essence a vote of confidence. When determining any website’s page rank, the number of backlinks to a particular website is considered to be an important factor.


An experienced SEO Expert comprehends with fact well and strives to incorporate the right strategy around building new backlinks that are good too. He/she understands the underlying mechanism in the current market scenario and accordingly identify which backlinks are good and worth replicating.

No website can have only good backlinks. Therefore, once you know there exists an opportunity, there is a need to analyze whether the link derived from that website will be good or not for your SEO plan. There is a need to be sure of any backlink that you create. Building bad links, now, that you will have to disavow at a later stage are not at all affordable for your online plan in terms of both your time as well as a penalty that might arise.

Having laid the foundation for the indispensability of conducting an analysis before following a website for building backlinks, let us move onto some actionable tips to identify which website is good for backlinks and help you improve the Google rankings.

Below are some significant metrics to check and determine if any particular website is good or bad:

Checking if the Website is Indexed in Google

Not only is it important that the backlink should be good but when you are building links for SEO, it is also necessary that you know that the website from which the backlinks come are not penalized by any search engines.

To determine whether any website is penalized or not, one can check if it is indexed in Google or not. One quick way to check is by using the following search query in Google: and replace with the site’s URL that you are checking. In case the search result shows no matching domain name then it means that the website is penalized and not indexed in Google.

Further, you can check the status of your backlinks i.e. whether your existing links come from any domain that is not indexed by Google in Monitor Backlinks by checking the Google icon against the link status. A red icon means that the domain is not indexed in Google and might be penalized as well.

Checking if the Website Ranks for its Own Name

In certain cases, whether any domain name has a low authority or is penalized due to Google algorithm update can be identified while you search the domain name in Google. A website is not considered a reputed one in the eyes of Google in case it does not rank first for its own name. If you are unable to find the website on the first page then undoubtedly, a backlink built from such a website will not have a good impact on the SEO plan.

A domain name showing multiple results as well as first rank including few images on the right side and perhaps a map depicting the company’s address represents a highly authoritative website. On the other hand, a website not found on the first page indicates a low or very low authority.

All-in-all, in case the website has poor SEO metrics and is further not ranking for its own name then it is definitely not an ideal one for building backlinks however this does not necessarily imply that it is penalized.

Check the Frequency of the Website Publishing New Content

Content is the King – this is heard too often and happens to be true too. With Google’s algorithms revolving majorly around content, the quality, the relevance, and the frequency all matter. A website publishing content on a regular basis has more chances of falling in the category of good websites for building backlinks especially if the specific website has passed the above two steps.

For identifying an ideal website for your backlinks, it is necessary that every point mentioned herein this write up is considered and if it does pass all then bang on, you are on the right track and have found a good website to get a backlink. However, content also plays an integral role once you have found the right site.

In some cases, the webmasters of the websites might abandon them; in such cases, the way out is to check their frequency of publishing fresh blogs on their website. A blog posted once a week or maybe once in two weeks is a good sign however a website with no new blog published in the last six months might have been abandoned by its webmaster and is definitely not worth your consideration.

Analyzing the Engagement Pattern of Readers on any Website’s Posts

Website audience engagement patterns are crucial. A website with a robust and effective plan to engage with the audience is bound to attract better traffic than the ones which ignore this point. While you assign the task of SEO for your website to an SEO person or agency, they are well aware of what importance interaction with audience holds. A good SEO Expert will give all due significance to making not only the website but every post interactive through various means like comment section or social media.

In case an SEO expert is considering building a backlink by guest blogging then he/she must find out and evaluate how active the audience of that website is. The activeness of any website’s audience can be checked either through comments posted on the blog itself or may be through social media accounts and pages. Whatever the way be, an active audience is a signal of the website being a good choice and can help in attracting more traffic on the said website.

Is the Website Related to Yours?

Following the websites that belong to your industry or sector or niche are definitely good for building backlinks however an alien website i.e. a website that is not relevant to your line of business is not a good choice. It is indispensably necessary to choose a website that contains content that is related to yours to build backlinks with good authority.

The link acquisition efforts should start with the most appropriate opportunities however 100% exact relevancy, at times, is unrealistic. It is an accepted fact that there is a limited supply of relevant opportunities. Therefore, broadening your research to find the right websites that relate to yours is a wise way to take.

Checking the SEO Metrics of the Website

SEO metrics are a direct way to check the quality of any website. Nowadays, the easiest way followed by the experts to analyze any website’s quality is through its SEO metrics. SEO in itself is broad and offers numerous checkpoints to identify whether the website is an ideal one to build backlinks or not. Few of the metrics considered are Spam Score, Domain Authority, Backlink status and more.

A website can be categorized as a good one once it has successfully passed the rigorous checks that form part of the diverse SEO metrics plan. Post this one can proceed ahead and try getting backlinks from this website. Google’s PageRank is one such tool to evaluate the authority and quality of any website. The websites scored 10 are considered to have the best possible PR that happens to be an important factor when analyzing backlinks and websites.

A higher PR is an indicator of a website to be having higher quality however the other SEO metrics alongside play a crucial role in evaluating the relevant website and the related backlinks. Like indexing in Google, conducting a link profile audit on the competitors’ site and much more.

How Good is the Domain Authority of the Website?

The stronger the website, better are the results. Google does not rely on PageRank much, any more and has shifted to relying on third-party metrics for identifying the authority, any website holds. Numerous tools like Majestic, Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer and more have been introduced in the market to analyze the available opportunities. These can be manipulated in order to appear authoritative outside however the inside can actually be dangerous for the online business. Therefore, it is highly advisable to examine the link profile well.

Domain Authority and MozRank are two ways that can help you identify the quality of a website. For instance, a website has a Domain Authority above 20 is considered good. The backlinks created from a website with high DA are expected to do good for your website’s ranking in SERPs. However, one must not chase to obtain a very high DA; the target should be to obtain a score that is higher than your competitor.

Checking the Trust & Citation Flow

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are comparatively new terms than PageRank and are emerging as key ranking factors in Google algorithms. As a part of significant SEO metrics, the ratio between trust flow and citation flow helps in determining any website’s trust factor in entirety. For instance, a website with a trust flow of 20 and citation flow of 40 gives a ratio of 2:1 or 0.5. According to the standards, the maximum possible ratio mostly is 0.9 hence a website with a higher ratio is a more trustworthy and influential option for creating backlinks from.

What is the Backlink Status of the Website?

Comprehending the indispensability of backlinks, it is also essential to determine the backlink status for the website you are targeting. For the same, one must check how the concerned website is linking to third party websites. To create do follow and no follow link which is useful for SEO purpose. Merely having lots of backlinks does not suffice the purpose but what matters is the quality of links for any website to rank good as well.

Checking the Spam Score

Following any website that is flagged as SPAM is bad for your online presence. The spam score of any website can be checked using the Moz metrics and accordingly a decision can be taken to follow or not follow the same. Higher the spam score, better it is to stay away from that website. However, it is not necessary that a high spam score makes a website spammy; it is an indication to carry out more investigation into the relevance and quality of the website in question.


Alexa is yet another free ranking system dependent on the traffic provided by global data panel pulled from multiple browser extensions and websites with installed Alexa script. According to Alexa, the individual ranking of any website is based on unique daily visitors and average page views over a 3-month period.

Conducting an in-depth analysis on the basis of all the above points is the ideal way to evaluate whether any specific website is good for building backlinks or not. Analyzing your existing backlinks and accordingly spying on your competitors’ websites is the key to finding new backlink building opportunities. One should not forget that good backlinks only come to websites that are useful and entices the users in entirety. Assigning the task to an SEO expert who understands the importance of every factor is a half task done.


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