Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma 23 October 2018

7 Creative Content Ideas You’ll Want to Steal for Your E-commerce Website

If your business goals include enticing new customers and making more money, then publishing quality content is essential.

Consuming great writing is like paying attention to a great singer. If the performer resonates with the audience – even though she misses a few notes – you’ll eagerly listen to the rest of the song and anticipate the next performance.

Content should:

  • Make us confident that dreams can come true.

  • Assure us to believe for bigger things

  • Remind us that we matter.

  • Have surprising twists.

  • Explain a story to us.

  • Be filled with emotions.

  • Encourage us to never give up.

  • Remind us that we are one-of-a-kind.

  • Educate while entertaining us.

  • Give us a different opinion even about common things.

But when we talk about content, we just think of blogs and social media uploads. To be honest, nowadays these common content marketing strategies are no longer favored by consumers.

Repetition is a big no for the prospective audience. Everyone accepts and expects for NEW in this modern world.

For a value to occur, the content must be seen, shared and connected to an audience.

Then how can you keep your customers engaged so that your brand stands out from its competitors?

For this, you need to come up with really creative content ideas, as Steve Jobs used to say,

“Put a dent in the digital universe.”

Here are some killer content ideas that you can implement on your website:

  1. Focus on Videotext.

When the product is interesting, Video is a great form of content making for e-commerce.

Explaining any feature of a product using a short description is not enough. Along with the description they opt for a video guide. Most customers just take the overview of the details and directly jump on video to understand the product better.

Thus contributes to building trust amongst potential customers.

  1. Encourage Visual: Infographics

This is the hottest trend in content.

You should add visuals to your blog posts.

Read something and you’ll remember 10% of it three days later. Where else if you add a picture and you’ll remember 65%. According to research, adding a photo or illustration doubles the probability that your content will be shared.

Visual Content is a helpful vehicle for messaging.

Imagine you see a campaign that is giving you the same information with additional images. You tend to remember that more often than that of seer text. Remember those comics of Marvels and DC. Can’t forget that can you?

  1. Encourage Comments and FAQ section

People who care enough to comment on your content are also likely to share it with their network.

There are a few ways you can inspire comments on your content

  • Mention influencers in your post

  • End your post with a question

  • Ask a few friends to leave a comment

When you initiate two-way communication with your audience, you get to know them more and understand them better. Understanding your audience help you in your content generation process as well. When you understand them, you became inclined towards what they like and what they don’t. An effective content marketing is always fruitful when you know what your audience likes and dislikes.


Highlight a question every week.

You may already have an FAQ section on your website, but why not expand to your blogs, posts or pages.

Gather questions from your customers and highlight one of those each week.

These could be questions about your product or service or else there could be questions related to your industry.


Each week posts a new question on their Facebook page.

When you are writing FAQ section of your website, remember to address real life questions your audience may ask when they are surfing your e-commerce website. That way you will help them navigate your website more effectively. When your audience’s query is solved by mere an FAQ question, they tend to purchase that product either instantly or eventually. All that matters is the sale and you will get it when you add realistic questions rather than formal useless questions in the FAQ section.

  1. Turn events you participate in into content

Meeting your customers face-to-face at trade shows/ concerts/ fairs/ exhibitions offline is a great way as it adds solidity to your claim for a share in the marketplace. This makes you legit and not afraid to be seen by your product stand.

In a way, you’re building brand image literally with your bare hands.

Segafredo Zanetti, regularly tells the blog readers where they should opt to participate and how it went last time. It’s a great realistic touch to an online store!

People love events and what is happening there. Communicate with them the happenings in the blog section. That tends to attract more audience and allas!!! more sale for you.

  1. Relate to other passions of your customers

ZANEROBE, men’s apparel store, well knows its audience and its musical taste. They arrange parties with the right DJs and boost them on their blog. Who wouldn’t be pleased to see that their favorite product supports their favorite music?

  1. DIY blog posts

Showing yet another use of your product gives additional reasons to add it if you want it. Websites of recipes, tutorials, apparel etc. should repurpose ideas which will keep you good on e-commerce content for the next year or two. Also, those need to be so cool that immediately somebody might even buy just to try them!

In Conclusion

These are some Content ideas which consider while establishing an ecommerce website with good content.

Of course, there are many more examples like giving a brief description about your product, make your site transparent for the customers, while launching a product hand over the product to big influencers who are able to get a response in return and so on. But this all makes sense if one of them can dive the highest level of traffic, engages more audience and increases sales of your e-commerce business.

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