Sahil Kakkar
Sahil Kakkar 8 June 2018

5 Ways To Create Interactive Content On a Budget

As the name implies, interactive content means a form of content which your audience can interact with. As per Kapost, interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content.

A major obstacle with the other forms of content is that it is difficult to take the data from the user without being pushy. However, interactive content eliminates this limitation. 

Additionally, interactive content is efficient at driving traffic and helps in generating more engagement.

Interactive content works by providing instant gratification, something that we all look for as soon as we switch on the digital world. 

The various ways to get traffic through interactive content is by using calculators or even quizzes. They are fun, add an extra layer of interaction for the user. In fact, it has been observed that articles covering a particular topic are likely to get less engagement as compared to the interactive content elements. 

In fact, interactive content is a great way to educate consumers while also engaging them

Here are 5 ways to create interactive content on a budget:

Design interactive infographics

Infographics employ the power of visual marketing. If you take the case of social media, infographics are shared 3x more than other forms of content.

An interactive infographic is a great way to engage your audience without burning a hole in your pocket.

Infographics help in educating consumers about how to follow a particular process or even help them understand complicated data.

With interactive infographics, this becomes easier. However, they do require more resources than a static infographic but that doesn’t mean that it has to mess with your marketing budget in any way.

Usually, an active element is placed in the infographic where a user can perform some action. Also, the scrolling becomes a bit more


This tool offers different pricing schemes to suit your budget requirements.

And the best part is that creating an infographic with this tool doesn’t require exceptional designing skills.


This tool allows you to start free and offers you two upgrade plans, one priced at $15 per month and the other one priced at $29. Here is the link to what these upgrade plans offer you.

They have a library of over 600 templates to make your information look beautiful.

Create polls

Polls are not just budget friendly but they can also be created in a short amount of time.

Plus they offer a great way to collect data about the preferences of your users without annoying them.

With the help of polls, you can also request feedback for your products/services and even plan your upcoming products based on the feedback you receive. Like if you create customized book boxes, you can ask your customers if they would want to receive a hardcover or a paperback.

And the best part is that users are willing to take these polls because they don’t have to do anything except picking a choice.

For creating polls under a budget, you don’t really have to look further than this social media platform:


Twitter allows you to embed polls directly in your post. In fact, it also helps you decide on the time for which your poll remains active.

In case you want to create polls and place them on your website, this tool will help you do it free of cost:




This tool also allows you to create and publish a poll in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can also track live results and monitor heatmaps which show votes by location.


Creatively designed calculators are very effective in engaging audience. While calculators may not be so useful across all industries, they can be great for industries that are built around numbers.

They can be immensely useful for the B2B marketers as they can help their clients track their performance through it (provided you want to design something like that).

The Buy vs Rent calculator by the New York Times is a great example of an interactive calculator. It engaged about 180k people on social media.


Creating a quiz doesn’t require much effort especially when you are adding a personal touch to them. And creating personal quizzes is better because they can engage a wider audience than being restricted to a specific set.

A report by BuzzSumo revealed that of the million articles analyzed by them, about 8 in 10 that were shared were quizzes (clearly indicating that they are popular with the masses).

In fact, an article done on a similar topic gets less engagement (probably because quizzes have the interactive factor) which is clearly missing in the articles (unless you have worked really hard to make the article a conversation with the customer).

So here is an information on the tools that can help you create quizzes in under a budget:

Content Tools

This lets you create personality quizzes similar to those like Buzzfeed.

To know if they fit your budget, you can ask them for a free quote after putting forth your requirements. These tools will make your content marketing strategy looks like a child’s play.

Bottom Line

Interactive content enhances the user experience by driving out the sales elements from your business and helps you promote your brand in a more fun way.

Creating this interactive content doesn’t demand too much investment either in terms of efforts or money. It can be done easily and bring great results without creating much demand on you.

We hope that the above ideas help you create better content strategies in future and allows you to inculcate interactive elements without having to think twice about the expenditure.

Hollie Welch
Hollie Welch

Interactive content is the master of engagement. It has been contravention visits and click skill records crosswise all industry. Marketers assign more and more capital to interactive content pieces. A recent Demand Metric details establish that interactive content was 93% effective at educating buyers and 88% effectual at unique a brand from its competitor.

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