Paresh Sagar
Paresh Sagar 12 October 2018

How Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Affect Future Industries?

Artificial Intelligence Solutions For The Future Industries

Advancement in the technology has always brought an imperative transformation in human life, whether it is an evolution in mobile or any other technologies such as artificial intelligence that are making human life easy.  You won’t believe the worldwide revenue of the AI market is projected to increase tenfold between 2017 and 2022. AI is not just a Hollywood sci-fi concept but a present reality. AI has become an integral part of our daily life.

With the emergence of “artificial intelligence”, the whole perspective of looking at technology as just an aiding tool has drastically changed. It is merged in our life completely. Let’s cut to the chase and discuss how artificial intelligence solutions will facilitate different industries.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes intelligent machines that work and learn on their own. In a simple word, it is the ability of a computer program or machine to think and learn from itself; for example, Speech recognition, learning, planning, and problem-solving.

6 Industries That Artificial Intelligence Will Dominate In Future

  1. Smart Mobile Applications

Ever wondered why you get suggested posts and advertisements that are related to your recent searches on Instagram? That’s the AI of Instagram that is inspecting what accounts you follow, posts you like, and accounts you visit, every time you use the application.

Other popular apps that are using artificial intelligence solutions and streamlining users’ experience are Cortana, Google Swift keyboard, Google, Allo, Facebook and many more.

Cortana is the trending AI implemented application developed by Microsoft. Its features let a user to easily track the files, images, videos, and other information from their devices. You can easily sync your smartphones and PC to get all the notifications at one place. 

Google Swift keyboard is also a common keyboard application which uses artificial intelligence to correct your text automatically. It suggests correct to your spellings and predict the right spelling with auto-suggestion.

  1. AI in Transportation

Artificial intelligence solutions are used in autonomous cars. The future of driver less cars is not far away. Within some years, it won’t be uncommon to see autonomous cars on the road.

The accuracy of the self driving car is unquestionable as they are insanely safe. For instance, Google’s self driving car drove 1.8 million miles and had only 13 accidents and that too because of the some natural factors not in the control of the AI. This will decrease the rate of death happening every year due to road accident.

  1. How AI has Penetrated the Retail Industry

You might have experienced while online shopping that when you buy some specific item from the online store, you are asked to add or buy a related item. For example, if you bought a mobile online then you would be suggested to buy a Headset or mobile case and shown notifications such as people who bought one thing have also bought the other.

It is an artificial intelligence of that store that is working to ease your shopping. Not only Amazon but most online retail stores now feature an AI that tracks and evaluates your shopping habits to recommend new items to you.

  1. AI in IT Services and Customer Support

From customer support to IT service, AI has a broad area of application. To start, AI is a useful tool for customer service as it troubleshoots the basic problems.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence Solutions provide software developers to run the test faster than any engineer can ever do. Moreover, it can also be useful for reasoning-based problem-solving. So, AI has become the primary tool for software development.

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare industry has been waiting for a while for a technology that would change the whole medical industry and AI has become a prime candidate that will solve many major problems of the medical field.

Artificial intelligence solution will help physician by discovering new drugs as well as the treatment of a patient. It can also be useful in personalized healthcare for every single patient. In addition, AI will drastically change the healthcare industry but the notable change will be the number of lives it will save in the future by its smart decisions. For example, it can decrease the death rate by saving lives that happen due to miscalculation of dosage or prescription of wrong medication.

  1. AI in Agriculture

As the agriculture industry needs most laborious work, it is really in a need of some technology that can lessen the laborious work and productive outcome at the same time.

Implementing AI to a new initiative called Farm view. Many researchers have been carried out to create a fleet of mobile field robots that will be able to help in plant breeding and crop management. Moreover, farmers will be able to view their crops from the drone, as they will be able to survey the crop and carry out long distance crop spraying.

To recapitulate, the future of the artificial intelligence is promising and encouraging. Implementing artificial intelligence in various industries will lead to a streamlined experience for users.  The artificial industry is rooting itself in the way we live our life with no intention of slowing down. How different will be our world in several years because of AI? As an entrepreneur you should contemplate the possibilities and think about implementing AI to your business. For that, you can approach a company who has expertise in Artificial intelligence solution.

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