Pravya Pravin
Pravya Pravin 26 March 2018

10+ web push templates that every e-commerce marketer needs

As an e-commerce marketer, you would know by now that engagement is the secret weapon for conversions. And you would agree full heartedly when I say- engaging users is no child's play. Smart marketers are always hunting for ways to try something they have never done before. These web push templates are compiled to inspire marketers like you to engage and drive repeat conversions to transform your business.

The way you engage influences the way users perceive you. Afterall, we are all emotional beings. Nothing conveys better than a dash of emotion added to your communication. Emotions help connect with users better. It’s tried and tested. A tactic Google, eBay, SCVNGR, Aldo, Nike have been making use of for a long time.

Making users click by striking the right cord

I remember this one time when I kept receiving notifications for a sale on floral apparels. And I didn't understand the rationale for sending a notification on something that I hate. Similarly, there is no point of sending notifications on sale on tennis rackets, to a user who is not interested in sports. You get where I am going.

Web push notifications make it easy to spur the right emotion, engage the users and drive repeat conversions if used intelligently. Marketers have seen amazing results when they push out notifications with context; users get relevant notifications according to their interest and activity, making it easier to get clicks.

How to make sure you get the best out of Browser Notifications

One of our customers had this amazing deal going on Footwear for Men. They segmented their users and sent them relevant notifications. But that didn’t get them enough clicks like they expected. That's when we guided them in these simple ways they could grab the user’s attention. Seems pretty straightforward and simple, yet these changes make a lot a difference-

Catchy Headline to grab eyeballs

The copy of the headline needs to speak to the user. It needs to spark an interest and compel the user to click. It also means conveying important information in a few words.

A headline that reads “50% OFF on Everything Blue!” would grab more eyeballs than a headline that says “Discount of blue dresses”.

Add emojis to evoke emotions

Emojis can be added to convey emotions better. Emotions have the power to influence the users to convert. Remember all those messages you misread just because there was no ‘wink smiley? We don't want the same to happen to users, do we? Everyone gets emojis, even my grandmother.

emoji in push notification - leanplum


Emoticons can also playful. You can go ahead be creative and substitute words with emojis to make it stand out.

emoji in push notification

Add visuals to make it stand out

It’s true. Images communicate better than words. It's eye-catchy and impactful. One glance and the users can know what the notification is about. Notifications with visual perform 54.24% better than notifications without visuals.

Notification without image

Notification with image

Encourage action with CTA buttons

Call to Action buttons, as the name suggests, encourages users to take an action. Choosing the right action words play a vital role here. ‘Shop Now’ is a better CTA than just ‘Shop’. It looks incomplete and doesn’t show immediacy. By adding more than 1 CTA button, you could take users to different pages of your website, but otherwise, it is seen that web push with 1 CTA button performs better.

Irresistible templates to make users click

Engage by welcoming users with a discount

Imagine the delight when you get a discount along with the notification that appreciates you for subscribing. I personally would have taken the bait, considering the shopaholic I am. With Welcome Notifications, you can lure users and encourage them to convert in the first go. You can have a look at more welcome notification templates here.  

Notification Template for Welcoming subscribers

Build curiosity in Promotions

You might have added a new line of apparels, but just announcing it doesn't catch as many eyeballs as building curiosity in your communication. Share only bits of information and hold back some to build curiosity. This encourages users to click on the notification to know what more you have to offer.

Create a sense of urgency during a Sale

To nudge users to make a purchase, you could create urgency, instill fear that they might lose it if time runs out. It sometimes so happens that you want to buy a particular product but, you think there is time and procrastinate. A notification that creates urgency make users convert quicker.

Notification example

Recover abandoned cart 

According to Baymard Institute, an average cart abandonment rate is 69.23%. A notification reminding users about their abandoned cart increases the chances of them converting. Notification sent within a few hours of users abandoning the cart makes sure that the user still remembers the product they have abandoned. It is observed that purchase intent is usually high when they abandon the cart and decreases as time passes.

Personalize the notification to get better results.

Personalized notification

A notification with the abandoned item spurs more clicks than a generic notification.

Notification example

Generic notification

Give them more by Cross-selling and upselling

Not everyone realizes the potential of making more sales once the customer converts or adds a product to cart. Users can be reached out to buy a product to compliment what they have in their cart.

Imagine you add a camera to your cart, and you get a notification asking you if you would like to buy a lens for 10% less along with it. This is an opportunity to make users convert again as they would have to buy a lens anyway in the future. Here is another example-

Notification example

You can also reach out to users by showing them a better version of the product in their cart. By showing them that there isn't really much of a price difference between what they have in their cart and the product you are trying to upsell. If a user has added a 60GB hard disk, you can lure them into buying a 1TB hard disk just by spending a few dollars extra.

Notification example

Appreciate your loyal users with exclusive offers

Providing loyal users with exclusive deals, giving them an early access to a sale or giving them goodies, encourages them to remain loyal. These special offers encourage them to make repeat purchases.  Make sure that you show them how much you mean to them to create a strong bond.

push notification for ecommerce marketing

Excite users with Contingency plans

Ace your communication with contingency plans. Give users something to look forward to. Cashback offers encourage users to buy more. Users would have to spend more to avail this offer, but it gets masked with the ‘cash back’ offer.

Notification example

Instill greed to get referrals

Users can be asked to refer someone in order to get a discount. By this users would voluntarily reach out to their near one to avail the benefit. When the users refer others, not only does the referred friend make a purchase, but the user transacts as well. This helps to drive more sales.

Notification Template for Referral offers

Get instant feedback by making it easy for the users

It has been observed that users voluntarily do not provide feedback unless asked. Even when you ask them, not everyone would share a feedback.

But users usually don't mind giving feedback if they can get it done quickly. You could ask questions like how was your shopping experience with us? And the CTA buttons could be ‘Good’ and Not Good’.

Notification Template for generating feedback from subscribers

Keep them in the loop with updates

Users need to be engaged by letting them know if the product they were looking for is back in stock. This makes them vest their trust in you.

Notification example

Similarly, inform them if the item in the cart, is now out of stock. This makes them cautious for the next time.

Notification Template for making the subscribers aware about product availability

Keep them in the loop with order updates

A user needs to get a confirmation about the order that they place so that they are not left hanging. You also need to inform them by when they can expect the product to be delivered.

Notification Template to subscribers for tracking order details

If the shipment gets delayed by any chance, you need to let them know that it would be arriving later than expected. Here you could also give them an give them an option to track their order so that they can be assured that it's on its way.

Notification Template to subscribers for providing shipment details

Many marketers are happy when a user converts, and stop engaging with them. You need to engage with the users to encourage future purchases. These handy templates will help you engage and drive repeat conversions. Let us know how it works out for you in the comments below.

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