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Sandeep Das 20 March 2018
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5 Growth Hacking Lead Generation Techniques

What are the latest growth hacking lead generation techniques that you can use? Let’s take a look at the ultimate tips you can use in your marketing plan

Without a lead generation process in place, a business is as good as dead. However, lead generation is a very sensitive process that needs to be fine-tuned, time and again to suit the objectives of your business.

A good lead generation process will not only gather more customers from the qualified prospects but also create brand ambassadors that add to the future business.

Did you know that over 65% of organizational goals focus directly or indirectly on lead generation?

Marketers utilize various channels to drive leads and improve conversion rates. However, most of these channels do not yield desired results. The first step to generate qualified leads is to have a high-converting landing page. To get there, the first question that needs answering is "What does your prospect want?"

Once you nail that, you have won half the battle. The second half is to marry that landing page to various channels. Another secret you need to know here is that about 55% more leads come from inbound marketing than from paid practices.

The following are my 5 growth hacking lead generation techniques that never fail:

Technique #1:

Home-page - Like charity, lead generation begins at home. More often than not, your homepage would receive the maximum traffic from all sources, a result of the active promotion of your website. There are many ways to ensure your home-page traffic converts to leads.

a. You can begin blending your homepage CTA with other elements on the page such as images, headline etc.

b. Another great way to ensure maximizing leads from your index page is to adjust the messaging in a proper manner.

c. Ensure that your traffic sees the best and the latest content once they arrive on your home-page. You can probably use the sidebar to do the trick.

d. You could run an offer to get more conversions. In which case, please make sure that the messaging and the offer are in sync.

As an example, check Unbounce - It drives perfect messaging on its home-page and is about building a landing page, publishing, testing and optimizing it for the best lead generation.

Technique #2:

One of the least focused lead generation tool is the webinar. A webinar is probably the cheapest means of getting more leads by delivering awesome content. Though many websites have webinars published, they lose out on the fact that they are not interlinked in the content.

Though over 50% of marketers believe that webinars are good lead generation tools, they fail to leverage it. Linking a webinar in the content is providing value to the visitor before they turn into customers. I hope you understand where I come from.

One could argue that webinar landing pages create value, yes, they do but no one is interested to get to that page unless advertised, which may not be the preferred path for paid advertising.

The bottom-line is that webinars are engaging, but we need to get visitors there first. If you are not leveraging webinars for lead generation, it is time to get going.

A very good example is Uberflip that persuades blog readers to register for upcoming webinars right inside the blog post. The marketing reasoning here is that blogging is a tool to create trust, linking to webinars only strengthens it, resulting in better conversions from this lead generation process.

Technique #3:

Allow login using Google, Yahoo, and other common email accounts. This can be done with a simple API connect, deployed one-time. Everyone today has a google login and using it to leverage an insight into your product or service can be a great lead generation technique.

This technique will not only shorten the sign-up flow and forms that visitors fill to get to your product or service but also give you better insights into customers through identity management.

Fair examples of websites that use this technique are:

a. SugarCRM and Trellobelieve thrive on personal connect with users.

b. Flickr's subscriber base is over 112 million - the reason being sing-ups shortened through Yahoo! accounts.

Technique #4:

Lead generation is normally the practice of marketing or sales teams. For most small businesses, it is a part of the sales team. The secret is to have a separate lead generation team.

Lead generation is a highly specialized technique and is required to create, test and deploy landing pages with amazing frequency. Experimenting is the secret to success here and this needs a special skill-set that is not in the sales DNA.

Specialization is the secret ingredient here and pushing the limits of lead generation should be the objective. This is not only about lead generation, but also about lead nurturing until a lead is deemed ready to convert into a customer.

Prime examples of businesses that have separated lead generation and lead nurturing departments are Airbnb, AT&T, FaceBook and many others that are a force to reckon with in their own niches. Do I need to stress the importance of this anymore?

Technique #5:

The only way to draw attention in the dog-eat-dog world is to create powerful headlines. The first step to lead generation is to attract attention. The fact is that ov

Irrespective of the platform - be it social media, blogs, AdWords adverts, the use of good, well-thought-out, powerful headlines will swing the decision in your favor.

You can begin with strong verbs to convey your message. Most internet headlines use weak verbs and do not really work. Some examples of strong verbs that you can include in your headlines are nurture, revive, improve, increase, focus, boost, attack, drive etc.

You can look at Seth Godin's blog post to understand the use of strong verbs better.

Conclusion: There are 70% of buying decisions are made at the headline level. Good content comes a little later. many other techniques that we can discuss here, however, the above are my top 5. Remember that building a strong business and an unending line of leads take time. Follow the above techniques and build a strong lead generation foundation for your business.

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