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Alex Brian 19 October 2018
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5 Useful Content Marketing Tips for Start-ups

Most start-ups only focus on optimum customer support. What is crucial before launching a business is a sound content marketing strategy, which takes into account factors like quality and the time of release for the content.

Influencers, followers, likes...

We all live for them! 

I cannot remember the last time I did something to please myself rather than the 37645833287 people on social media. While many people deny it, the truth is we all crave the likes and comments on Facebook, Instagram, or other profiles. It has become a sort of addiction. Social media has put everyone under its rather hypnotic spell. I happened to call Cox Customer Service center and while I was asked to wait for my query to be answered, my sister almost broke her phone out of anger. She could not wait to view her social media after the recent launch of her crafts business.  Such is the power of social media.

While we can’t ignore the fact that social media is indeed very influential, content marketing is equally important. Read on to know the tips to design an impactful content marketing scheme.

No, You Are Not Cheating

Every business begins somewhere. With a start-up, in my opinion, you should play safe by searching the type of content (already available online) that would interest your audience. It goes without saying that the categorization of the business on the basis of the demographics is a pre-requisite. Once you have defined the audience, you will also be clear in your head as to the tone and the style of the content.

However, what you won’t be definite about is the type of topics or the content that your audiences prefer. For that, you can search for trending or popular keywords on various sites. But finding the keywords is not job done. After you have successfully chosen the trending keywords (related to your business and audience), you will find yourself searching for similar content available online revolving around the same keywords. That is where your creativity kicks in! Take those very topics that are popular amongst your target market and recreate them. What I mean is that avoid rephrasing the articles. You can be innovative and use infographic or write about the same topic from a different perspective.

Quality over quantity

Time and again we have been introduced to this phrase by instructors and bosses alike. I too could not help but share how crucial quality is to content marketing. You can’t just write blogs/articles for the sake of it and expect your target audience to go gaga over it. Don’t post poor quality content and expect to garner positive reviews from people.

Quality of content here means the topics on which the content is produced, the information that is shared under that topic, and the value that the content holds for the readers. The readers should not, even for a single moment believe that they have invested their precious time on a useless thing. This will ruin your business’s image before it is shaped.

Write quality content! Write engaging content!

They Call Them Influencers

If you thought influencers were nothing but a bunch of people displaying their luxurious lives on social media, think again! Who, in the first place blessed them with this lifestyle? The brands and businesses themselves.

And you know what? There’s a reason they call them influencers. Their word has a very strong influence on how people react to a certain product or service. After celebrities, influencers have a huge fan following. I am afraid there will be a time they will be more popular than the celebrities are. Hence, it is important for you to choose the appropriate influencer and the right platform through which you promote your content. Get in touch with the influencers you believe your target market follows. Get acquainted with the type of stuff and content they post. And once you have exercised this, time for you to collaborate with them and post content.

 Visuals are Attractive

I don’t know about you but if you ask me, I am more attracted towards pictorial representations of facts or infographics rather than lengthy paragraphs dealing with the same. I am sure majority of the people prefer visuals to any other type of content. You understand it instantly and quite easily, not to mention that it is much more interesting than written content.  

Time is Money

Well, this pretty much holds true in this case as well. However, the way it implies is a bit different from the norm.  The most effective and suitable time for you to post any new content is when your audience is most active on social media. There are tools that can aid you in figuring out when your target market is active on various social media platforms. More the viewership, more your business succeeds, and the money you make! Money brings to my mind the concept of saving. Once you start a business, you are extra cautious with spending money and look for ways to save money. 

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