Radzi Schmaus
Radzi Schmaus 19 October 2018

Artificial intelligence uses in our world right now

There’s a lot around AI in the news lately. Debates rage on about the infinite possibilities and potential repercussions of artificial intelligence. While many are still trying to figure out what it means or what to do with it, some trailblazers are already putting it to use. AI is here and at work changing our world as we speak. Read on to find out where and how.

With so much taking place, it’s easy to lose track of the essence of the discussion. From Machine learning to neural networks, catch up on the basics. Check out my article: AI definitions and upgrade your AI IQ.

With all the buzz, it’s easy to forget that AI is still another form of technology. A good way to get started on identifying the potential benefits of artificial intelligence? See examples of artificial intelligence tools and implementation by top brands. How AI is used to augment business and empower customers.

Artificial intelligence at work

Businesses are starting to take note of the numerous advantages of artificial intelligence. From B2B to B2C companies, large and small. Across different industries, from manufacturing to logistics.

AI is able to process immense volumes of data and automate repetitive tasks. Perfect for massive-scale information management. Bringing benefit to organizations internally. Liberating the digital workforce from the risks of encroaching data-fatigue.

Increasing workforce productivity and releasing potential for creativity. Fewer clicks lead workers to faster insights. Resulting in higher quality output at reduced manpower costs in the long-term.

For more business specific examples, check out my other article: Benefits of Artificial Intelligence - Why every Marketer needs AI.


The Talkwalker social media analytics platform’s AI-engine can be seen at work in:

  • Image recognition which identifies brand exposure over images online

  • Sentiment Analysis able to derive context from online brand mentions

  • AI Custom Models that can be trained to autonomously deliver clean and accurate data

Marketers get fast access to reliable data. Enabling higher agility to develop actionable insights.


Inbound marketing strategies mean the creation of volumes of online content. Marketo’s AI:

  • Scans, catalogs, and analyses the content performance
  • Data insights offer a basis for suggestions for content optimization and personalization.

Marketers save time. Gaining the ability to focus on creating content optimized matching user demand. The user is delivered targeted content for higher engagement, leading to better conversion rates!


Did you know that UPS delivery vans generally don’t turn left? Well, they still do, if they absolutely have to. Their ORION algorithm is constantly analyzing and calculating the most efficient routes for deliveries. Data revealed that for example, turning left meant driving across incoming traffic. Routes planned with less left turns resulted in:

  • Customers being able to send and receive their packages faster.
  • Drivers reaching their destinations safer and in less time.

What seems like a quirky small tweak, ultimately saved the company on fuel costs, maximizing profits while doing some ecological good.

Artificial intelligence in our pockets

The challenge for many brands today is to be able to respond to consumers en-masse with individualized the interactions. People like being spoken to, but not shouted at. Not easy if you have a customer-base numbering in the millions. Data holds insights into purchasing behavior, habits, and interests. Implementing artificial intelligence means unlocking the potential of Big Data to create value-added relationships with consumers.

Well-known AI uses like, Amazon recommendations, Google assistant, Siri, and Alexa aside. Here are some other examples of artificial intelligence solutions helping customers on their shopping journeys.

North Face

AI creating personalized suggestions for customers. A simple shopping assistant, Northface’s chatbot knows to ask the right questions. Answers are combined with weather and location data from the cloud to formulate accurate suggestions. Best part, shoppers know right away they’re talking to a machine.


Even beauty can benefit from artificial intelligence. Sephora’s virtual artist app uses AI to scans a person’s face, creating a real-time augmented reality makeover. Based on the customer’s ‘look’ of choice, the app then generates product recommendations for purchase.


There are numerous ways to save money on flights nowadays. But a lot of it still requires a good amount of effort and research. The Hopper travel app scans historical flight price data. Using AI Predictive analytics, to anticipate the best prices and times to buy for travel to desired destinations. Taking the guesswork out of finding cheap flights!

Artificial intelligence at home

LG Hom-bot

As many of us spend more time on our careers or with raising kids, or both. There are slowly fewer hours left in the day to keep the simple household chores in check. Not quite yet the all-around butler, but LG’s AI vacuum cleaner takes one task off the list. AI provides ease of mind that the robot won’t cause a bigger mess than it’s meant to clean up. The Hom-bot has multiple settings, amongst which it uses cameras to learn and recognize the space it’s required to clean and how to adapt when transitioning between different surfaces, from flooring to carpeting.

Anki Cozmo

I know I probably can’t justify having this on the list. An AI-driven robot companion/pet. It learns to recognize and remember different people’s faces and to play games. Most of us probably won’t use it. Or need it. But I really wouldn’t mind having one at home.

At work or at home, bear in mind that AI is here to work for us. In more ways than one, to help declutter our increasingly complicated world. To save us from the repetitive parts of our jobs. Adapting even when faced with increasing complexity or changes in scope. Without the need for constant reprogramming, repurposing or updates. A technological tool for further empowerment. Opening up new ways for us to work and live better.

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