Jonathan Saeidian
Jonathan Saeidian 22 October 2018

How to Fail to Succeed: B2B Facebook Ads & Misconceptions

Learn exactly why your B2B Facebook ads are failing and why it's important to fail before you succeed on the platform.

Many B2B companies who start advertising on Facebook never see any conversions. They will get frustrated and increase their budget for 2 months and never use it again. That's because they haven't properly set themselves up to fail.

- "Thats not true, our team ran 10 different ad-sets with 5 variations while spending $40k in 2 months!"

The reason most people have told you up until this point that Facebook is not for B2B companies is that they have no idea how to do B2B marketing. They swear by it and don't think it's a place where decision-makers visit. Actually, Facebook has the second highest audience for C-level execs, right behind Linkedin. You are just not doing it right.


I'm about to blow your mind.

Why do people visit Facebook? Not for your ads.

Why do people visit Google? For your ads.

- "Facebook is just like adwords so all I have to do is create an amazing ads campaign that will WOW my client"

The biggest mistake that companies make when running Facebook ads is they push for the sale right away. Slow down their buddy -- your customer is visiting Facebook to pictures and stalk his new in-laws. Facebook is not Adwords.

Many companies believe they have to sell to their customer right away.

First, define the goal of your campaign. If you are starting out with Facebook ads and trying to sell your product, step back for a second and think if that decision-maker who has never heard of your company and is getting bombarded by a ton of messages a day will even take the time to look deeper.

A CXO has on average, 2 hours in a day where you can really capture his attention. Do you really want to be 100th person telling him about this NEW & INNOVATIVE solution that will revolutionize the world? Don't answer that.

First you want to start an awareness or engagement campaign.

Now, here is how to start failing correctly with your ads:

  1. Build rapport
  2. Value their time
  3. Write amazing ad-copy
  4. Go easy on the eyes
  5. Create 10 different design/copy variations

Thats it..

Imagine your total addressable market is 4000 people. That means you can only sell to 4000 potential companies and need to be laser-targeted.

Now focus on getting as many eyeballs on your ads as possible and analyzing the results after 1 month. Pick the top 3 ads and create a Lookalike audience focused on getting people into a funnel. (we are not selling yet calm down)

This has to be something you are offering them: Webinar, Ebook, Worksheet, Interactive quiz/calculator, etc..

After this, you can start doing a hyper-targeted lead generation campaign around those that have completed the funnel.

Congrats on failing to succeed.

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