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Ultimate Guide to Ad Delivery & Average Daily Budget

The average daily budgets and ad delivery methods are two important factors in determining the success of any campaigns. These are interrelated to each other. i.e. your Ads will be shown until and unless your daily budget is reached. For your effective budget spending, you can choose two different methods of delivery option: “Standard” and “Accelerated”

Standard delivery: In standard delivery, your Ads appearances are spread throughout the day. The Google algorithm will show the results from previous data records. If you had chosen to pay for 24 clicks a day, then it will show your Ads on an hourly basis till the day is over irrespective of people searching for any query or products/services related to your Ads in between an hour. Your Ads may not be shown on a particular time since, it is set to schedule on an hourly basis. It is useful for those campaigns which have limited budget

Accelerated delivery: As the name suggests it’s a faster way to show your Ads. In accelerated option, your Ads are shown continuously until your daily budget is reached. If you can spend more i.e. you don’t have limited budget issues, then you can opt it for your ad delivery. It’s a way to make sure that your budgets are well spend on any particular day. In this, your Ads are placed in more competitive auction  rather than less competitive auction as in case of standard delivery till your budget remains there.

Ad delivery & average daily budget for your campaign:

On creating a campaign, first thing you do is to set a daily budget for your Google Ad campaign. It specifies that how much you are willing to pay on an average, on a daily basis. Sometimes, it may happen that you may be charged slightly more or less than your budget margin.
Whenever in a day, your average daily budget target is reached then and there your Ads will stop appearing on any SERPs for that day. As we know that, budget is used after a click is made by any searcher. Clicks and your budgets are proportional to each other. More the number of clicks, more will be budget used. Thus, your campaign’s ad delivery method will determine how your ad is delivered, at what pace & for how much time your budget remains on that day.

So, if your ad campaign is limited by budget then it is relevant in many ways. That is, it will have told you how effective you want to spend your budget and in same manner your ad will be shown on that day. But, if your ad doesn’t have any limiting value for your budget then for the same, relevancy doesn’t matter as your ad will be displayed or shown continuously throughout the day. 

So, what should you choose “Standard or accelerated” ad delivery?

Earlier, we have discussed about these two methods of ad delivery. Standard is a default delivery mode in which your budget is optimized throughout the day. Whereas, accelerated is not recommendable for most of the beginners.

“Standard delivery” (default mode of delivery option):

  • Benefits of using it:  It is recommended for beginners; this option is useful if you want to create awareness among users evenly throughout the day. It is good for use if you have limited budget & you don’t want to spend your whole budget in the early morning itself. For e.g.- if you run a food delivery service then you will think of reaching customer throughout the day instead of morning or evening only.
  • Working procedure:  Standard delivery method is meant to be distribute your budget evenly throughout the day (i.e. from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm) to avoid depleting your budget soon in the morning.
  • What should you expect:  As your ad delivery will be occurred throughout the whole day. Thus, it may happen that your ad won’t be appear every time you look for it mainly, in the case of limited budget.

“Accelerated delivery” (not suitable for most beginners):

  • Benefits of using it:  Though it is not suitable for most of the beginner e-marketers, you can opt it if your main motive is to start showing your ad continuously and rapidly as the day begins, till your daily budget is reached. Thus, it may happen that they don’t show your Ads whole day.
  • Working procedure:  It is optimized less in comparison with standard one. It uses your budget more quickly usually at the beginning of day i.e. from midnight. That’s why, it is not recommended for most of the e-marketers. So, if your campaign has a limited budget issue, it may exhaust your average daily budget as soon as the day starts. 
  • What should you expect:  Suppose you have limited budget for your campaign, then your Ads will stop showing once it has reached average daily budget assigned for that day. If you have reached your average daily budget, then your Ads will not be shown up until the very next day. So, in that case, you might not see your ad every time you wish to look for it, generally during night hours. 

Ad delivery option setting:

You can control your budget for the amount of time they last longer by choosing a standard or accelerated ad delivery option. Thus, to set a delivery method  for any particular campaign, you can follow these steps:

  • Sign-in to your Google Ads account
  • Click on the campaigns tab (on the left side of page menu)
  • Choose a campaign for which you would like to set a delivery method
  • Now, click on the setting (page menu) on the left of page
  • Click on daily budget window then click on a delivery method section.
  • Choose standard or accelerated delivery method as per your requirements
  • Then, click save.

To set a delivery method for multiple campaigns simultaneously

  • Sign-in to your Google Ads account
  • Click on the campaign tab on the left of the page
  • Click settings
  • Click on the multiple campaigns simultaneously for which you would like to select a delivery method
  • On the upper left corner above your campaigns click edit and then, choose change delivery method option
  • Choose standard or accelerated delivery method as per your requirements
  • You can also click on preview mode to check how your campaign’s delivery method will change (usually recommended)
  • Click apply.

How to set a daily budget for your campaign?

As per needs and goals, you choose a daily budget for your campaign in Google Ads and it’s an average amount which you are ready to pay on a daily basis. So, how can you set your daily budget. Given below are the steps to choose your budget. Also, you can change it anytime


  • Click on the pencil icon next to the daily budget on campaign page for the editing purpose
  • Enter a new amount for your daily budget
  • Then, click on save.

Setting-up a daily budget for a new campaign:

  • Sign-in with your Google Ads account
  • On the page menu, click campaigns
  • Click on the plus button, then select new campaign
  • Select the type of campaign you would like to create
  • Set a goal for your campaign & enter the URL of your web site
  • Scroll to the “daily budget” section on the “campaign setting” page and enter a daily budget or you can use a shared budget
  • After, finishing your other campaign setting, click Save & Continue.

Ways of editing multiple budget simultaneously:

  • Sign-in to your Google Ads account
  • On page menu, click Campaigns
  • Choose any campaigns you want to edit; you can also select the whole list by checking on topmost box next to campaign column heading
  • Choose change budgets from the edit drop down menu
  • You can either increase or decrease amount by percentage or number, also, you can change the amount
  • Click Preview to see the changes you have made (recommended)
  • Click Apply.

Shared budgets:  Google Ads also provides you shared budget option to allocate budget across various campaigns simultaneously. If you don’t have enough time to manage & monitor individual campaign’s budget and you want desired clicks within set budgets limits then you can opt for shared budgets. You should always remember that shared budgets won’t work with campaigns that are the part of campaign groups or campaigns which are for the test purpose.

When you choose shared budgets, then Google Ads will automatically adjust your budget across different campaigns to help you in enhancing ROI. You can always switch back to use individual campaign budgets at any instant for the purpose of getting full control over your budgets expenses per campaign. To apply shared budget setting, go to the shared library in your Google Ads account to manage budgets or setting-up the shared budgets.

Follow these tips to better utilize your daily budget

  • Don’t be in hurry for pacing up your Ads:  If you want to see your ad in context then use ad preview & diagnostic tools instead of searching for keywords on search engines. This tool will help you to check the status for particular keywords.
  • Think it as an investment:  Always think of Google Ads as an investment instead of thinking it as an expenses. The purpose is here to get a good ROI (return on investment) rather than keeping cost low.
  • Be relaxed if your ad doesn’t show each & every time:  Just because of delivery techniques it might be happens that your ad won’t appear each & every time. It will be really helpful for you as your daily budgets are getting consumed well. Google is doing its best to ensure that your Ads must show evenly throughout the day & regularly throughout the month.
  • Adjust your bids if required:  You can also adjust your bids anytime as per campaign performance. If demand is high & ROI is good, then increase your budget. Though, you can also apply various techniques to enhance your results without much altering in your daily budget. Also, never forget to look upon quality score. It’s a rising factor for your Ads on SERP. You can achieve a good quality score through various techniques which in turn improve your ad rankings and appearances.


After reading this article, you might have got the clear understanding about your ad delivery methods & an average daily budget which you are required to spend on your daily ad appearances. You have understood quite well that ad can be delivered in two ways: one is standard and the other is accelerated. Standard one is useful for limited budgets issues while accelerated is good for you if you haven’t any budget issue and you want to create more awareness among common masses. So, it will be totally your choice which one you would like to choose as per your daily budget & ad awareness needs. It will help your PPC campaigns run in a smoother manner.

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