Lorraine Pavel
Lorraine Pavel 14 November 2018

50 Digital Marketing Influencers to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Influencers have the power to alter deep-rooted perceptions, brand loyalty and implement the seeds of new ideas and behaviours. This marketing influencer style is gaining popularity because it emphasizes human interaction.

People are fed up with ads and content irrelevant to them. They want a genuine message that addresses their needs.

There are many outstanding marketers out there. It was quite a battle to narrow down their number to fifty top digital marketers. To do this, I took into consideration their achievements, popularity, best practices and the number of followers.

1.      Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, a business genius from early childhood, grasped the opportunities of the Internet in the late 1990s. A pioneer of e-commerce platforms and YouTube video shows, he is a digital marketing guru, New York Times bestselling author, prolific angel investor and a reputed public speaker. His agency, VaynerMedia provides services for international companies.

Twitter Followers:  1.78 M


2.     Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an innovative author and a technology sage who inspires social media enthusiasts of all ages. He is without any doubt a top business influencer, as he was appointed among the “Most Innovative Business People” by Fast Company and also by Fortune in its top “40 under 40.” Nicknamed “Oprah of Audio” or “The World’s Best Guinea Pig”, he keeps on producing popular podcasts. They are all uploaded on His books topped the “Wall Street Journal” and “New York Times” bestsellers list. “The 4-Hour Workweek” is an absolutely must-read.

Twitter Followers: 1.56 M

3.     Seth Godin

Seth Godin inspired millions of people with his books, speeches, podcasts and seminars.  Seth’s Blog has over 7,000 posts. The author is determined to go on writing about marketing, post-industrial revolution and crossing barriers. He put his theories into practice by founding the companies “Squidoo” and “Yoyodyne”.

Twitter Followers: 661K       Subscribers: 1 M

4.     Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki considers Chief Evangelism a way of life, not a mere job title. He revealed his visionary spirit while working for Apple. Canva, the online graphics company, owes its popularity to Kawasaki’s innovative marketing approach. Determined to make history, he gives keynotes speeches focused on social media and entrepreneurship. The best of them are on

Twitter Followers: 1.5 M

5.     Neil Patel

Neil Patel knows all the secrets of digital marketing. He boosted the exposure and income of giants like NBC or Amazon. The ability to share his knowledge in a fun and engaging way has gained him huge popularity. Even the uninitiated understand the most difficult concepts when following his tutorials on  Quicksprout or  

Twitter Followers: 299 K  

6.     Larry Kim

Larry Kim, the mastermind behind WordStream Inc and Mobile Monkey, started his online adventure in 2007. He brought together a team of engineers and marketers to develop keywords tools. Besides this, he is a first-class writer for “Social Media Today”, “Search Engine Land” and other esteemed publications. His expertise in AdWords and Facebook Advertising make him a top marketing adviser and internet marketer. 

Twitter Followers: 800K   Subscribers: 1M

7.     Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt, the former chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, a leadership mentor, has become a superhero blogger and podcaster. The bestseller writer is also a successful life coach. His “Best Year Ever” workshop helped 32,000+ people achieve their maximum potential. His unique style outstandingly influences content creators and readers of

Twitter Followers: 295K

8.     Ann Handley

Ann Handley is an amazing writer and a social media explorer. She has founded  MarketingProf, a company that offers educational opportunities to marketers worldwide. Her books have become instant bestsellers because of their approachable tone. They were translated for the audience in Japan, Italy and other 17 countries. All her tidbits are on

Twitter Followers: 438K       MarketingProf Subscribers: 60K

9.     Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin, the initiator of the “Return on Relationship” concept, is an enthusiastic and resourceful social media strategist and brand evangelist. He believes that a good marketer listens and understands the target audience. His successful campaigns for e.l.f. Cosmetics, Open Sky and Collective Bias proved the power of online communities. Fans can see him in action on

Twitter Followers: 544K

10.  Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan performed SEO when there was no name for it. In the mid-1990s, the information on search engines was scarce. His book “A Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines” came out in 1996. Third Door Media became a reference online publication under his supervisor. He is part of the Google team now. His role is to explain to the audience the secrets of search. Sullivan publishes witty posts on his personal blog.

Twitter Followers: 538 K

11.   Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel is a master of digital marketing, an authentic writer and risk taker. He devotes a big chunk of this time to WebProfits, a marketing growth company as well as Right Inbox an email productivity tool he recently acquired. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to invest in software businesses like Milkshake of Narrow. An unconventional character, he took 2 sabbatical years during which he wrote “100 Days of Growth” and developed his blog.

Twitter Followers: 56K

12.  John Rampton

John Rampton and his entrepreneurial enthusiasm cannot pass unnoticed: a natural born speaker, online marketing influencer and passionate side hustler. The success of his online payment company shows his marketing genius. His contributions for Mashable and Entrepreneur established him as a witty writer. Grand brand names seek and follow his advice and website.

Twitter Followers: 1.5M

13.  Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn found his true career path during the economic crisis. The former employee of an architecture company discovered freelancing. Passion, optimism and dedication turned him into a leading online entrepreneur. He uses his books, blog and podcasts to share the techniques which helped him thrive into the passive income world.

Twitter Followers: 156K  

14.  Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin and his company MOZ had and still have a huge impact on search marketers across the globe. His other popular venture (now provided proficient marketing content opportunities. At present, he devotes his time to his blog and SparkToro, an ingenious software business. He is present in front of the public eye because of his engaging WhiteboardFriday episodes.

Twitter Followers: 413K

15.  Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik possesses the patience of a veteran teacher, able to present complex topics in a simple manner. He is Digital Marketing Evangelist for one of the most famous companies in the world, Google. His books “Web Analytics 2.0” and “Web Analytics an Hour a Day” sold in millions of copies. Companies and educational institutions want his proficient opinion and devour his site

Twitter Followers: 192K

16.  Jay Baer

Jay Baer charms and helps his audience. His convincing messages has determined businesses to change their advertising perception. He is responsible for the success of  “Convince and Convert”. This is a digital marketing agency focused on counselling big names like Cisco. New York Times bestselling author and emcee, he is a source of inspiration for the 250K monthly visitors to his personal blog.

Twitter Followers: 269K   Blog visits per month: 250K

17.  Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi has a unique and unparalleled set of skills. He is a high-rated podcaster, speaker, and author. A wizard of entrepreneurship, he has put the cornerstone of different start-ups. His most successful project is “The Content Marketing Institute” which educates brands about relevant and effective information. His blog offers inexhaustible resources for people bitten by the content bug.

Twitter Followers: 144K             The Content Marketing Institute Subscribers: 218K

Joe Pulizzi Top business influencer


18.  Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse started his online journey in 2002. He wrote about pop culture, blogging, and spiritual issues. The founder of ProBlogger has transformed his hobby into a part-time job, and then into a way of living. His has a strong and active community of photographers.

Twitter Followers: 247K                           ProBlogger Community: 300K bloggers

19.  Reg Saddler

Reg Saddler introduces himself as a normal guy with a tremendous passion for social media. His most daring project is the “Difference Theory LLC”, a phenomenal advertising company. Forbes nominated him as one of the top 10 names in social media.  Awarded photographer and tech-savvy, he is the force that propelled @Zaibatsuplanet.

Twitter Followers: 577K           Twitter Followers Zaibatsuplanet: 115K

20.  Jeff Sheehan

Jeff Sheehan has an impressive experience which includes collaborations with tech giants like Apple and IBM. His company,  Sheehan Marketing Strategies, creates an online buzz for businesses and institutions. All aspiring LinkedIn and Twitter specialists should follow Jeff’s training sessions.

Twitter Followers: 361K

21.  Christopher Penn

Christopher Penn  has technology and marketing at his fingertips. He has a complete perspective of the online world. The co-founder of analytics company Brain+Trust Insights delivers the vibrating podcast series “Marketing over Coffee”. Christopher is a persuasive speaker and the author of “Marketing White Belt”. He still has time for his superhero blog.

Twitter Followers: 99K

22.  Mari Smith

Mari Smith has been introduced into the IBM’s Hall of Fame. The tech titan considers “The Queen of Facebook” capable of giving a new shape to online marketing. Representatives of brands and businesses attend her workshops and courses to learn how to monetize their digital presence. Mari’s blog reveals the most recent news in the industry.

Facebook Followers: 206K     Twitter Followers: 598K      The Social Scoop Subscribers: 129K

MArketing influencer Mari Smith

23.  Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee has made a name for himself with He tackles a variety of topics, ranging from Facebook and Instagram tips to reviews on marketing books. Aaron is part of the Post Planner project, designed to boost engagement and level up organic reach.

Twitter Followers: 1.2M   Subscribers AskAaronLee. com: 60K

24.  Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim wondered around until he found his true calling. Once he comprehended what he was cut for, nothing could stop him. Organizations and companies named him branding expert and marketing influencer. He is one of the most followed TED speakers. The posts on his site have roots in his failed and successful attempts.

Twitter Followers: 540K                       Content Read by 10M internet users

25.  Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan does magic for all businesses which trust him to improve their image. His company, Chris Brogan Media, advises national and international companies. Small size entrepreneurs learn how to promote themselves thanks to his classes and webinars. His portfolio of clients includes Disney, Humana Health and Google. Accomplished author, Chris has no less than 9 best-seller books. Subscribers to get a weekly newsletter packed with useful advice.

Twitter Followers: 356K

26.  Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary has earned the reputation of being an astute social media influencer. Her areas of expertise include B2B and B2C virtual marketing, brand amplification and technology. The CEO of Thulium pleaded “guilty” for the rapid expansion of her RelationShift technique. This is explained on

Twitter Followers: 275K

27.  Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner set up Social Media Examiner in 2009. He was convinced that all businesses could succeed if online marketers shared more of their secrets. The informative content, provided for free helps millions of people who cannot afford the services of an agency. He produces podcasts, shows and documentaries about online marketing.

Twitter Followers: 219K                   Email subscribers: 450K


Michael Stelzner best internet marketer

28.   Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier is a prolific author who released over 40 books belonging to the “For Dummies” series. She tackles subjects related to e-commerce on www. A real educator, she has based her online venture on her awarded offline career. Her tips and tricks are valuable, considering her a pioneer seller on eBay.

Twitter Followers: 233K

29.  Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman amazed the digital marketing universe with his radical theories and versatile mind. These propelled him in the digital marketing influencers’ Hall of Fame. He took the first step of his amazing career at AOL Newsroom. He consecrated his valuable experience and precious time to, The Geek Factory and ShankMinds. These projects have the purpose to enhance the business’s virtual presence.

Twitter Followers: 233K 

30.  Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer speaks, writes, consults and gains online visibility for his clients. His books and blog posts on social media are filled with useful hacks, tips and tricks. Neal is a contributor to Forbes, Mashable and USA Today. He has the competence to amplify a company’s message.

Twitter Followers: 218K

31.  Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo belongs to the young generation of speakers and podcasters. An event emcee, a marketing whiz and a digital influencer, Brian has collaborated with Adobe, Applebee and SAP. The founder of iSocialFanz helps businesses to create content for the millennials.

Twitter Followers: 124K

32.  Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice knows the factors which separate the accomplished online business from the struggling ones. She tested all her marketing strategies on the 5 companies she founded or co-founded. Producer of the Brand Authority Podcast series, Rebekah is a powerful influencer. Her blog is among the most visited ones in the industry.

Twitter Followers: 113 K

Rebekah Radice

33.  Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is an exceptional and captivating keynote speaker. His favorite topics are marketing, cultural life and effective leadership. Forbes sees him as a first-class CMO Influencer. He contributed to the growth of anonymous start-ups and famous international brands. Besides these, Michael is the leading figure of Marketing Insider Group.

 Twitter Followers: 102K

34.  Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel is the name you hear when giant companies like Starbucks, Google or Shopify want to improve customer connection. Keynote speaker and best-selling author, he is seen as a marketing rock star by fans and competitors. His marketing agency, Mirum is active in 25 countries.

Twitter Followers: 70K

35.   John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas, also known as JLD, is the host of the atypical podcast “Entrepreneurs On Fire” uploaded on He has interviewed over 2000 successful business people. They disclosed their most difficult moments and the resources which got them back in the game. “The Freedom Journal” and “The Mastery Journals” were instant hits.

Twitter Followers: 60K

36.  Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary spent 15 years working for different software companies. He founded RazorSocial, a digital advertising agency. Ian delivers pertinent strategies to businesses that want to increase their online exposure. The tech blogger has just launched OutreachPlus, a tool for custom emails.

Twitter Followers: 78K

37.  Brian Dean

Brian Dean is a brilliant SEO specialist and founder of Backlinko. Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Social Media Today acclaimed his activity and dedication. He learned the hard way, the steps that make a business rank high. Apple, IBM and Disney have implemented his strategies.

Twitter Followers: 68K

38.  Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock has a dynamic personality and a sharp mind. Her first entrepreneurial attempt was among the finalists of Best MumPreneur. An influencer till inside the bones, she is quoted by publications like Forbes, The Guardian or The Sunday Times. Her website is filled with guides and tools to build a strong online presence. Give it a try!

Twitter Followers: 106K

Lilach Bullock Content Marketing Strategy

39.  Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is world-famous for her ability to explain in a concise manner the most difficult marketing concepts. She combines creativity with accurate analysis to devise campaigns for start-ups and international companies. Owner of Riverside Marketing Strategies, she writes popular posts for the Actionable Marketing Guide.

 Twitter Followers: 35K

40.  Mark Fidelman

Mark Fidelman excels in marketing trends and social media. His contributions to Forbes and Entrepreneur contain well-documented information. Fantastic Media, his five-star online marketing agency, has in its portfolio names like Rosenbauer, Sheffield United and Banana Moon Clothing.

 Twitter Followers: 96K

41.  Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is a productive and active member of the SEO community. She partakes practical tidbits about the latest marketing tools on My Guest Blog. Ann is an avid social media user and an authentic brand manager for The Marketing Ninjas.

Twitter Followers: 66K

42.  Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick strikes the audience with her positive attitude, warm approach and an extraordinary experience. Trainer, social media magician and workshop organizer, Peg has come up with remarkable ideas for Canva, Audi or Google. Writing is her second nature, so she co-authored best-sellers like “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users”. Her website is colorful and helpful.

Twitter Followers: 70K

43.  Susan Gilbert

Susan Gilbert is a committed and erudite marketing consultant. She has strengthened her abilities in the trenches since 1987. Susan managed to keep up with the changing world of commerce. She transitioned from the classic business strategies to the online ones. The power behind Online Promotion Success wrote ridiculously entertaining books like “How to Take Your Small Dog Everywhere”. Her website reveals her versatility.  

Twitter Followers: 44K


Susan Gilbert top marketing influencer

44.  Barry Feldman

Sarcastic and honest, the California based copywriter has lots of feathers in his cap. He is a content marketer who collaborated with Yahoo, Scopeware and many other prominent brands. Speaker, podcaster and creative consultant, Barry is a genuine phenomenon with a website to represent him.

Twitter Followers: 54K

45.  Donna Moritz

Donna Moritz has developed an ardent passion for visual storytelling. She received prizes and rewards for her Content Strategist activity. Her website, Socially Sorted, is appreciated by fans and fellow writers. Marketo, HubSpot and NBC published her articles.

Twitter Followers: 50K

46.  Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin describes herself as being obsessed with the online environment. Her webinars and online courses have stirred the internet. They are captivating and filled with useful tips for aspiring and veteran bloggers. Her activity on is followed by more than 200K subscribers.

Twitter Followers: 19K             Subscribers: 200K

Melyssa Griffin social media influencer

47.  Regina Anaejionu

Regina Anaejionu has a fresh approach to online marketing, as one can see on her byregina site. She focuses on giving advice to people who want to expand their coaching or teaching business. Regina places a great emphasis on human connections. Her e-book “10 Things You Can Do for Your Business This Weekend” is a compulsory read for beginner bloggers.

Twitter Followers: 17K

48.  Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy Lynn Andrews is an unconventional influencer in lots of ways. She started writing, turned her blog into a hit, and then she stopped. More attracted by the technical aspects of online marketing, she moved on to teaching others how to blog. Useletter is a creative project with a newsletter format. Amy sends a crafted email to her subscribers every week.

Twitter Followers: 11K

49.  Mariah Coz

Mariah Coz is credited with having released one of the most valuable online courses for entrepreneurs. A visionary, she seized the opportunities provided by virtual learning. Her open approach and passion for list building brought her efforts into the public’s attention. The voice of is worth listening to.

Twitter Followers: 11K

50.  Bryan Harris

Bryan Harris is the man who runs the show at VideoFruit. He and his team test growth strategies to identify the best approach. Then, they break them down to simple steps for the public at large. GoViral is one of their creations, designed for online marketing campaigns.

Twitter Followers: 7K

The virtual environment is changing at an incredible pace. The trends that were cool and fresh yesterday, are dusty and obsolete today. Even tech businesses need experts and if possible top digital marketers to guide them through these continuous updates.

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