Sumit Gharal
Sumit Gharal 13 December 2018

8 Reasons Your Website Is Not Ranked

Learn the 8 reasons why your competitors are ranked higher than you on search engine results.

Imagine building a beautiful website with great efforts, and all these efforts are laid to waste as your website was not found out by anyone. This is because of bad website ranking. This is exactly what nightmares are made up of especially when your competitor is better ranked than you are and is stealing all the limelight that you deserved. As stated by Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko there are about 200 ranking factors which are the most probable ones affecting your rankings. Today we are going to dive into the top 8 reasons as to why your website is not on the front page of Google. There are a lot of negative points to look at, so brace yourselves for impact.

Following are the reasons behind poor ranking according to us :

1. Poor Content

There are many factors which deem the content to be rich or poor. By poor content, we mean web content which is not relevant and has very less length. Google algorithms prefer long content over short ones, The following graph by tells the same story.

         sweor graph

Image: Average content length

Here in this figure, even the 10th result shows that there are about 2000 words in its content, this graph shows that Google clearly favors content-rich websites more than others. But that’s not it, Google just doesn’t reward the websites with the longest contents, but it prefers it with both long contents and content with relevant keywords too. Why is this important? It is because people would only be interested to visit your webpage if and only if your website has the products and services they are searching for are embedded in your content.

2. Not Mobile Friendly

It is highly unlikely that in today’s generation anyone has not heard of or rather used a mobile phone for internet research. According to a report by Statista around 61.2% of the world population is currently accessing the internet and related services on their mobile phones (2018 stats). Now that’s a staggering figure. So basically, your website must be mobile friendly in order to actually make the users stay on your website for a longer period of time and make purchases or even to lend your services. Being user-friendly means a fast loading hassle-free website which gives your website visitor the ultimate and easy experience when it comes to checking in, navigating and checking out procedures. If your website is not mobile friendly, then your business will see less growth than it should have so having a mobile-friendly website should be prioritized.

3. Poor SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a must do process if you want to promote your website on the first page of any search engine on the web. Search engine optimization or SEO is a way invented to drive traffic to your website in a relevant way organically (Organically means without the involvement of any sort of payment). It is based on algorithms and such an algorithm basically searches for the right ingredients the website has which would be useful to the visitors and promotes them in return. So, in order to rank higher your website must possess the ingredients which the search engine needs such as content optimization, Image optimization, Keyword placement, and a lot more techniques. So, if you don’t get SEO services done for your website you will never rank high on any search engine.

4. Better Competitors

Sometimes it’s better to admit you got defeated by the best in terms of marketing. In search engine rankings if a visitor types in a query and if your competitor’s website is the first thing that appears as a result before you then you must admit that your rival has a better Digital Marketing strategy than you. The websites on the front page are the ones who hog all the limelight for themselves irrespective of the quality of products and the services that are provided by others. So better the ranking better the exposure your website gets automatically allowing you to get more viewers and eventually buyers at some point.

5. No Backlinks

Backlinks are basically the connecting links between two websites which are connected by the means of rich website content. How backlinks are important? Well, they basically are like a vote of approval forwarded by one website to another and it actually gives an indication to search engines that even other websites actually vouch for their content. What this does is that it infers to the search engine that this content is worthy and must surface if anyone has a query and have keywords mentioned in their web content. So, this is how backlinks actually help in ranking.

6. The Absence Of Video Content

Along with the written web content Video content is also gaining popularity day by day. Video marketing is actually going to be the future of content marketing. A video is more appealing as it keeps the viewers glued to the website for a longer duration of time. This is because your products and services are better explained in a video format than it is explained in the written content form. As suggested by HubSpot 54% of people want to see more video content from marketers and their wish should be the command of every one of the readers who want their websites to rank better than their competitors. So, posting videos on your websites or perhaps even on the largest video viewing and sharing portal YouTube would prove to be very beneficial in gaining traffic to your website and gaining ranks on search engine pages. Sharing Videos on social media portals is also a latest and the most efficient way of making sure you are a-top of your promotion game.

7. No Proper Keyword Utilization

At this point of the blog, we might have understood that SEO is really a very important factor for better ranking. SEO is the backbone of website ranking and relies heavily on SEO keywords.  Keywords are what an internet surfer types on a search engine page. These keywords must define your business and solve the query of the visitors at the same time. Hence keyword shortlisting is the first and foremost process in SEO. just putting each keyword is also not going to help as it will lead to keyword stuffing making search engines penalize you and make you pay for it by demoting you on search result pages making discovery of your website even difficult. Grouping your keywords and even distributing them on relevant pages is a good thing in order to boost your webpage rankings.

8. No Social Media

The number of social media users worldwide in 2018 is 3.196 billion according to social media stats by Hootsuite.  

social media stats

Image: Key statistical indicators for the world’s internet, mobile, and social media users

What Social Media does is, it helps you reach a specific targeted audience according to various parameters like age, area, and a lot more. Sharing your content on social media helps relevant audience gain knowledge and generate backlinks at the same time. Popular social media platforms can help your website get a lot of attention and hence improve your ranking in the process.


So, these are the 8 main reasons according to us which are hurting your website rankings. There are many reasons as to why your website is not ranked, so help us know them too in our comments section. Some of these problems can be solved very easily but the other problems require the attention of a 360° web & digital marketing partner which can promote your website the right way! 

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