Sharon Dargaville
Sharon Dargaville 10 September 2018

7 Reasons You Need to Incorporate Video into Your Online Marketing

It’s a given that the use of video in content marketing is continuing to rise. There are many good reasons for this, and it’s a tactic that should not be easily overlooked. YouTube is now the second most popular search engine on the web and that alone shows the importance of utilising it as a marketing tactic.

Whilst many business owners dismiss the idea of video marketing, it deserves a place at the forefront of your content marketing strategy.

Here are a further 7 reasons why…

1. Enhance SEO

Utilising video content for your content marketing strategy will most certainly improve your SEO. According to a study from Comscore, utilising video for your content marketing strategy can increase the potential of a front page Google result by 53 times.

Naturally, it needs to be done right. There are many ways you can enhance the the quality and optimisation of your video, just watch this video from Moz CEO Rand Fishkin to find out how.

2. Stronger Customer Attention

Video has earned a reputation for demanding higher customer attention than any other digital medium. In the digital age where content is key and saturating the market, it is vital that you are capturing the attention of your clientele.

“The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab the attention that someone else has today.” –Brent Leary, Co-Founder, CRM Essentials.

3. Greater Engagement

There is no doubt that visual content is imperative to great consumer engagement. Quality video content is no exception. When you are thinking about what posts will engage your customers and work within the realm with social media, think video, as audiences have been found to be 10 times more like to engage, comment, share and embed with video than other mediums.

4. Increased Video-Favoured Technology

As customers continue to consume video content which has led to a rise in production, search engine technology is beginning to favour video more as opposed to other mediums. For example, consider Facebook’s auto-play: a video in your newsfeed is obviously going to grab your attention further than a link to an article or a status update.

5. Enhanced Optimisation Opportunities

Did your readers take in everything you presented in your last blog? Or did they have to keep reading over it to understand the message? Did they share it on? In reality, it’s quite hard to answer these questions in relation to blogs and other text-based content.

Video, however, has an intelligent feedback loop that is built into it. You can measure drop-off points, number of times watched and click-through rates. You can even narrow it down to the individual consumer.

It comes down to this: having a feedback loop in your video makes you understand if your video is working and how it/they can be improved.

6. Growth in Retention Rates

65% of consumers watch more than ¾ of a video which, in terms of the amount of content available nowadays, is a pretty decent rate. If you are getting to the crux in your video you improve your chances of retaining customers.

7. Greater Email Click-Through Rates

You worked hard on your EDM and you know that is holds significant information for your clientele. However, if the content fails to resonate with customers you might find a lower click-rate threatening online sales. If you are worried about this turn to video: add it into your emails to potentially double click-through rates to your website.


As you can see, video has become one of the most effective forms of content marketing. In an age where visual content is king and less people are inclined to read what is in front of them, it might be time to make the switch towards video content. Not only will it engage your customers, it will also resonate well with search rankings.

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