Jenna Devinney
Jenna Devinney 13 November 2018

Wishing Won't Make It So Have a Full Feast of Email Data

You can’t enjoy a thanksgiving dinner with just a turkey and no sides, so why would you want a customer name with no email address? Don’t try to take the easy way out and expect that turkey wishbone to bring you accurate data. Because wishing won’t make it so.

Wishing Won’t Make It So - Have A Full Feast of Webbula Data  | Email Appends Style 

Every minute more and more of your data goes bad on you. On average about 3% per month, which is over a third of your data rendered useless in just a year. Customers move, change email addresses, careers, and more. In addition, regular email hygiene best practices expose even more of the hidden threats that are lurking in your customer data. What to do with those customers? Instead of writing them off, why not try to recapture as many as you can?

That’s where Webbula insightData Appends can help. We can help reconnect those lost emails, addresses, and other information to help you re-establish connections to your valuable and hard-earned customers. Webbula insightData Appends helps fill in the missing pieces and expose additional information with your customer data. It really is that simple. 

Whatever you need, as long as we have name and address, email, or phone number, we can work on filling in whatever might be missing. In addition, given our extensive and powerful dataVault, we can often add additional insights such as demographics, interests, automobile, or other information. Now that is starting to sound like a full feast you would want to be invited too. Your thanksgiving meal won’t just be turkey, you can start adding stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, and don’t forget the cranberries, and maybe some pumpkin pie for dessert. (This post is making the writer hungry!)

Webbula can provide a full feast in data form. Let’s take a look at what Email Appending is exactly, and then we can discuss some of the benefits and best practices that are involved.

What is Email Appends?

Enhancing your database by taking known customer data such as First Name, Last Name, and Postal Address and matching it with the specific vendors database (Webbula DataVault) to obtain an email address. That is essentially it in a nutshell.

What are the Benefits of Email Appending? 

Email continues to be the number one most effective channel when it comes to a higher ROI (Almost $40 for every $1 spent for Retailers this time of year), but it is also a fantastic way to grow your business thru customer engagement and feedback. Without an accurate and reliable email list, an email campaign is worse than useless, it can actually cause you harm. If you’ve paid money for a list, that is your first problem. Buying email lists is not an accepted best practice. Like we mentioned above, there could be many problems hidden in your list. (Read, What’s Hiding in your Email?) If you’re about to launch a campaign and realize you have missing data, how can you expect your messages to reach your target audience and convert them effectively? Every lost, returned, or un-opened email is another lost customer.

Regularly appending your email allows your database to grow with new clients, and even existing customers. Investing in Email Appends will improve your deliverability, and increase your open/click rates, all of which results in a better sender score or reputation. Everyone wins.

How do Businesses Benefit from Email Appending? 

Time Saver: You may not think receiving and checking to make sure emails are correct takes much time but it absolutely does. It could kill a lot of productive time resulting in postponed campaigns. 

Investment (ROI): Good quality email data results in a better response rate, not to mention helping to improve all other components of your email marketing campaign. All of which directly impacts your bottom line.

Reduce Spend: If you conduct a regular email appends it can decrease your marketing spend costs by driving web traffic from emails. Your campaign can become more successful as well as converting readers from online sources. 

Happy Customers: Happy wife happy life, happy customers happy business... something like that. Of course you want to make your customers happy. And that starts with great customer service. Improving your customer service can add value to the customer experience through more targeted and one-on-one focused communication. The more you know about your customers the more personalized your messaging to them can be.

Best Practices for Email Appending

Customers Only | We do not Sell Data: The only way you will be able to append data is if the person you want to aggregate data for is already a customer. A customer meaning that the recipient has done business with the sender, it can also mean if the recipient has been involved with a senders questionnaire, survey, and contests. A prospect DOES NOT count in this case. 

Understand the Append Options: Talk with your Webbula representative to better understand how the process works. Did you know there are many different ways to append data? 

Forward Appends: A forward append means that you already have a name, or address on file of an individual and you are seeking more information such as a phone number, email, demographics, property data, or vehicle information. 

Forward appending is considered the most common type of append because most companies already have a name, but need to fill in the missing information. 

Reverse Appends: Reverse appending is open for almost any dataset, from names, to email addresses or phone numbers. Reverse appending match rates are not as good as forward appending. Forward appending is known to be more accurate and the process takes less time than reverse appends. 

Fractional Appends: Is a mix between both forward and reverse appends. For example, you already have a name and an email, but you need to get a postal address. Which can be extremely useful for reaching out to your customers with a direct mail campaign, for example. 

Welcome Messaging: Welcome emails are very important, it’s the first impression you make with your recipients, so make it a good one. It’s their first interaction with your brand, and many forget to send a welcome message or even wait too long to send one after they subscribe. (Learn more about welcome messages, Welcoming Subscribers).

Multi-Method Email Hygiene: Best practice is to always do a regular hygiene test on your customer email lists. This will ensure that your list is clean and free from any potential email threats. Hygiene removes bounces, complainers, spam traps, blacklisted domains, seeded trackers, honeypots, malicious moles, and more. You probably didn’t even know half of those could be in your list? Well guess what, if you don’t send your list through a hygiene test your sender reputation will suffer or worse - you could end up on a blacklist.

Who’s the best Partner?: Choosing the right Email Appends partner is critical. So be smart with your decision. Is your potential partner compliant with all global anti-spam laws? Are they well experienced in permission email marketing and privacy policies? Where does their own Data come from? These are the important questions you should be asking.

Conclusion: Have your Pie and Eat it too

Data continues to change the way we look at the World, technology is opening doors for many organizations to reach target audiences and market to their customers in ways never imagined only a few short years ago. Throughout those years all businesses have been evolving the methods they’ve been using to communicate with their customers. Businesses are now realizing that revenue is all about personalizing the customer experience. This is why more organizations are now using a data driven marketing approach. 

Receiving and maintaining good quality data is more important than ever before. Marketers are more focused on data and how to convert that data into actions. With this data marketers can personalize their messaging, discover new customers, receive more information on their existing customers, and better understand their wants and needs to add value to their customer’s experience. 

Email Marketers rely on Webbula to enhance and append their customer data with missing information like emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic segments. With insightData Appends you will truly understand who your customers are, their interests, and their cross-channel behaviors to better enable sending targeted and effective email campaigns. 

Unlike that wishbone, we can actually help make your wishes come true.

To learn more about Webbula’s insightData Appends visit. 

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