Ridhima Kapoor
Ridhima Kapoor 9 April 2018

Top 5 Questions You Must Ask To Hire a Trustworthy SEO Company

SEO has changed a lot in the past few years. Thus, it is important for any business to outsource the web or app marketing project to a trustworthy SEO company. This article shares the top 5 questions and the most suitable answers to find the best SEO Company for your project.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best channels for lead generation and branding. Thus, more and more businesses use this digital marketing channel to capture the market. The best practices and tactics of SEO are changed dynamically in the past few years. Following wrong SEO method can penalize the website. Thus, it is extremely important to find a trustworthy SEO Company that has expertise and thorough understanding of the SEO best practices to assure you are in the safe hands.

The question is how to find a trustworthy SEO company?

This article shares the top 7 questions to be asked to the SEO agency, you are considering to hire to assure that you are hiring a right SEO firm.

1. What type of SEO Models you offer?

Each SEO agency offers different types of models to their clients. The three most common SEO service models are listed below:

  1. SEO Consultancy

Guide, mentor and lead your in-house SEO team to generate the best results.

  1. Monthly SEO Services

Take care of complete app or web marketing project with their best SEO services.

  1. Hire SEO Expert

Allocate a full time SEO expert for your project who will work exclusively on your marketing assignment.

Try to understand each service model and its benefits in regard to your business. This will help to understand their team and expertise and how can they meet your expectations right now and in future.

2 What types of clients have you served with your SEO Services?       

The suitable answer should describe the size and geography of the clients served by the prospective SEO agency. An SEO firm that has served all different scaled businesses and clients will have a great knowledge and expertise. They can benefit you and your business by devising a highly custom SEO plan.

3 How will you market my website?

The first step must be website optimization and research. Then only any SEO expert should move to the next step of backlinks, content marketing or off page SEO practices. Make sure to understand the step-wide process offered by the company to sense their practical knowledge. A good SEO agency will always work in a procedural way.

4 Do you guarantee #1 ranking in Google?

This is the best way to find a right and a fake SEO firm. Nobody can guarantee first rankings. Google itself alerts webmasters with a note that “SEO companies guarantee the first ranking are fake.” A trustworthy SEO company will educate you with a fact that they will try their best to meet your expectations, but they can’t guarantee first ranking of X leads. Anyone who is claiming to give guaranteed #1 ranking is looking for short term goals.

5. What other services you offer?

SEO is just one part of full service digital marketing. There are many other online marketing activities such as Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, etc. Also, to support SEO services, you will require content and development side tweaks. If you hire a pure SEO company, you may need to look around for other vendors to meet your other marketing and relevant requirements. However, if you hire a full service digital marketing agency that offers all different services including, the best SEO service, it will work as your one stop solution and a long term partner.

6. Could you share testimonials and case studies?

The case studies and testimonials will help you to understand the reality of the company. Any company must have 80% or more satisfied clients to qualify as the best SEO company. Also, it must have a good experience in the industry. The case studies and testimonials will help in gauging the expertise of the SEO firm.

7. Can you offer the best SEO service with X amount budget?

Generally, any SEO company offers its services at a fixed cost. However, there are a few expert SEO companies that can devise a custom plan for your business within your budget. The custom plan may not include everything and the expected results, but it will get you started in the digital industry to start leveraging some benefits. The thing to be considered here is if a company is stubborn with the fixed SEO fee, then you must think twice as they are giving more importance to money than the client relation. If the company is ready to give cheap SEO service, be careful as it can be a trap. Every good thing has its own cost because an SEO firm also needs to pay SEO experts, tools, etc. Thus, it is important to hire a trustworthy SEO agency that is flexible to work with your budget and honest to educate about the possible results.


Hiring a trustworthy SEO Company is extremely important as they will drive your digital brand. You must follow the best practices to find and hire a trustworthy SEO agency to assure the best results and reliability.

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