David Boozer
David Boozer 8 May 2019
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5 Social Media Posts Guaranteed To Get More Engagement…

Here are five types of social media posts that are guaranteed to get more engagement, well, if you use them properly that is… Social media, unlike the straightforwardness of good SEO and content marketing, tactics seem to differ from one so-called marketing guru to the next.

I wanted to get past the hype, because in the end, each business is as different as the online business owner behind it. There are some basic tactics here we can all use, however, best practices if you will, and here they are…

Social media posts…for real.

When someone starts showing of income reports and average statistics for their website traffic, well, that is fine with me.

But, social media engagement statistics, when they start (the guru) sharing these results, well, they do not matter, they are completely benign when it comes to your business.


Because their business(es) are ran by them, their personalities, their brand, it is all them, no you, not me.

Listen, you and I could both be in the same business, industry, heck, the same narrow niche selling gold fish food. But, we are two totally different people and some folks will connect with you better than they will with me, and vice versa.

Now that you know your results are based on you and your own efforts here, let’s dive into these five simple to understand and practice social posts types!

1. Value (social) posts.


Value added.

What do we mean by value added content and, well, here, value added social posts?

Simply put:

It means to provide a solution to a problem someone, well, people may have about a particular field, industry, or whatever your niche is.

For instance; Someone might be desiring or needing to know which blogging platform is best for beginners.

Personally, you could create a 35-100 word post explaining briefly the reasons for your choice of, say, WordPress, and even record a short video to post with it, or an image.

Value posts on social media has everything to do with helping others, basically fulfilling in them that whole “what’s in it for me” they are seeking or needing with that answer.

As far as this type of post is concerned, getting people or calling them to acti