Nathan Beers
Nathan Beers 23 March 2018

Important Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Hosting That Can Affect SEO Ranking

The hosting of your website really matter in the ranking of it, so you should keep all the mentioned things in mind. It is also important to state that Rankings are not static. They could increase today and reduce in no time as they are frequently reviewed.

Websites are effectively run by the use of certain software that can make or mar web businesses. A Search Engine Optimization is basically aimed at exposing your website to search engines. Google and devilfinder are instances. So, your choice of a hosting provider can either kill your chances of exposure or help build it.


Although, your choice of hosting does have a subtle effect on your rank in search engines, the matter of hosting does not, however, elevate a website ranking. What it does is to prevent you from the aftermath of being hosted by a wrong server.

The ranking of your searches alongside your customer base or even sustenance is largely dependent on your Web host. The purpose of this article is, therefore, to give a detailed insight into these factors influencers. 

1. Downtime and Uptime:

This is perhaps, the most important factor to look out for. The number of downtimes the hosting platform has.  Incessant downtimes make a website unreliable and it is a fault of the hosting. Frequent downtime, therefore, affects results of searches that relate to your websites when a keyword is entered. Search engines would not want to bring out a result of a website that is unstable and unreliable.


There are times when downtimes are almost impossible to avoid. When a huge percentage of uptime is however guaranteed by a host, it means for most of the times, the website would be capable of being accessed. Too much downtime, therefore, affects  SEO Ranking.

2. Speed:

The speed of any Web page is crucial. People dump certain sites because their page takes an unreasonable time to load and subsequently open. Not only will users be fed up with your site, it's ranking on search engines would also be affected. A site that is usually slow and gives users a hard time to access would likely not have the same ranking when in comparison with a more active and accessible website.  For some other hosts, they might not have competent servers powerful enough to run certain web pages. This can bring a decrease in a Web ranking.


There are tools to help you measure up the loading time of a Hosting. They are Pingdom, Google Page Spread Tool and GT Metrix

3. Shared Hosting:

Do not allow cost allow you settle for shared hosting. Dedicated servers are authentic as you can almost totally control what goes up in your website. The speed is also good as you're the only user on the server.


Shared servers or hosting, on the other hand, affects SEO Ranking even though search engines like Google don't say it. Shared hosting is contrary to the ethics of SEO. It also affects page loading. Spamming is also prevalent in shared hosting. Affects trust ability and scalability. It also leaves your website with little or no security at all. This is a threat to your SEO Ranking.

4. Security:

Users want a secured Web. Google wants only Access secured websites too, as they are working at making the Internet a safer place to be. This is how basic a secured hosting is. How topnotch is the hosting you want to use? How uptight are their security measures? If hackers find their way into websites, they can do anything with it and this puts your SEO ranking at risk because search engines don't tolerate them.


5. Awareness:

Be sure that your hosting platform understands SEO and it's rules. If they don't know what it is exactly about, they may counteract your efforts at getting a good rank without having the slightest idea about it. Instances are when a host assures a Web owner of unlimited access only to takeout plug-ins for the single fact that it is too heavy for their infrastructure. Make sure that your host is duly acquainted with SEO and it's basics to avoid inefficiency.

6. Distance:

Because signals are transmitted and this transmission requires time, it is important for users to be within a reasonable distance. As servers might become slower with more distance. For the purpose of proximity, however, there are certain hosting services that can connect users by the use of servers that are nearer to clients.

 7. Location:

Locations of websites are accessed by search engines before the most suitable results are put up. If a search is made from Canada for instance, the results that will come first are those from Canada. There are pointers that determine the location of a particular hosting. One of such pointer is the IP address as they are allotted based on locations. So, if your website is focused on products or services as the case may be that people in a certain country would be on the lookout for more, it is advisable to go for a Hosting In that particular country. As when results of your websites come up, it ranks higher.

8. Enforced Policies:

The number of policies enforced by the hosting platform is vital. An instance is  HTTPS/SSL policies. Many users have become aware of the risk in dealing with servers of http://. A website of this nature is not secured hence, the website and the browser source of the device are communicating in an unsecured language, hence, information given can be gotten easily. But with the secured code of an https://, users are at peace. This invariably means that if a host does not support an SL certificate, it is bound to affect the user base and rating of such a website. Making sure the enforced policies of your best hosting provider tallies well with you alongside the objects of your website.

9. Backup:

Very good hosting platform have their average service to include backup. Which is cost-effective as it excludes getting it from a third party supplier. Failure of hardware or even malware can make you lose data. The ability for them to be recoverable saves you from a lot of stress and unnecessary starting afresh. As starting from the beginning will affect your SEO Ranking.

10. Feedback or Support:

There are quite a number of times that you'll be needing to contact the host for help. This may as a reason for technical glitches, or even lingering downtime.


Getting feedback may then be a problem as some hosting platforms are slow to come to the aid of a complainant. This might affect issues that would have been corrected at an earlier time and subsequently affect your SEO Ranking.

It is necessary to add that the hosting server is not the sole determinant of a  good SEO. However, Web hosting plays a vital role as it can ruin other chances. Other factors that affect SEO ranking that is not linked to hosting. An example of this is Google. It has an algorithm that ranks web pages higher than others. The rest factors are;

  • Keywords:  These are words you envision people would type into a search engine when looking for the kind of product you offer.
  • Digital marketing also increases page rank
  • Paid Google AdWords increases ranks well, too.

In all, It is also important to state that Rankings are not static. They could increase today and reduce in no time as they are frequently reviewed.

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