Asad Ali
Asad Ali 12 March 2018

Top 6 WordPress UX Basics You Need to Know

When creating a WordPress site, you need to get the user experience basics right in order to cater your website visitors. Here's how you can improve the WordPress UX.

A website is created to spread a word about your business, products, or the services you offer. A WordPress website, that is either a personal blog or a multi-shop online store, needs to quickly communicate the purpose of your business.

The internet users are in a hurry and want to grab most of the information at a glance. This requires refining the front end of your web design and adding elements to create ease and comfort for the end users. Achieving WordPress UX is about smoothing the flow of information and simplifying website navigation for an exemplary shopping experience.

The addition of colors and patterns to decide is not enough for making the users stay for longer. The users stay themselves when the website is easy to use. Improving the user experience rewards with enhancement in web design usability. The users get to know the products, categories, posts, and deals without going astray. This post is crafted to help you improve the WordPress UX of your business website to witness a rewarding change in bounce rate and conversions. 

1. Pursue a Simple Design 

Beauty does not mean overdoing the layout with different design patterns and colors. Being simple is the latest definition of beauty and elegance in pursuing an effective user experience. The basic concept behind a friendly user interface is removing the hurdles and creating ease for the end users. The application of different patterns and color combination may do harm instead of easing website navigation and usability. 

A layman searches the internet for a required product or service. They visit your website to find something useful according to their requirements. An exaggerated design will not work if they fail to get anything useful. They will leave and decide never to return. So, start with a simple theme, format the headings and subheadings to make it scan-able for the visitors, and use a font type that is easy to read. 

2. Make the Website Mobile Friendly 

Mobiles have acquired a major portion of web searches. The online users are more prone to find products and services of their needs with the comfort of handheld devices. It can be a smartphone, tablet, or any mobile devices. So, your website has to be flexible enough to mold the design and content according to the device a visitor uses to reach your website.  

Mobile friendliness of a website is not a new concept. It is escalating in the industry since long, but the increase in mobile users has made the Google include it as a ranking factor. So, in addition to an improved WordPress UX, mobile responsive website earns you good ranking as well.

3. Clarify Website Navigation 

Visitors spend a few seconds on your website to find products, services, or special offers. If they fail to find what they need the most, they will move on to other websites. Every website aims to grab visitors, make them stay for longer, and convert into valuable customers. But, poor navigation of your website can prove a barrier in compelling the users to explore more. 

The addition of a navigation bar comes first when you need to simplify finding products and pages on your website for the end users. It facilitates them to browse products with respect to a category or type a word similar to the items they are looking for.

4. Improve your Website Loading Speed 

On average, your target users may be allowed not more than 3 seconds to wait for your website to load. If your website is taking more than the average time to load in the browser, the user is more likely to leave your website. 

It a common practice of the internet users that they open multiple websites from the search engine results. The moment they are visiting your website, they might be viewing your competitor’s products as well. Their quick comparison begins with the loading speed of your website. If another website loads quickly in their browser, they will certainly close the tab loading your website. In short, you may lose a conversion because they are unable to view the products in time. 

To improve your website loading speed, start investigating the hosting service you are using. Consider moving to a faster hosting provider, optimize your CMS application for better performance, install plug-ins, and remove the clutter from your website. 

5. Add Social Media Share Widget

Social media is playing a vital role in earning you extensive exposure. The moment a user finds an interesting post or valuable products, they quickly need to share it with their friends and family. By adding a social media sharing widget, you can empower them to instantly share a store item with their loved ones. 

In addition to the wide exposure, the store items are added to user profiles as well. They can refer to their profiles whenever they plan to purchase the product. This works like a bookmarking website. So, they can find you even if they forget the name of your website. 

6. Highlight Calls to Action 

The end goal of every website is to convert visitors either into customers, clients, subscribers, contributors, donors, or regular readers. This is achieved through effectively incorporating calls to action on home or landing pages. Most of the times, the users are quite sure about the calls to action, but to cater to the common people, you will need to highlight them and place them above the fold. 

Try adding Calls to action to various positions of a web page to decide with the most noticeable place. For various online stores, buy now buttons are quite effective, whereas for a different nature of the business you need to personalize the text of the call to action button as well.

The text size, font type, and color also matter the most. An appealing color like yellow or red is added to the background of the button to highlight it among other tabs and buttons on your website. 

Final Thoughts 

User experience is the ultimate game changer in converting visitors into your loyal customers and fan followers. It is giving them a reason to stay and find more your website. WordPress web development can help you a lot in this regard if you start focusing the ease and comfort of the end users from the very first day. Getting hundreds of visitors will gain you nothing if they are bouncing back to other websites and leaving you just because they face difficulty in digging up your website.

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